My Vampire System Chapter 1940: Celestial Blood Charge

The amount of Celestial energy that had been used was thankfully along the lines of Quinn’s expectations. He wanted to have over 100,000 points for any battles he did have against Celestials. With his own strength and this, it seemed enough to take on others.

Since Quinn was a fighter in the first place, and didn’t rely a lot on the Celestial energy, using his Celestial points to make Celestial weapons was better for him. Then again, he needed to use more energy on the new weapons as well. On top of that, there was another quest, the quest to make a God Slayer weapon.

‘Wow, now that I think about it, I need to have quite a bit of Celestial points. I might have to start getting more people to complete the condition at this rate,’ Quinn thought. Although there were many things that were holding him back from doing so, one of them was getting addicted to this feeling.

The good news was that the active skills that were on the armor set were still there. In other words, there were no changes. There was nothing lost in the process of making the weapon. However, with them now being Celestial weapons, there were some bonuses that made Quinn grin widely from ear to ear.

[Celestial Resistance]

[The item is resistant to Celestial energy from the user and, to some degree, from attacks containing Celestial energy.]

This passive skill was something that was now on every single one of the armor pieces that had been created. Before, when Quinn would use his Celestial blood or activate the energy in his body, it would cause the armor to deteriorate.

This was also the reason why he was unable to use his Celestial energy along with the Blue Fang set. However, the Demon tier wings were somewhat fine as they had the passive ability of healing.

‘Now I will be able to use the armor set while using my celestial energy for attacking as well. There’s no need to use my Celestial blood to form an armor. On top of that, there’s a natural resistance to Celestial powers, putting me more on an even playing field with the other gods.’

From what Quinn had learnt in the Celestial space, most Celestials weren’t good fighters. Instead, it was their Celestial energy which made them all troublesome to some degree. Now, with this armor, it would be like fighting just anyone else, but that wasn’t the limit of what the armor could do.

[Celestial Blood Charge]

[Celestial Blood Charge is a skill that can be used to reset the active skills of the armor set. There are two uses of Celestial Blood Charge. Using the skill will take up Celestial energy, as well as the user’s blood.]

[1: If skills have already been used, Celestial Blood Charge will take 50 percent of the user’s health to reset the cooldown on the armor’s skills. If health is below ten percent, the skill will not work.]

[2: Celestial Blood Charge can also be used while a skill is currently active, allowing the user to continue the usage of the current skill. The amount of blood and Celestial energy taken will be relative to when the skill is used after the skill has gone past its initial time.]

‘It’s been a while since I’ve had to worry about skills like this,’ Quinn thought.

What he meant by this was the fact that the skill took his health away. Ever since gaining the title Ruler of Blood, using blood aura and blood skills didn’t take any of Quinn’s health. So, there was no need for him to worry.

However, injuring himself so he could use his Celestial blood did. Now, it looked like his new Celestial items would use up some amount of blood, just like the old days.

In any case, these skills are impressive. I have used Nitro Accelerate a number of times when I was in a pinch in the past, and now with these skills, I can continue to use them. When going up against a group of enemies or a tough opponent, this will be a good option to have. The Celestial upgrade has improved this armor beyond belief, but it does make me wonder.'<sub></sub>

‘Would normal users be able to use it? Due to the requirements to use some of the skills, it was almost like the armor knew that this piece would be kept for me to use.’

Regardless, there was no need for Quinn to think about that. For now, he was glad to find out he could use his Celestial energy on more items than before. However, he needed to save his Celestial points for more items, and those were the ones coming toward him.

Turning around, Quinn could sense an energy, an energy that was familiar to him in the room. Ever since he entered the room, he could sense this energy, but he had ignored it because he was unable to see anything, assuming it wasn’t hostile. Surprisingly, this energy came from the mold next to the furnace at the very back of the room.

‘In the video, that was where Alex was dragged to… so he should be around here, I hope.’

Taking a step closer, the energy radiated with greater fervor, seemingly reacting to Quinns footsteps. Still, he looked around, trying to find some answers to where Alex could have gone. He was still too far away to see what was inside of the molds that were used to create his weapons as they were quite deep, so it just looked like two metal boxes from a distance.

Taking yet another step, Quinn clenched his fists, and his bangs started to elongate as energy began pouring out of him. That was because, out of those metal caskets, what he had seen in the video had come out. Several blood-like tentacles that were as thick as snakes but seemed infinitely long hovered above them.

‘It was these things… these were the things that took Alex!’

Walking forward, Quinn was ready to slice them up and look at what was in the metal crates. Not long after, they all charged at him, prompting Quinn to throw out his hand, only to suddenly stop midway. The reason why he did so was because the blood-like tentacles, the hundreds of thread-like snakes that had been made, had all stopped as well.

‘I see….now I have an idea of what happened. It really was my fault, but I had no clue something like this was going to happen,’ Quinn thought as he unclenched his hand, with the blood snakes retreating back into the molding.

The energy that was coming off them, wasn’t just similar to Quinn, it was Quinn’s very own Celestial blood. Somehow, the blood he had given to Alex to use had managed to turn somewhat sentient, trying to consume whatever came close to it.

‘Logan did the right thing to close this place off, otherwise there would have been a few other casualties as well.. does this mean, Alex… you really…? No, I can’t be so sure. I have to find out what happened,’ Quinn thought as he continued to walk forward. ‘It’s a good thing that I came down here on my own. If not, maybe the others would have been dragged into this as well.’

Walking forward, images were appearing in Quinn’s head. He imagined that, in the metallic molds where weapons were created, he would see blood and parts of a blood fairy. He had to shake these feelings, these images, as he continued to move forward

What was meant to be a grand moment of unveiling his new weapons that would help in battle, had become a nightmare for Quinn. That was until he had finally reached the two metal molds, placing both his hands on them as he looked down.

‘These.these are the weapons that Alex made for me. These are the weapons that were made with my Celestial blood and the Demon tier crystals.’

Seeing them, Quinn was tempted to pick them up, just find out what these things could do. After all, it was something beyond what he could imagine. Never did he think in his life he would be holding something like this.


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