My Vampire System Chapter 1949 120,000

Zero was now successfully able to hit Gorgath, and right now, the two of them were clashing against each other nonstop. A large fist of power was thrown while Zero countered it by swinging his sword from the top—stopping it in its place.

However, out of the two, Zero was certainly more skillful. This allowed him to get a few hits in right after the attack. He would match strength with a throwing fist and then quickly try to deflect the attack so that he could get in a sword strike of his own.

When the sword struck against Gorgath’s red body, it managed to pierce its skin causing quite a large wound on the body. Regardless, one could tell by the way Gorgath was reacting and still attacking at full strength that the attacks weren’t doing much.

The sword had matched another strike from Gorgath, and as usual, Zero swung his sword. But this time, Gorgath pulled back instead of going in and avoided the blade, only getting the excess energy of the strike, which did nothing.

“What’s wrong?” Gorgath asked, “I can tell that you’re not as calm as you were when you first changed into this strange form. You’ve started to rush this fight for some reason. Does your current form have a time limit?”

Saying these words, Gorgath flew in with the red spark of energy and orbs swirling around his entire body straight toward Leo. Although Gorgath classified the others as weak, it was also clear they were strong enough and had enough tricks up their sleeves to defend themselves from attacks, so he wanted get rid of this one first.

Once again, Zero swung his sword, this time from above his head, with both hands holding the hilt tightly. One step forward and a large swing right down.

Though during the motion swing downward, two strange things occurred. First, the marking of the eye and two wings on Zero’s head started to light up.

Second, in this strike, there was no longer just his Qi energy, but a white energy started to swirl around his sword like a snake as if it was alive, and this was the celestial energy of the immortal himself.

“120,000 soul strike!” Zero shouted, as the bladed part of his sword also lit up in bright pink, condensing the energy of other Qi he had taken.

Unlike before, this strike didn’t just have 100,000 souls but even more of those that Zero had absorbed.

Lifting both his arms above his head and tilting his head forward—so the longhorn could be used as well—Gorgath attempted to block the attack.

As the sword hit the horn, it went halfway through before stopping, and an immense amount of energy exploded right where he was. The black ground substance was a lot harder than that on earth.

It needed to be to survive the countless number of demon-tier beasts on the planet that would constantly fight. Yet, the attack had slammed Gorgath’s levitating feet into the ground and caused a huge crater around 10 meters deep to appear.

Zero looked down into the crater because where he stood, it was more as if he was standing on top of a hill now.

“Zero from the Pure faction—no, leader of the Pure faction,” Aj said as he zoomed in, “I guess his power never should be underestimated, after all, he was the leader of Pure for a reason.”

Chris clenched his fist watching the fight, imagining if he was Gorgath and what he would do in the fight against Zero because there was a good chance that he could be in his place in a near future.

Jumping back, Zero was now by Agent 4’s side.

“That won’t be enough to kill someone like that. I can tell that they are not out for the count. Which is why I need you to do something.”

Zero explained, “Get out of here and find the meeting point. We will deal with this; you know what must be done.”

Agent 4 nodded, not saying anything else, he pulled up his little device, which showed the map of the area, and then began to run, run out of the fighting area.

“You!” Zero shouted, referring to Erin, who had mostly been standing there, unable to help much, “I can finish this fight, but I’m going to need your help.”

Zero placed his sword back in his sheath, and oddly, Erin could feel immediately that there was a large amount of Qi energy building up inside.

“With my soul strike, I am able to gather more energy quickly while it’s in its sheath. It is clear that 120,000 souls of Qi are not enough for someone of this caliber.”

The ground started to shake underneath their feet violently. Breaking out of the hole, floating up in the air, there he was: Gorgath.

“ARGHH!” Gorgath screamed and grabbed the top of his injured horn that was on his head. He started to pull at it, his muscles building until eventually a large snap was heard and half of the horn had been broken off.

Blood was pouring from the top and raining down, but the wound soon healed up.

[o],m “I need you to buy me some time, and I promise I will finish him off!” Zero claimed.[/o]

Gulping, Erin thought that this might be the request. So far she had been able to do next to nothing, but while standing around she was trying to summon the energy that was from within, yet it hadn’t worked out so far.

However, she wasn’t a fool to know that without Zero, they wouldn’t be able to defeat the celestial. He was doing most, if not all, of the work. So if she didn’t help now, it was possibly the end for them.

“Fine, but whatever attack you are cooking up, make sure it doesn’t miss.” Erin pulled out her great sword and held it in both hands as she looked up. Her skills weren’t horrible by any means, it was just the one in front of her was a tougher opponent than she could have imagined.

Before this fight, she never realized how much she relied on the natural rise in dhampir energy one would get when fighting against vampires. In truth though, she never thought she would have to ever fight against strong enemies that weren’t vampires in the first place either.

For Gorgath seeing Erin wasn’t a problem, because it was his original target in the first place.

“Don’t worry, I can’t miss,” Zero smirked.

That was it, now Chris knew that Zero was ready to use his ability.


Although it hadn’t been long, Agent 4 was running as fast as he could through the land while following the map he had. He had a strong grasp of Qi, so he wasn’t slow, just slow when you compare him to the other monsters that were around.

With the map in one hand, Agent 4 then started to tap away at his stomach. It made a hollow plastic sound as if his body wasn’t made of flesh, and that was because it wasn’t.

After a few presses here and there on his fleshy-like belly, it had moved to the side. Like an open metal panel, and inside there was a storage area.

Reaching in, Agent 4 pulled out a bright red crystal, and not just any crystal but the Red Heart.

‘It was because of the Red Heart, I was able to use the armor and crown’s capabilities to their fullest without having to worry. This thing in my hands is truly a really amazing thing.’ Agent 4 smiled as he thought.

Looking up, where a large black mountain could be seen in sight.

“That’s the point, the location that Zero gave me. We have finally figured out how to use the crystal and its powers.

“According to Zero, his master has told us to open up the portal at this point. Where the energies of the two worlds are closer.”

“Even if Zero is unable to beat that thing, his master certainly will be able to,” Agent 4 smiled.


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