My Vampire System Chapter 1943: It's Time

The good news was that there was no need for Quinn to use any more celestial points, since the new weapons were already celestial weapons without him having to mark them. In the future, Quinn wondered if this was a better way to make celestial weapons. Then there was no need to use any of his points.

At the end of the day, even though celestial power wasn’t the end all when fighting against other celestials, it did help and on top of that, there was another reason why he needed a large amount of celestial energy, and that was his own celestial space that he could create.

Right now, not just Quinn, but also Fex were in his own private white space. Time was slowed here, allowing for Quinn and Fex to train as much as they could before they were to be called. However, it would use a large amount of celestial energy as well.

They weren’t alone in the room, as there were a few robot humanoid figures with crystals embedded in their bodies.

A loud bang was heard and the robot fell to the floor, but it wasn’t the only robot on the ground, there were around twenty that had been destroyed a distance away from Quinn, while Fex also had around five or so of the robots defeated around him.

“Logan sure has improved these guys, but this power, it’s great, just a little hard to get used to drawing it out.” Fex stated.

“Maybe that’s because you’re old.” Quinn replied, as he looked at his gun and the distance the fallen robots were at.

“Hey, do you really have to hit me where it hurts, and besides we’re technically the same age.” Fex replied. “And at least I have kids to show for it. What have you done during this whole time, just slept letting your balls dry out.”

It was a crude image, but Quinn couldn’t help but smile, he missed the back and forth that he only really had with Fex.

Using the shadow space, Quinn had summoned more of the robots that Logan had allowed him to borrow, and was now observing Fex trying to gauge how strong he was or could be, because the one thing he didn’t want to do was rush him into danger as soon as he came back.

While watching Fex, still as skillful as ever, if not more so with his strings, Quinn was actually thinking about his own weapons.

‘I’m thankful for Logan giving us these robots to test out on, but it’s hard to use most of the real effects of the weapons that way.’ Quinn thought. ‘Still, I was able to find out a couple of things. The bullets, for one, come out lightning fast and I can’t really control them.’

When shooting out the bullets, Quinn thought at least with the blood aura bullets he could use his blood control to move it where he wished in the air, after the bullet was shot. However, they came out so fast that by the time he used his blood control, it was useless and the bullet was far away. He could only just shoot more bullets at his opponent.

Otherwise he would spend more time focusing on moving the bullet, rather than shooting his target which would be worse. Which was why Quinn had to use the guns more like normal guns. The problem was he wasn’t the best shot.

Targets that were close, he could do well with, but far away and moving targets were troublesome, and that was what he was currently using the robots that had been provided to them for.

‘What I haven’t really been able to test on these robots though is the real effects that these bullets have, just the range, speed, damage, and the general power of them. Even then it’s not really helpful, since a Qi bullet and a blood bullet destroys these guys in one shot. I wonder if there is a better way or opponent to train against.’

A loud bang was heard that distracted Quinn, and lifting his head, he could see Fex pulling one of the robots through the air, from four different points. The hands and the legs, and then, a glowing white fist slamming right into the robot’s chest, taking out the chunk of metal that contained the beast crystal inside, stopping it from working on the spot.

“I think I can do this, I think with this I can stand on my own. I might not be able to help you fight anyone significantly stronger, but I can be by your side, especially when you take out Erin!” Fex stated, clenching his fist.<sub></sub>

When looking over at Quinn, through his fist, he could see the other wasn’t so enthusiastic.

“Quinn.” Fex called out. “I’m going to ask you this, and I know it might not be fair because you were the one that gave me a second chance, but at the same time if you aren’t willing to go through with this I would rather not have a second chance.

“You have already made the resolution to kill Erin right? I mean, there is no guess, she was the one that killed Samantha and no matter what the reason was, she has to feel the same pain as her.”

“Of course.” Quinn replied quickly. “I made the resolution a while ago. I had already made the decision to wake you up, before meeting with Bliss, that’s why we were there, and I would have never woken you up unless it was for this reason.

“I just have a feeling that it might not be so easy.”

There were a number of factors to take in when fighting against Erin. For one, the demon tier weapon was made from the humanoid demon tier beast, which gave her the powers of ice. On top of that there was a demon tier attachment that allowed her to have the same skills and powers with the same weapon with fire.

According to the others as well, Erin also had a demon tier armour that seemed to allow her to negate damage in some way. Although they were unsure how it worked. There was also the dhampir’s strength, and the fact that it would work against Immortui, meant that she would also get a power boost if she was to go up against Quinn.

In a way, it was better for her to fight a non-vampire like Chris, with no one around, making her significantly weaker. Out of all of those things though, the main thing that concerned Quinn was the four kings of the familiar world, just why had they all decided to team up with Erin, and just how powerful were they together?

‘I just have to focus on myself, learn how to use these guns properly, and learn how to combine them with the armour in the best way. I can always go out and get some beasts to use these things on, but real people will be the problem.’

In the white space, quite a bit of time had passed. Quinn had tested the weapons on beasts and although Logan wasn’t a willing genie pig, he did have others that were happy to get hit with a bullet or two to see its effects. Quinn just had to make sure he aimed at a non-lethal spot when firing.

As time went on, Quinn had figured out quite a lot about his weapons and the combinations that were possible, as well as things he wanted to test out but weren’t quite sure they would work. After some time, his celestial points had run out, meaning they were now back where they started in Green Tower.

They all took a break, while Quinn’s celestial points recovered, and they all thought about what to do, how to get stronger. That was until Logan had come looking for them.

Fex and Quinn were lying down in bunk beds just talking about the olden days together, how one had saved the other lives and the experiences they had gone through, when Logan had entered the room.

“I just received a message from Chris and Peter. It looks like they have found her. They know where Erin is.” Logan said.


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