My Vampire System Chapter 1944: Shaking Clash

Nervous energy was felt throughout the entire place, so much that it felt like the ship they were on was shaking. However there was nothing but silence as the spaceship travelled to the destination, and since it wasn’t far from where they were, it would only be a matter of time until they got there.

“Okay I can’t take it anymore!” Vanessa said, jumping up from her seat. “I have to say something. Look I know this is big… really big, but please remind me why we are going towards the large explosions on that planet!”

Standing by her side, Lucas, her friend, quickly pulled her back down so she was sitting in her seat again. He could feel the energy coming off from Peter and Chris. The two of them… they looked even more concerned than when they were fighting against the celestial not too long ago.

In the end, since it looked like Peter wasn’t going to say anything, Chris had decided to talk to the others instead.

“I guess we are quite tense, but we have good reason to be.” Chris stated. “Remember, you were the ones that chose to come along with us, that wished to film everything that happened. We have no choice, we have to go and see if Zero, and the Dhampir Queen, is on this planet.

“I just want to make everything clear, if anything was to happen, or a fight was to break out, we will not be strong enough to help you. We might not even be strong enough to protect ourselves.”

Both of the two vampires gulped. Although AJ was paying them a pretty penny to be there as assistants, it was clear that they were about to jump into a pit of lava. As the ship got closer, it literally was shaking due to the shockwaves that were coming off the planet. Whatever was happening there, it was a big deal.

When Vanessa turned to AJ though, all she could see was an excited adult, one who had cameras, beast armour, and more strapped to him… ready to film everything that came his way.

“I’ll be going. You two don’t have to come, but if you do and do a good job protecting me just like before, I guarantee that it will be worth your while.” AJ stated as he pressed a button on top of his glasses.

His current outfit reminded Peter of what Logan used to wear back in the day. His ability and powers were more suited for a role like filming, but of course his talents would have been wasted on something like that.

“I wanted to ask you a favour actually.” Chris said, as he looked at all the recording equipment. “I know in the deal that was made, you promised to only film events and not live stream them without going through an editing process, but I was wondering if you would be able to set up a private live stream to the Green family.”

AJ placed his finger on his chin.

“It’s not hard to do at all, as long as Logan accepts. I’m more interested to know why though?”

“We made a promise.” Chris replied. “We said that we would inform them when we met up with the others, and I intend to keep that promise.”

Although this was true, Chris was also thinking about something else. He would keep his promise with Quinn, but there was a good chance that they would engage, and Chris was ready… ready to fight Zero head on.

‘I can beat him… if it comes to it, if he really chooses to protect Erin, and is really not thinking straight. I will beat him and make him come to his senses.’ Chris thought. In his head, there was a high chance that Quinn would never arrive, that they would never get help from the others, so they needed to be prepared to act.

“Peter, do you still have that large amount of energy that you were able to summon before. I think it might help us out?”

Clenching his fist, in and out, Peter looked towards the planet.

“I do, the energy inside me is still strong, but I know it is Quinn’s energy, so for how long it will stay with me, it is hard to tell.”

Although at times Peter was dense, he knew why Chris was asking this question, and there was a smile on his face, because Peter was ready as well, ready for a round 2 against Erin.

A larger shockwave than they had received ever before shook the whole ship, more violently than before, to the point where Lucas had stumbled a bit.<sub></sub>

“Full speed to the planet now!” AJ shouted. “The shockwaves… they are only coming out once in a while. We are close, so we need to make it to the planet. Otherwise the next set of shockwaves might even break the ship.”

The ship went full speed ahead, but rather heading straight into where the large shockwaves were coming from, they had decided to land a little ways away at first. This was on Chris’s order.

‘That power, I can sense it now that we are close, there is an insane amount of Qi that is being pulsated out. At first I thought it might have had something to do with the Red Heart being activated, but if this is the energy it can’t be.

‘The more I think about it, the more likely it is to be a fight that’s going on. If that’s the case, then our best opportunity might be to try and join in just after this fight is over, but who could make Zero release this much Qi energy in a fight?’

The ship had landed safely, and the shockwaves that were being sent outwards weren’t felt as strong on the planet’s surface.

“Remember to report to Quinn, keep filming and make sure if you see the blonde haired girl or Zero, it gets sent back to him straight away.” Peter stated, as they all walked ahead.

Soon, it looked like Chris would get his answer as to just what was going on.


A bruised up lip, a scarred face, ripped clothing and rags that were floating out in the wind. These were just some of the visible markings that could be seen on the four that were in a fight of their lives.

Sweat was running down all four of their faces, Erin had her hand gripped tightly around her demon tier sword, the same was for Flora, although there were quite the few black markings on her face from using the abilities of the weapon.

Then there was Zero, grinding his teeth back and forth as he held a large katana sword in his hand, one that was almost the size of his entire body, but he was holding it as if it weighed the same as any other sword.

“Another attack is coming!” Agent 4 shouted.

He held out his hand, and the crown on his head started to light up. Yet, he looked nervous at the attack that was coming towards them. A large white beam of energy had hit the barrier, and the red ripples that would come when attacked appeared.

The power was holding out well, and as usual, it blocked out any attacks when using the special blood armour this way. However, the attack and beam of energy wasn’t just coming from one direction.

Another attack, of the same size and sheer power, was coming from behind them, an attack so wide and large in size that it would be able to hit all four of them, even with how spread out they were. With Agent 4 still blocking the attack ahead, it would be impossible for him to block the attack that was coming from behind.

That was when Erin threw her sword into the ground, and a large ice wall appeared behind them. The attack hit the wall and had been stopped.

‘It seems like we are safe, but in reality we are trapped… How, just how are we going to defeat this person?’ Zero thought, and continued to grind his teeth, as this was an unexpected situation. ‘And who is this guy? Why does their energy feel so similar to Master’s?’


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