My Vampire System Chapter 1948: Useless People

Stage 4 Qi. It was created to be used by those who didn’t have a soul weapon—releasing the special inner energy in one’s self in a certain way.

This was what it was known as. However, that wasn’t completely accurate. In fact, the truth was, in the fourth stage of Qi could be used by anyone, at least anyone with good control of their Qi; it was just harder for those with an ability since the feeling of summoning a soul weapon and using one’s Qi for the fourth stage were very similar.

It was the trump card from the high-ranking members of the pure and the talented ones. Even after 1000 years, this skill was incredibly powerful. And during that time, Pure had discovered something, and those that used the fourth stage did as well.

While using the fourth stage, it was very easy for those to go over the natural Qi energy stored in their body and start using their own life energy.

With this being the case, many members of Pure ended up dying as they used the fourth stage, making it less popular with newer members of Pure and was more used as a last resort.

‘Does Zero really feel the situation is so desperate that he needs to use this right now?’ Erin frowned.

The entirety of Zero’s skin was now a dark red, looking similar to Gorgath. It was now strange to look at the two of them standing close to each other.

“Interesting, I can see now why Immortui had decided to make you into a dedicated follower. It’s always hard for us celestials to find a strong dedicated follower that won’t think about betraying us.

“Usually, such strong beings would never think about joining another, which begs the question, why did you?” Gorgath asked.

The second he had finished asking the question, he rode through the air and went straight past Zero, not caring for his new form at all, because in his head there was still one far more dangerous and annoying thing he needed to get rid off.

“Protect Agent Four! Do whatever you can to save him!” Zero shouted as he ran off after Gorgath at a speed that the latter had shown during the fight so far.

​ However, being equal in speed and with Gorgath in front meant he could never catch up. This put all pressure on the others.

Erin stood in front, and the cooldown on her skills had returned; the air around her was freezing up, forming frost on the ground, stabbing the large sword into the ground, the ice wall had been brought up again.

‘I know this won’t stop him completely, but it will at least be able to slow him down like before.’ Erin thought.

Then she brought the sword up, ready to strike again. Erin was ready to time the strike perfectly but that was until the ice shattered in an instant as Gorgath’s large horn pierced right through the ice.

‘Look at the shock on your face.’ Gorgath thought as he went straight past Erin, her sword strike missing and hitting nothing but the air. ‘Before, I took down the wall just using my physical strength, but I can tell you haven’t had much experience fighting celestial energy.

‘Celestial energy can break through that wall with ease.’

Having struck nothing but the air, Erin was left standing in place.

‘My strike, it was just like before, when fighting Laxmus, the strange power he used had managed to go against the wall…the skills of the demon tier sword are pretty much useless, but the Dhampir energy worked against Laxmus, so maybe it will work on him as well.’

Swirling around, Erin placed her Greatsword on her back while switching to her blood sword, and immediately it started to light up yellow with the familiar Dhampir energy she had. It was stronger than it was in the past but not as strong as when she had gone against Laxmus.

Either way, she threw out a strike, gathering up as much energy as she possibly could. It was a swift movement that allowed her attack to move faster than she could and head straight for Gorgath.

As the strike hit his body, it moved him slightly to the side, but his body once again hurled at the attack turning it into nothing.

‘Damn it, it somewhat worked, but I need more energy, more Qi energy, more dhampir energy, just like in the fight with Laxmus. If the power in me can rise when fighting against vampires, doesn’t that mean the power is always within me somewhere? I must be able to summon it somehow.’

Although her attack didn’t do much to stop Gorgath, it had slowed him down by a fraction of a second, and once again, his fists had hit an invisible red wall that was now showing nothing but ripples of red energy. On the other side, Agent Four with his hand raised.

“I’m the one you should be focusing on!” Zero shouted as he suddenly appeared right by Goragth’s side. With a strong strike, his large hand was hit away, and with the hilt of the sword, Zero unleashed a mass amount of power and hit Gorgath upward on his chin.

Slamming him with the butt of the sword, Gorgath’s face was lifted for the first time in the fight, and before he could react again, Zero carried out a large slash right at his chest.

It sent him skidding across the ground, and the wound on his chest was deeper as blood started to spill.

“You annoying flies!” Gorgath shouted.

Another strike from behind had been dealt this time, hitting him right in his neck, from his eye, he could see that it was the blonde-haired woman. The only thing was, unlike Zero’s strike, Erin’s strike was unable to pierce Grogath’s skin, and she was unable to move her blade because he had the tip of it held in his hand.

“You annoying bugs need to go away!” Gorgath yelled as the orbs spun on his left hand, and snapped the blade in half by pulling it down.

“No! The Blood blade! That belonged to…that belonged to.” She was unable to finish her sentence.

As the blade broke, it allowed Erin to pull away, but one of her trusty blades, which she had held with her for years, was now useless.

“I see now, I was wrong about the order of things, I should get rid of the weakest flies first!” Gorgath launched himself from the position he was in and went straight for Erin.

Switching weapons would take too long, so she knew she could only do one thing. The armour on her body started to light up, and when Gorgath threw a fist towards her, it hit nothing but the air. His whole body had completely gone through where Erin was at that point and time.

However, although he was unable to hurt her, now having passed through her, he could see another right in front of him.

“I need to pay you back for the earlier attack as well!” Gorgath shouted as he corked back his fist again and threw it out.

Flora held the special sword in her hand, and in this situation, there was only one thing she could do. One of the abilities allowed the sword to change its form, turning it into something similar to a cape. It was one of the abilities of the thirteen vampire families, the one that boosted the greatest defence.

‘I hope this works!’ Flora screamed in her head as she braced herself. Behind the sword, she summoned all of the Qi possible that she could to protect herself.

As soon as she closed her eyes, she felt a powerful strike which shook every cell in her body as she was lifted in the air. The sword reverted back to its original form, and Flora was now flying back.

“That sword… it didn’t break. Just what is it made out of?” Gorgath thought.

Flying through the air, Flora finally hit the ground and skidded across it, the blow even with the second stage of Qi and the sword covering her, had hurt her internally. The impact was intense enough for her to spew out blood from her mouth.

She was too weak to stop herself as she continued to skid across the floor until out of nowhere someone came and caught her. Stopping her from going forward anymore.

She could feel someone holding onto her, and she raised her head, she saw who it was.

“Well, well, well…look which b*tch ended up in my hands.” Peter smiled.


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