My Vampire System Chapter 1941: Duel Weapons

Quinn really didn’t know what to expect from Alex’s creation. For one, he was actually thinking that the weapon would just be a single item, and here it was, two items lying out there. On top of that, this was not just any weapon but one that was frequently used in the past, but only seen quite recently.

‘I can’t believe Alex would make something like this for me? Was there a reason… I guess in the end they would have their use, and if Alex created them, then it has to be for a good reason, there has to be a reason why he created these.’

Before picking them up, Quinn had decided to use his inspect skill, just to make sure they were the items he had been expecting.

[Altandermite Celestial Dual Blood Guns]

[These dual handguns have been made using one of the hardest materials in the Universe. It would be hard to come by anything that would be able to destroy these. The weapons also have been given a god-like energy causing them to pulsate and search for life and new blood.]

The description didn’t give much help as to what these guns could do, but just as requested, it had been made using the celestial blood from himself. The one thing that was worrying for Quinn was the description at the end, as it stated it searched for blood.

‘Is this what happened to… Alex? And these guns, just how helpful will they be?’ Quinn reached out, heading to pick one of them up, to see what effects it had.

Guns had a strange history on earth. From what Quinn could remember, before his time and before the first Dalki war, guns and weapons of almost all sorts were banned due to the humans worrying that they would kill each other in an all out war.

However, they had made a recent return just before the fight against the Dalki. Because of the period where humans had stopped using weapons of mass destruction and guns, it had caused this type of technology to halt and it had not advanced further like it had done in the past.

In the end, even when the Dalki did attack, with the use of guns, battle tanks and more, nearly all of it was unable to pierce the hard outer skin of the Dalki. It was useless, with only an atomic bomb being somewhat useful, but the Dalki had targeted most of the nuclear stations and the atomic bombs that did get used on the large Dalki ships, had been blocked by some strange force field at the time, that later they found out was powered by beast crystals.

It was only when returning, a 1000 years later, that Quinn had witnessed the use of guns again, and that was from members of Pure. Where they were able to use special guns to draw out the Qi energy in an attack.

Picking up the hand gun, it felt nice in Quinn’s hand. The gun was solid black in colour, with streaks of gold around the top. However, the strangest part of the gun design was perhaps the trigger. There was nothing to pull on, and instead it looked like a sharp needle.

The needle itself was red, and pulsating, and when Quinn picked it up, he could sense it, the gun it seemed almost alive.

‘What am I meant to do? How do I even use this weapon? The inspect skill didn’t come up with any active skills, only the description of it.’

Holding the gun, there was something drawing him to it, and that’s when he placed his finger right by the trigger. In an instant, the strange needle moved, digging into his finger, and around the handle of the gun Quinn could feel several spikes and the same type of pain enter the palm of his hand.

‘This piece of Sh*t!’ Quinn shouted internally as it hurt quite a bit, which was a surprise, and it wasn’t done there. Quinn could feel it drawing out of his body all different types of energy without him even trying to use it.

At first he could feel his red vampire aura flow right into the gun, after that, there was his Qi energy, his celestial energy, and even his shadow and MC cells could be felt being drawn into the weapon.

It wasn’t a draining feeling as it almost felt like just a spec of energy was transported into the weapon itself, and it had soon stopped.

‘What just happened… why would the gun do something like that?’


[The weapon has registered its one and only user. The celestial energy from the gun and user have matched. You may now use the gun’s active skills]

[The Blood gun is able to enhance any type of power that is used to energise the weapon, giving each of them unique properties when used with the gun. The following skills can now be used with the gun.]

[Celestial bullet – A bust of condensed celestial energy. Can be used to quickly transfer celestial energy to others when shot at dedicated followers, or used as an attack against others.]<sub></sub>

‘This seems a bit extra, I mean I can transfer energy to dedicated followers whenever I want anyway, but maybe it can tell my intentions. Maybe there is a way I can transfer energy to those that aren’t dedicated followers in rapid succession.

‘Also, if I had this type of skill in the celestial space when I was fighting against all the others, it would have come in handy. The question is just how much does this gun enhance the powers of my bullets?’

[Blood Forest bullet – A blood bullet is shot out, and if hitting a target successfully, it will drain blood of the target that has been hit, giving the user blood energy, as well as any additional effects from absorbing blood]

[Qi bullet – Using the User’s Qi, a bullet will be shot out, giving effects of the third stage of Qi. The bullet is in a condensed form allowing it to not only be an invisible shot of power, but a powerful one at that.]

[Shadow Bullet – Depending on how the User whishes to use the shadow, the shadow bullet can be used in a number of ways, along with the shadow ability of the user.]

[Note: Since this weapon was made using the blood of a celestial, it is unable to be marked. It is already a celestial weapon that can only be used with those that have the same type of energy as the celestial.]

Looking at the effects of the four different types of bullets alone, Quinn wondered just how useful they would be. In the first place, Quinn mostly used his blood aura to fight at long range, while using his gauntlet’s fist to fight at close range.

Now, he had even more options compared to before with these guns as well. However, he would have to practice being quite a good shot, unless he could direct the bullets just like he could with his blood control.

He wanted to test out the skills and see just how powerful the weapon was, but now wasn’t the time, he still needed to find out a number of things.

​ ‘Still, with two guns, does that mean I could use a mixture of the different bullets as well? What effect would that create?’

Thinking about this, Quinn looked at the other weapon that was still in the mold, and strangely, it didn’t look like an exact copy of the one he was holding. It made him think, did that mean the weapon also had different effects, or was there a different reason.

With this excitement at hand, Quinn went ahead and picked up the weapon. Once again he placed his finger in the place where the trigger would be in a normal gun, and now his other hand was pricked several times.

‘Wait… this isn’t the same as before… I can feel it. There is another energy… there is another energy in the weapon that’s not my own.’

That was when something strange started to appear from the gun, just like before, the blood tentacles had come out of the gun and were floating in the air.

“Quinn… Quinn!”

“Huh, that voice?”

“You can hear me, Quinn? It’s me… it’s me, Alex!”

“Alex?” Quinn turned his head looking around in the room. “Where are you? I have been looking everywhere for you and I wanted to thank you for making the weapons.”

There was silence for a moment, and that silence had told Quinn everything, as for one, why the voice he was hearing was in his own head.

“Quinn… I’m in your hand now, I’m in the weapon you are holding.” Alex explained.


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