My Vampire System Chapter 1945: The Challenger

It hadn’t been long since Mundus had returned back to the celestial space, and when doing so, of course he was interested in one fight. A fight that was still going on at this moment. He wasn’t the only one, as many of the other celestials were also interested as well.

However, Mundus wasn’t watching the fight with the other celestials surrounding the orb where the planet was located. Instead, he was in his personal space, sitting on a seat and a large portal appeared above, allowing him to see the fight from several different angles as if he had an all seeing camera.

‘Gorgath is fighting against them, and this group seems to have quite a few strong people with them.’ Mundus stated. ‘I see the mistake we have made so far. Although we have sent strong gods to fight against the god slayers, there seems to be many Earthlings that are also strong surrounding them and supporting them.

‘The weak always did like to gather and stick together, but hopefully Gorgath can complete the job, and even if he doesn’t there is always a plan B which is in progress, and if really necessary a plan C, but I hope I won’t have to get involved myself.

‘That would say something about the gods’ powers if I needed to get involved, and if that was the case, I would say it was time we whipped some of the gods into action. They have had far too much of a peaceful period.’


Inside the celestial space, with the biggest crowd, watching the final fight that was commencing were the other gods, and of course the two favourites that loved to gossip about everything going on, and somewhat played a hand in things, was Xox, the floating ball of energy and the sea-like god, Yongbu.

“Okay, I will take the bait as usual.” Yongbu sighed. “I have to admit, for once this celestial looks like they can do something, but… so far you hyped up all of the other celestials to be these strong unstoppable gods, and every single one of them was defeated.

“Which means, either these Earthlings are just that strong, or your stories are full of flare just to try to impress me.”

Frustrated by the words, the ball of energy was starting to expand and retract as its energies grew.

“These are unprecedented times!” Xox shouted back, but quickly calmed his voice down when he could see a couple of others looking at him. The one thing he didn’t want to do was grab attention.

“Dedicated followers fighting alongside celestials and god slayers, no one expected any of these to get involved. My information has always been 100… no 200 percent accurate, and that will never change.

“All of the celestials that were picked by Mundus were dangerous in their own right, and for their own reasons, otherwise Mundus would have never picked them for the job, and the same could be said for Gorgath as well.” Xox explained, having to catch his breath since he was speaking so fast.

“Gorgath is probably the celestial with the most accolades compared to the others. If you don’t know what I mean by that, I will make it quite obvious for you. Just before this fight, Gorgath himself was fighting against another God slayer, and he still has plenty of power to fight against these others.”

Yongbu, who had only fought against strong beings that were getting close to the stage of god slayer, had some idea. This was a warrior fighter, who only challenged himself by fighting against other god slayers. As stated, this was one with perhaps the most experience fighting.


On the black, rock hard, planet, the celestial known as Gorgath was standing there strong and unhurt. There wasn’t a single mark on his red skin, and his large red horn that was as long as an arm was intact as well.

“Weak.” Gorgath said as he punched two of his fists together. The strange balls that looked almost like glass embedded into his body began to spin, and as they did, a strange electrical charge could be seen charging off from them.

“They sent me to deal with you all, and I can’t believe someone like Immortui would have such a weak follower!”

Charging off from his position, he completely disappeared, the ground wasn’t kicked up, but Gorgath was coming through the air like a frightening arrow. Seeing this, Agent 4 quickly stood in front and activated the power of the blood armour.

The ripples activated as Gorgath, crashed into the pulsating red power. It had stopped him in his tracks and he landed on his feet. His power was radiating around him, almost making it look like he was floating down to the ground.

Raising his fist, he pounded it again, right into the wall.

“You think, something like this can stop me!”

One of the balls around Gorgath’s shoulders started to spin rapidly, and the power inside him was rising up. Throwing out his fist it hit the red pulsating wall, and the whole planet shook as the attack had hit. Yet, the attack still hadn’t gone through.

Gorgath had to admit that even he was shocked that somehow his attack was stopped, he had never seen anything like it, but it didn’t matter. The radiating energy from his punch was still present and still pouring into the wall.

While this was the case, the strange, glass-like balls around his legs started to spin, and he moved from his position, again, this time coming from the back. As he went to throw out another fist, standing in his way this time, was a large Ice wall.

“I see, I guess you guys are showing some talent now against me, but this is useless.” Gorgath stated. “Because, I like a challenge, and whatever walls stand in my way, I will bring them down!”

A ball embedded into Gorgath’s shoulder spun, ones in his forearms started to spin as well and not just in one arm, but in both of them. Throwing out his punch, it had hit the ice wall, and the energy of the icewall had been activated.

Whatever attack was to hit it, it would be reflected back, and with more strength as well. This had occurred and the attack had exploded onto Gorgath’s body. It had hit him harder than ever, but Gorgath looked unfazed and he hadn’t left his position.

Instead, the balls on his body just began to spin faster and faster. As they did, every few seconds, a rush of energy would explode from his arms, hitting the ice wall again, and again. The attacks grew stronger, and large shockwaves of energy were blasting off, so large that they pierced the skies and would be able to be seen from a distance, from space, or even another planet.

Another large shockwave erupted from both of Gorgath’s fists, and it was then that cracks started to appear in the form of the ice wall.

Erin stood there with the sword held in her hand, while Flora was standing next to her, also holding her blade tightly as well.

“We will take this person down together.” Flora stated. “I will be of help to you, I promise you that.”

The cracks appeared larger in the large ice wall and any second now they were going to break. Meanwhile the attack that Agent 4 was stopping had come to an end allowing him to turn around as well.

‘This person… I’m not getting the same amount of energy I would usually get when fighting vampires.’ Erin thought. ‘This battle, unlike the one I fought against Laxmus, will be incredibly difficult. This celestial is strong. I will need all the help I can get, if we are to win this battle.’

It was then that Erin could feel an incredibly large amount of energy by her side, but it wasn’t coming from Flora, instead it was from another.

“It looks like I will have to get involved in this fight. I had wished to see your true skill, but we all need to get out of this one alive.” Zero stated as he pulled out his sword, and held it down by his side.


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