My Vampire System Chapter 1950: The Lock On Ability

Zero stood on one spot, with his eyes closed and his hand over the hilt of his weapon. His left foot was placed slightly forward as if he was in a position to strike at any moment.

Now, it was all up to Erin to hold off the celestial for the time being. She pointed her large great sword at the red being in the sky, and the first ring on her sword started to light up. The first skill activated, creating a large ice tunnel which shot out straight from her sword.

The attack was as powerful as it always was, freezing everything it touched, even turning parts of the moisture in the air around it into droplets of ice. Usually, whatever the ice touched it would freeze over, making it one of the deadliest skills in existence.

However, for Gorgath, he just flew straight ahead through the air, the orbs continued to spin all over his body, generating more energy. It was hard to believe how much power he had because even after already using so much of it in the fight so far, there were no signs at all of the celestial weakening.

He threw out his fist, and the instant it touched the ice tunnel, it started to form over, but moments later sparks of energy emitted from the skin, destroying the ice on the spot. This was the same for all over Gorgath’s body, allowing him to dive right through the ice tunnel with no trouble at all.

It was breaking as his body was touching every bit of it. Seeing this, Erin didn’t give up, not like how she would have done, and twisted the handle. The Demon tier attachment activated, turning the blade from one with powers of ice to one with powers of the flame.

The reset for the first skill had a separate cool down, and now instead of a tunnel of ice going out toward her opponent there was a tunnel of flames. After passing through the ice, gorgath could now feel the intense heat instead, his body was resistant to the flames, but his powers didn’t seem to work as well in fending off the attack.

Even then, he decided to throw his fist out. Expanding out a large amount of energy and force. The attack from a punch alone had covered the flames, putting them out. These weren’t just ordinary flames either, but one form had a meon tier weapon making it even more impressive.

As soon as the flames had disappeared though, heading right towards his face, was the edge of the sword. Tilting his head down slightly, the broken part of his horn had hit Erin’s blade.

Just like Zero, she was putting her Qi and dhampir energy into the attack, she also had large amounts but not to the level where she could injure the horn in the same way. It was clear that the celestial power would win out.

Her hands were feeling numb and her legs were losing their footing as they were pushed further away and into the ground.

‘Just because I’ll lose out in a battle of strength, doesn’t mean that I will lose this fight.’

Keeping her sword in contact with the horn, Erin leapt up in the air, and pulled her sword away. The moment she did, Gorgath’s body continued forward and crashed into the ground. He quickly turned around, bearing his teeth toward Erin, only to be met with a wave of yellow aura strikes.

Each one hit his body, causing him to flinch slightly, but causing him no harm as he continued to move forward, and threw out his fist again. Erin spun her body, avoiding the attack, and threw out her blade once more, smashing it into the back of Gorgath.

The sword had hit his right shoulder, freezing it slightly. The normal energy form Gorgath’s skin would get rid of it, but before it did the orbs on his body started to spin producing the energy in sight.

Out of anger, Grogath slammed both of his hands on the ground. Creating a large blast of energy that had hit Erin, throwing her up in the air. She covered her body with Qi, but was still hurt as she eventually landed on the ground flat on her back.

‘He…still has this much energy that is just as strong as his first hit. Even if I use my skills, my powers and everything I have, will I be able to take this monster down? This person with an endless amount of energy?’ Erin thought.

Getting up off the ground she was contemplating using every little trick she had up her sleeve.

“I’m ready!” A voice shouted from behind, and the voice was a familiar one, the old man that didn’t look very old was ready.

Opening his eyes, the colour of Zero’s seemed to have changed. The outside of it was glowing white. A sign that his ability had been activated.

‘Watching Erin’s fight just then gave me a clue how this celestial works. I was a bit foolish and should have realised sooner. Perhaps then this fight wouldn’t have been nearly as hard as it had to be.’

“Let’s finish this!” Zero pulled out the sword from his sheet, and a large amount of energy was released at once.

Just like his sword , the energy came out with a pinkish tint of power.

“A 100,000 Qi strike!” Zero shouted.

This confused Erin, she could sense the energy was the same as before, the strike was no more powerful than his first one, so what had she been doing all this time for him to buy time?

Using her ability further though, she could see that there was still plenty of energy left in the sheath. Placing his sword back in again, Zero pulled it out.

“A 110,000 Qi Strike!” Zero shouted again.

He repeated this process a few more times, each time releasing different amounts of energy in his strikes.

“A 120,000 Qi strike!”

“A 130,000 Qi strike!”

“A 140,000 Qi strie!”

“A 150,000 Qi Strike!”

All of the lines of aura left his sword and were headed straight for Gorgath. Gorgath could tell that these strikes had celestial energy in them as well, and so far they were the only strikes that had hurt him.

So for him, it made more sense to avoid the attacks rather than take them head-on, or try to hit them. With the attacks being so far away, he had plenty of time to avoid them as well.

Moving, gorgath went to avoid the first strike, when he could see that it suddenly had turned towards him. He lifted his hand to block the attack, but the attack itself condensed and made itself smaller, as it slashed right against one of the orbs on his arms.

Several sparks went off as the two collided and the orb was no longer spinning in place,and eventually the orb cracked, exploding with energy and splitting into several pieces.

Looking at the destroyed orb in his arm, for the first time, Gorgath was frightened and with the other attacks coming his way. He started to move and was on the run. However, just like before, the attacks seemed to follow him.

“It’s useless.” Zero stated. “With my ability, once a target has been selected no matter what, my attack will hit them, with the same amount of energy as I put out, even if you ran for a 1000 years that attack would hit you.”

Since what Zero said seemed to be somewhat true, Goragth stopped running through the air, and attempted to hit one, but as he did, the attack changed shape and size and once again had hit another orb on its arm breaking it to pieces and causing another explosion on Gorgath’s body.

“I know you’re scared.” Zero smiled. “Those orbs on your body that’s how you are able to produce your energy to fight us.As long as there spinning your able to produce as much energy as you want and need, endlessly, but the same can’t be said if they were destroyed, and I have the power to get rid of them.”

Closing his hands, all of the attacks move towards gorgath at once. He trutled up bracing himself, trying to cover at least the orbs on his chest and body from being destroyed.

Yet, just like before, through the cracks and gaps that would be made,the attacks reached their target, and each of them hit their target. Several explosions went off, red sparks of fire were covering the entire sky, and a limp body of Goragth could be seen falling through the air.

It landed on the ground, and Gorgath was hurt.

“Not yet…not all of my power is reliant on these things.” Gorgath said as he lifted himself up. “I have more celestial energy than you… Even if you take away part of my strength, I can still beat you!”

Slowly pulling himself up, a power seemed to be rising in Gorgath, until a loud thud was heard, and looking down he could see a hand through his chest.

Pulling it out, goragth felt a kick sending him to the floor, and his body soon was becoming nothing but particles.

“I’m sick and tired of waiting.” The person said, standing over his body. “I no longer want to watch, it’s time we get rid of you all, and Erin. I’m personally going to be the one that finishes you.” Peter claimed.


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