My Vampire System Chapter 1951

Filming the outcome there were multiple times where AJ was tempted to press the live button. A press of a single button and an alert would go out to all of his viewers, and from there the news would spread like fire.

Since this was something to do with the celestials, there was no doubt in his mind that every person that was able to tune in to the event would do so.

However, his will to keep his promise had kept him in line, and the fact that he was able to film everything in the first place was good enough.

‘If I’m actually honest, I’m more scared of what Chris and the others would do to me if they ever found out.’ AJ gulped.

The thing was, AJ wasn’t the only one watching the event, because in the celestial space, there were many that had their eyes glued onto what was happening.

While watching the fight, there were many that thought Gorgath had the fight in the bag. After all, the target was the god slayer Erin. He had overwhelmed her in every way, the troublesome ones were the side ones that were getting involved in the fight.

There were quite a few that recognized the marking of Immortui. The older celestials knew his marking well and shivers were sent running through their body.

They thought that perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea for Gorgath to continue fighting, especially if Immortui was involved. Regardless, the fight continued anyway, and in the end, Gorgath had lost, and it was mainly due to the dedicated follower.

There was silence for a few moments, as everyone was taking in what had happened. They were also waiting for some type of announcement as such but there was no such thing.

“What does this mean for us?” one of the celestials asked.

“What do you mean, what does this mean for us?”

“Mundus was the one that gave the order right? So the Ancient Ones were the ones that sent out the celestials to get rid of the god slayers. Not only did they fail the task, but not a single one of them survived.

“Does this now mean that the rest of the celestials will be mobilized, to take out the god slayers?”

It was a comment that many thought of, but it felt strange to them. They were beings that always oversaw multiple lives. Utilizing all of the celestials like so, made it feel more like they were going into a war.

If that was the case, it would have been the first of its kind. The celestials had fights with each other, because they were beings of the same level, but the god slayers were only meant to be a small problem. It just felt awkward going into a full out war with the lives they were overseeing.

“I’m not so concerned about that.” another celestial added. “I’m more concerned with the dedicated follower getting involved. Did you see the marking on his head?

“This is twice now where a celestial has teamed up with a god slayer to fight against another celestial and this time it’s not just any other celestial. I fear that the past may repeat itself, and the fact that we still have yet to hear from Mundus about this, makes me fear the worst.”

There were only a few in the room that felt the gravity from the celestial’s words, a few that had experience and made it out of what had occured in the past.

A repeat would be disastrous for the balance of the world again, and the time it would take to build a community of celestials once more like this would take another eternity.

The celestials stayed where they were, continuing to watch the outcome of what was to occur, because that was when Xox noticed something and couldn’t help but speak out loud.

“That… the one that finished off the celestial, I’m sure of it, he is a dedicated follower as well. A dedicated follower of BB!”

Xox had been watching all of the fights carefully unlike the others, keeping updated with everything, and he had been trying to keep an eye on BB as much as possible as he moved from planet to planet.

In a sense he had put many of the clues together.

“What are you saying, that BB and Immortui are working together since both of their dedicated followers killed one of us?” One of them asked.

“Let me ask, does it really look that way to you?” Xox replied back. “If you see the look in his eyes, it looks like these guys are about to fight each other.

“Maybe you guys don’t know as much about the Earthlings as I do, but there is a reason why Immortui has been able to gather a large amount of celestial energy without having to do much to get involved. Because if you leave humans be, there is a good chance that they might just get rid of each other anyway.”

When looking at the two groups again, standing opposite each other, and the energy that was radiating off them, it certainly didn’t look like they were friends. Making the celestials think, just what had happened for the situation to have turned this way anyway?

What was the relationship between the new troublesome celestial BB and Immortui?

“You don’t have to be worried.” a heavy vibrating voice spread throughout the area, and turning to where it was coming from they could see a physical form rather than an energy form in the celestial space, which was something that only the Ancient Ones and Mundus, the messenger, could do.

“I have come here to calm your worries.” Mundus stated. “After witnessing the first few celestials falling to their demise. I had a feeling that this outcome would be possible.

“Which is why we made a deal. None of you need to worry about this matter. The new celestial BB, has been given the task, the task to eliminate the god slayers.”

A lot of positive energy and talk were being spread in the space hearing this news, but Yongbu and Xox weren’t so sure as they looked at each other.

Based on their meetings with BB, and his actions in the celestial space before, was he really the type of person that a deal could be struck with? BB seemed more like the stubborn type that would do what he wished to get his way.

If BB didn’t listen to them before, why would there be a sudden change of heart, it just didn’t make sense to them.

On top of that, if BB really was contacted and a deal had been made, then where even was BB in the first place? Either way, one thing was true in all of this, and it was the fact that BB’s dedicated follower showed the highest resistance to the god slayer on the field so maybe it was true.

After delivering the message Mundus turned around and walked back to wherever it was he was going.

‘Quinn, I have a feeling you will make the right choice. You had a hint of my power, and what the Ancient Ones can do is far more devastating. All you need to do is take out one person. To stop a war, to stop chaos from spreading everywhere.

‘As long as one side is far more superior than the other, a war will never start. A balance of power is what causes wars, and your power is great enough to either balance the scales or completely tip them. So make the right decision.’


Right at that moment, Quinn, Fex, Minny and the soul of Alex were travelling towards the said planet in question, the one where chaos was starting to unfold.

“How long until we arrive?” Fex asked, the console at the front.

“Approximate time till destination, 30 minutes and counting.” The ship replied.

“30 minutes.” Quinn repeated as he sat in his chair and nervously tapped his finger on the side of his arm. “I know what Peter is like. I doubt that he would have waited for our arrival which means Chris would have been dragged along as well.”

“Of course,” Fex replied. “I think he will be able to hold out, I don’t think you have to worry. Honestly, the one I worry about is you Quinn.

“You tell me you have made the resolution, but I fear you did not. I know you knew Erin before you even knew me. So you must have a stronger history there. So if it comes to it, and you really can’t do it, but know it must be done, I will have the blood of her fall on my hands instead.”

Quinn didn’t reply, but he knew it was time for him to decide, in 30 minutes he had to make a choice.

‘Which quest path is the best choice.’


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