My Vampire System Chapter 1952: Don't Say His Name!

A little before Peter had entered the scene, he was busy dealing with another troublesome person.

After Flora had been whacked away by Gorgath the Celestial, she had been caught by none other than the great wight Peter. He had his hands on her shoulders, gripping on to them tightly with a great amount of pressure, at any second, if he wanted to he could squeeze and shatter the other’s shoulders.

“You got away from me before, but don’t think for a second that you’ll get away from me this time.” Peter smiled.

Figuring out who it was holding her, a sense of fear had entered the entirety of Flora’s body. Without thinking, she started to swing the large sword in her hand.

Mid-swing, what she was seeing had suddenly changed, as she was seeing the ground and the sky, all of it was upside down. It was only then that she realized that she was currently in the air.

Before she knew it, Peter had lifted her entire body up, and then slammed it right into the ground. She coughed out a large chunk of blood, squinting her eyes as she was in pain.

It was hard for her to tell which blow had hurt her more, the one from the celestial or the one from Peter.

“You stupid girl, I already kicked your arse once, and you try swing that sword at me?” Peter asked, as he looked at her hand and lifted his foot. “This sword, it doesn’t even belong to you, so let me get rid of it.”

Peter slammed his foot down, right on Flora’s fingers, her hand indented into the ground and for sure the bones had been smashed even with her using the second stage of Qi to protect them.

“Let go of the damned sword, it doesn’t even belong to you.” Peter shouted as he twisted his foot, causing more pain to run through the dhampir’s body.

Eventually, her fingers no longer worked, they were completely crumpled, twisted, and almost like nothing but dust, even the skin on them looked to have been rubbed off from Peter.

Kicking the sword away, Peter looked back at Flora.

“You, and your friend, have caused us a lot of trouble. Unfortunately for you, Quinn won’t care if you die, and I’m not letting you get away again!”

Peter made a fist, and powerd it up with celestial energy. Now that he had more of it, he was able to just transform part of his body rather than his whole body.

HIs right arm started to glow a bright red, and the strange black substance started to form over his arm, making a slight armour while lava like veins could still be seen running from his fist, up to his elbow.

It was clearly a blow to finish things off unlike the attack that Peter had used before. Moving it an inch, a furry hand moved out, stopping it in its tracks, and a shockwave of power was sent out.

“Stop!” Chris said, as the shape of his eyes had slightly changed. He was gritting his teeth and although was trying to hide it, stopping Peter’s punch was a bit troublesome for him.

‘He has a lot more power than I thought, but I should have known as much if he was able to beat that celestial from before. It makes sense.’ Chris thought.

“What are you doing, she is the enemy, and if we let her live she will just cause more problems for us in the future… just like before.” Peter claimed.

Chris gave out a big sigh.

“I understand, but I’m doing this for Quinn, and the rest of your damned gang. I know you might not care so much about what happend to Erin, and the cause of all of this, but I bet he and the others do.

“Quinn has the determination to finish off Erin, but after that, then what happens? Quinn would have to live with the guilt, and the mystery of never knowing why Erin has acted the way she has suddenly now, and trust me I want to kill Erin, without thinking about it just as much as the other guy.

“But Leo… and all the rest that she has hurt, they deserve to know an answer and one of the most likely people to have or know an answer is her, the dhampir that has been by her side since the beginning.”

Having spent some time with Peter, Chris knew that he was the hardest to convince when it came to things like this, but there was one person he was willing to do things for, and that was Quinn.

If Peter thought it would be better for Quinn and could see that, it was most likely that he would listen and follow. From the looks of things, since Peter’s arm was reverting back to what it was, it had gotten through.

“Fine.” Peter said walking past Chris and standing direclty above Flora who hadn’t moved from her postion, she felt like her life had just been saved and if she was to do anything stupid it would be taken in a second.

“If she really is that important, then that just means that we can’t let her go, no matter what.”

Kneeling down, Peter held onto both of Flora’s legs, and with a smooth single motion, a loud snap was heard from them both, followed by a slight scream from Flora’s mouth.<sub></sub>

“My legs, you broke my legs!” Flora screamed at the top of her lungs.

“If we didn’t need your mouth I would rip out your tongue and lips in a second, as well.” Peter suggested, telling her in his own way for her to shut up. “If you think about using your powers or Qi to heal these legs of yours, I will snap them again, and break them in more places than one.

“Or maybe I should just keep breaking them over and over again until you no longer have the energy to heal.”

The threat was enough for Flora to stay quiet and she wouldn’t attempt to heal her body. She was already worn out from the fighting and the wounds she had gotten anyway.

“We will keep an eye on her as well.” Jessica nervously said, not wanting to step on the toes of Peter after what she had seen.

Lucas had also gone ahead and picked up the sword from the ground as it looked like it was something important, he could feel its power but not really appreciate it for what it was, since he had no clue what a legendary item it was that he was holding.

They continued to watch the fight, and it looked like it was coming to its climax, which led to Peter saying a few words.

“About what you said earlier, well, why are we waiting. We can just ask the B*tch in question why she has gone mad!” Peter claimed as he ran off, and appeared directly behind Gorgath.

After finishing off Gorgath, it didn’t take long for Chris to appear by Peter’s side, and he did so in a partially transformed state.

Fur had appeared by the side of his face, making him look like he had a heavy set of side burns, and fur was partially on his chest and down the side of his arms.

Chris had already taken off his shirt revealing his body and abs, since he never really wore one when fighting in the first place.

“So you followed me all the way here, huh? Wow I didn’t realise you guys were so desperate to get killed.” Erin smirked, looking a bit drained, as she held up her sword.

Meanwhile Zero walked ahead, and looked straight at Chris.

“I knew this day would come, the day where you would be on the other side, rather than by mine.” Zero said.

“The other side?” Chris replied. “You talk like I was the one that changed sides, when you are the one working with the very person that killed your so-called dear pupil.

“You Zero, have gone mad due to a promise with a god that you don’t even know. A promise that you’re not even sure would work.”

Zero shook his head.

“You are now the one getting in the way of me bringing them back, my whole family, but don’t worry. I shall finish you, and bring you back as well, and then you can understand.”

In the end, it looked like Chris was unable to avoid a fight.

“Peter, are you ready?” Chris asked.

Peter was about to answer when he could see Erin open her mouth.

“I don’t see your friend anywhere. Where is that despicable friend of yours?”

Peter was holding himself back, because he remembered what had happened last time.

“You know who I’m talking about, where is Quinn? I want to see him.” Erin smiled.

p<anda> “You…” Peter’s entire body was shaking, and the energy was taking him over as he began his transformation into his celestial form. “DON’T HAVE PERMISSION TO SAY HIS NAME!”</anda>


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