My Vampire System Chapter 1942: Special Celestial Weapon

Due to the turn of events, Quinn couldn’t help but slap his hand on his forehead as he shook it in disbelief. Because it seemed like Alex, soul or spirit, consciousness, whatever the case was, it was now really in the weapon.

“So the footage Logan showed me was indeed real, and the weapon started attacking you?” Quinn asked.

“It was so painful. Those damned blood snakes of yours pierced my body and began drawing my blood, and somehow I started to turn into particles before I was placed into the weapon. Honestly, until you reached out and placed your hand in the weapon, I was fading along. Quinn, you have to help. You have to help me get out of this situation!”

Alex’s voice was enough to show how much he was suffering, and with every word he said, it sounded like he was on the verge of tears, which hurt Quinn more because he was the one that got the former into this situation.

“I can’t promise anything, as I really don’t understand it myself,” Quinn replied. “But if it’s like the past, then if we use Shiro’s power, or maybe even Sil’s, then we should definitely be able to help you get out of the weapon, but I’m not so sure about getting your body back to the way it used to.”

There was a slight groan from Alex as he imagined himself never being able to make a weapon again, but in the end, he could live with that because the weapon he had made now was already a masterpiece.

“I guess we’ll just have to wait and see for now, but it’s not a complete loss. I can still control the gun to some degree, among other things.”

Saying these words, the red threads that were as thick as a snake came out of the gun and were dangling about. This was all Alex’s doing. He had control over the weapon to a degree which was why he could do all of this in the first place.

“If worse comes to worst, maybe I can just use these strange blood tentacles to make weapons, or I could just instruct you on what to do,” Alex added.

Nodding along, Quinn, at this point, would agree to anything Alex suggested due to how guilty he felt. What was even crazier in his head though, was how through his life, he had so many voices in his head.

‘First Vincent, then Ray, and now Alex? Does the universe just not want me to be alone in my own mind.’ Quinn thought.

Although it seemed like Alex could only communicate with Quinn when he was attached to the gun because when the guns were placed in Quinn’s shadow, or he let go of them, he could no longer hear Alex’s voice.

“Enough of that. It is what it is.” Alex noticed that Quinn was feeling a bit down. “I have already lived a good and long life thanks to you, Quinn. I wanted to create those weapons for you, and I think I have done pretty well if I say so myself.

“But I am more interested to know if this weapon is any different than the other. Only one of the weapons actually pulled me in, and if they really did use my blood, it might have messed up the composition creating something different entirely.” Alex explained.

When looking at the weapon, it didn’t look any different, but it did feel different. Quinn assumed this was mostly due to Alex’s soul though.

“I guess there is no harm in seeing.”


[Altandermite Celestial Duel Blood Gun (Special)]

Now that Quinn had used the inspect skill on just one of the guns specifically, he could see that this one had a special tag that had been added to it.

[This weapon contains the soul of an ancient forger. He was one of the best forgers to ever exist, but he left the world with regret. Not being able to create the best weapons and strongest weapons the world has seen. The will of the ancient spirit has combined with the weapon giving it a few extra skills.]

‘Alex was right. According to the text, the weapon really is different compared to the other one.’

Just like before, the weapon contained the same set of active skills as the other, but there were a few more differences.

[Blood fairy bullet – Part of the weapon has been made using Fairy blood, allowing the weapon to combine fairy blood with the user’s own powers. The blood fairy bullet is highly effective against other vampires. If a vampire, even a powerful one, is hit by a blood fairy bullet, they will find it hard to heal.]

‘This is the same effect as the blood fairy weapons that Alex made before, but now in bullet form. This would have been good to use against Laxmus, but I haven’t had to fight against other vampires for a long time, so will there be any use for it?'<sub></sub>

Thinking about this, another thought popped into Quinn’s head. Bliss had stated that Erin’s strength didn’t just work against vampires but all creations of Immortui. So maybe the blood fairy bullet would be the same. Maybe it was an attack that could be used on the demon creations and Immortui himself.

On top of all that, there was still one more skill that could be seen.

[Absorption – This weapon is able to absorb crystals. Depending on the crystals absorbed, it will allow special types of bullets to be made. The bullets made through the absorption method will either be limited or permanent.]

‘Oh, that looks like a nice skill.’ Alex said after reading the text.

‘Wait, you can see that?’ Quinn asked.

‘Yeah, I could see all of the system screens that popped up. Wait, have you always been able to see this? Is this how you could figure out what was a good weapon and a bad one?’

The thought of when the two first met was coming into Alex’s head, and now it was all making sense. Quinn wasn’t some type of forger or weapon expert. He had a cheat skill allowing him to see all of these things.

Although Alex was upset for a few seconds, it had been so long ago he couldn’t really be so upset about it.

‘Anyway, the skill is a good one. Maybe with this, you can absorb demon-tier crystals through the weapon and continue improving the weapon. Maybe with this, you might never have to get a new weapon after this again.

‘And don’t you have the best forger in the world?! Hahaha,’ Alex shouted in excitement.

‘Yeah, I really do have the best forger.’

After saying those words, and with the weapons in his hands, Quinn started to walk out of the forging room. He also turned off the equipment one by one at Alex’s request, who explained to him what he needed to do.

​ One of the guns had been placed in his shadow, while the other, using the strange blood tentacles, Alex wrapped around and held onto Quinn’s hand. The gun would stay on the underside of his forearm near his wrist.

This way, Quinn could still use his hands just fine and also communicate with Alex, who didn’t want to be alone and left with his thoughts. When exiting the room, Logan was standing in front of him, and Fex and Minny were also present.

“I’m guessing you never managed to find him?” Logan asked.

Quinn shook his head.

“Actually, I did, but it’s quite complicated. As usual, nothing is ever so easygoing these days.” Quinn replied. “If you’re not too busy, I could explain and talk to you, but I wanted to ask you a favour before that.

“Do you have a training room of some kind? I would like to test out the new weapons which Alex made. Um, actually, never mind that there is no need for a training room, I just need training partners. I can make my own space.” Quinn said, thinking about his own Celestial space he could now create, which slowed down time.

All they were waiting, for now, was word on where Erin and Zero were. During that waiting time, Quinn was going to get as familiar with the weapons as possible.

“Sure,” Logan replied. “But I assume that there is not much longer to wait now. We should get the call from Peter and Chris any moment now.”


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