My Vampire System Chapter 1947

After landing on the strange dark surface planet, it didn’t take long for the group to head toward where they believed Zero and Erin currently were.

Since Chris felt a significant presence of Qi, he was sure that he would at least encounter Zero on this planet. As everyone ran ahead, the entire group did their best to keep up with Chris, who was leading the charge.

He was the fastest out of them all. However, Aj and the vampires could keep up somewhat, especially Aj, who had a speed ability. But, unsurprisingly, even with the ability, Aj was slower than others, which showed just how different the others were in comparison.

‘How long are these guys going to run for?’ Aj thought. ‘At this rate, I’m going to run out of MC cells before we even reach wherever these guys are going.’

Eventually though, Chris stopped dead in his tracks, not moving closer to the source of energy and the others also stopped nearby. Immediately, Aj could see people up ahead, and from the description he had heard, he knew that one of them was the apparent Dhampir Queen.

Pulling out his camera and the rest of his equipment with drones and more, Aj began to film this moment, zooming in on each of the current and present people.

‘That’s Agent Four. He hasn’t shown his face much around Pure, but I definitely recognize him. Then there’s Flora, the representative of the Dhampirs, she is a familiar face as well, as for the other two…they must be Zero and the Dhampir queen.

‘I can’t believe it. Two faces practically unknown to the outside world are now here, right in front of me. I wish I could live stream this right now!’ Aj was cursing at himself inwardly. ‘If the world sees these two on one screen, it would surely create one of the highest viewed live streams in history.’

It would only take a push of a button to go live, and Aj was tempted, but he had made a promise to the others. So, for now, he would just have to record this himself, and once edited and filmed out, the whole world would be able to watch whatever was going to happen today.

However, what was interesting was how everyone was positioned, it was clear that they were in a fight, but they weren’t in a fight with each other. Instead, there was a red being, one that looked inhuman but with a human body shape.

‘What…is that, the energy that is radiating off it, it feels…’

“It’s the same again,” Peter commented. “The same b*stard thing that fought us on the Graylash planet.”

“You mean, a celestial?” Chris asked.

Although Chris was better at sensing different types of energy, Peter was more familiar with Celestial energy due to what was running through his veins and how much of it because Quinn had yet to take it back.
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‘Did I hear them correctly?’ Aj thought. ‘Did they say this was a celestial? They really appear all over the place, and if they are fighting the others, What is their goal? Why not attack the humans or the vampires?’ Something wasn’t adding up, but that wouldn’t stop Aj from filming every moment and figuring out the rest of this later.


Erin glanced to the side to look at the others.

‘They aren’t moving forward at the moment, but now that these guys are here, it will be a pain. If I use everything I have now and get into a weakened state, they will certainly pounce at me.’

At the same time, they had run out of options because whatever Gorgath had been doing, he had stopped. His skin was now glowing a brighter red, the orbs on his body were still spinning, but the sparks were no longer flickering all around him.

Flying straight ahead, Gorgath zapped like a lightning bolt. Agent Four went to lift his hand, but just as Erin expected, it was too slow to activate the barrier, and Gorgath was already right by his side.

“Your power, it’s extremely troublesome, so it would be best to get rid of you first.” Gorgath lifted his hand and threw it down, aiming right for the crown right on top of Agent Four’s head.

A clang resounded as the two blows met, and the red hand touched the pink glowing weapon. Just then, a strike came from below as Zero repositioned his foot and blocked the attack. It was also done with a single hand.

With his other hand free, he put his palm on the skin of the others.

‘A direct Qi strike from here will do some internal damage.’ Zero was ready to unleash his power, but getting close to the skin had caused strange red sparks to flicker, and before Zero knew it, he and Agent Four were zapped by the energy.

Although it looked somewhat similar to the lighting powers, it felt nothing like it, as they felt as if their insides were melting. Regaining composure, Zero used as much of his Qi as he could to protect his insides from giving out. The problem was he needed to hold onto agent four and do the same, protecting him as much as possible.

‘Agent 4 is needed for the blood crystal to work properly. We still need him!’ Zero assessed. Agent Four still had a part to play in their plan, so he couldn’t let the latter die here.

As he gripped tightly around his blade again and was ready to strike, another sword slashed, and a loud explosion went off, creating a dust cloud and rocks to be flown up in the air right in front of them.

Both Zero and Agent Four were hit by the explosion and sent tumbling to the ground. They were somewhat hurt by the explosion but were also thankful since the two of them had been broken off from whatever energy it was attempting to enter their body.

The explosions didn’t stop there as they continued to go one after the other. A sword was seen being flung through the dust clouds, and one after the other would go off.
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“I’m here as well, I can fight as well!” Flora said with conviction.

She was swinging the sword with the storing ability and attempting to use it as best as she could until she could no longer swing the sword for some reason.

When the dust cloud settled, they could see that Gorgath was holding onto the weapon.

Flora, seeing this, activated the weapon and made it explode on the spot, but it was doing nothing to Gorgath. From his side, a swing of another large sword which made the air turn into ice as it swung, was aimed towards his side.

Once again, though, when the sword got close to his body, the sparks emitted from it and hit the weapon away, as well as spinning Erin’s body until she dropped to the floor.

“They… are losing to that celestial,” Vanessa commented. “Should we help them, I mean, the celestials are our enemies, right?”

For now, Chris didn’t order the move-in, and the answer was simple. It was because if they both fought against each other, they would weaken the other, and since both parties in front of them were their enemies, they could get rid of two birds with one stone simply by observing the battle for now.

“Still, aren’t they outmatched,” Lucas added. “I understand what you’re trying to do, but that celestial looks like a strong one. Don’t you think we should band together to defeat that, otherwise, we could all be in trouble?”

Chris folded his arms and stayed put for now.

“You don’t have to worry about that. Zero is incredibly strong and has grown far stronger than the last time he showed me his prowess. All he has been doing is growing his strength.

“There is still a lot left in them, and for one, Zero hasn’t even shown his ability yet. When he uses that and is still failing against the celestial, that is when I would agree with your suggestion.”

On the battlefield, seeing how tough this fight was going, Zero started to activate the power from within and was ready to use the fourth stage of Qi.

‘Not yet…not yet…’ Zero thought.


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