My Vampire System Chapter 1939: Blue Fang And Red Fang

Having watched the video that had been prepared by Logan, Quinn’s hands were shaking while his lips were quivering as he saw the scene.

“How…how is this possible? What happened?” Quinn asked.

“I have yet to enter the place properly,” Logan replied. “I have locked the room and denied access to anyone in there. However, no matter how many times I check the security footage, hoping that Alex will appear again, there’s no sign of him.”

Hearing those words, Quinn immediately felt extreme guilt. After all, he was the one that had requested the weapon to be made. On top of that, seeing that his shadow links weren’t working, it meant one thing. What was shown on the video footage was real. It had to be.

Sometime later, Quinn started to walk.

“You guys stay behind. I’ll head down there on my own to see what’s going on. No one is to step foot in that room until I come back.”

While looking at Quinn gradually getting farther, Fex couldn’t help but shake his head.

“It looks like there’s always some sort of drama going on with him around. Anyways, I’m sure you have the vampire corps to run, Andy. I’ll look after my little niece here, and Logan, it would be good if you could update me on what’s going on so far while I will do the same. We’ve had quite the interesting encounters since I woke up, if I do say so myself.”


Quinn stood a floor under the main lab where Logan’s base would be. This was where the forgery was, with two large thick doors leading to the forgery. Rather than opening the door, Quinn used his shadow travel skill to travel underneath and reappear on the other side.

The forgery was like those that he had seen before, just with a modern design and twist of simplicity in places. Surprisingly though, there was still an intense heat in the room, coming from the furnace and a lot of the machinery that was used still being on.

‘I guess Logan really did leave everything the way it was when he found it.’

“Alex!” Quinn shouted. “If you’re there, reply! Shout out back to me! I can help you!”

From the look of things, on video, strange tentacles made out of blood spread out and had been attacking Alex. Due to the camera angles, it was unclear where these tentacles were coming from. Though, it strangely seemed to be from the strange mold he was producing for the weapons.

Unfortunately, there was no reply. Nevertheless, Quinn still carefully walked around the room, condensing a small amount of blood aura in his hand, ready to be used at any point and time. That was when his eye had caught something.

Taking on a humanoid shape, there was a full set of armor, one that looked familiar to what Quinn had seen before, yet clearly different at the same time.

“This…it’s…it’s the Blue Fang set, right? It has to be,” Quinn said to himself.

Then again, it was wrong to call it the Blue Fang set. After all, the set was no longer silver with blue trimmings like it was before. The colors for it had completely changed. Now, it was mostly a solid black armor, with its points and trimmings a bright red.

It looked like armor fit for a demon lord of some sort.

“Alex, you…repaired the set, didn’t you? But… is it the same as before? What’s the reason for the color?”

Thinking about this, although Quinn wanted to try and find Alex, he couldn’t help but use the Inspect skill on it.

[Red Fang Demon Tier Chestpiece]

[Red Fang Demon Tier Shoulder Guards]

[Red Fang Demon Tier Trousers]

[Red Fang Demon Tier Boots]

[The Red Fang Demon Tier set made by the legendary forger, Alex Way.]

[The pieces of armor was originally made with the legendary Blue Fang Wolf that was known for its speed. However, the set has been altered, having used crystals from the Volcanic Rocket Beast.]

‘Well now, I understand the reasoning behind the change in color. I guess Alex thought it would suit me more, but I thought the Demon tier beast crystal would just be used for repairs…does that mean its active ability might have changed? All the equipments’ stats are the same as they were before.’

[Active Skill: (Nitro Accelerate) For two minutes, the user is able to increase their speed by 100 percent.]

[Cooldown time: 1 hour]

‘This is slightly different compared to what it did in the past. Before, it would combine the agility points of all the stats the armor gave before adding it to my agility. In a way, this is better since it stacks with my own speed. As my own speed increases, the percentage will stay the same.’

‘Even though my speed hasn’t improved much lately, we’ll have to see if I am faster than before. It also honestly seems to have the effect from before, making the armor somewhat pointless after using the skill.’

It was certainly an improvement because of that, but what caught Quinn’s eye even more was the fact that there was another active skill that wasn’t there before.

[Active Skill: (Nitro Casting) When this skill is active, for two minutes, the user can cast attacks at a faster rate.]

‘Is this for real? Cast attacks faster. The armor has always just increased my speed, so the speed of my fists, legs and such. But this skill will actually allow me to cast attacks faster. Does that also include blood aura?’

This was certainly something that Quinn wanted to test out straight away. However, now wasn’t the right time, he needed to find out what happened to Alex. Regardless, the armor was something that he couldn’t have others get their hands on. So, using the shadow, he was ready to place it in his space, that was until he thought of something.

‘Should I…make this a Celestial armor piece?’ Quinn thought. ‘There’s a chance that it can lose its active skills, but after hearing what Bliss said, and having a meeting with Mundus… the equipment I should have needs to be better.’

‘And if Alex is truly gone, then there won’t be a chance for me to make anything after this… or at least find a forger as good as Alex. In fact, I don’t want anything to be made by anyone else but him.’

There were times where risks needed to be taken. Since he had used the marking on weapons before, he thought that it was time for him to do some more testing.

‘There are times where risks need to be made, Alexrisked his life creating this equipment, and here I am getting worried that it will lose its effects. Whatever changes the armor would undergo, it won’t be worse off than it is now.’ With that in mind, Quinn placed his hand on the armor.

‘Give me something that can take down and protect myself from those around me!’ Quinn stated as the armor pieces started to light up. Soon, he could feel the energy going into each of the pieces. He didn’t know how many Celestial points this would take, but since this was an armor for himself, he wouldn’t mind so much,

After all, in a way, the Celestial equipment could be used to fight against other Celestials including others. Sweat soon dripped down Quinn’s face. The only time he felt tired these days was when he used Celestial energy. But eventually, the job was finally done.

Every single piece of equipment had the familiar marking that Quinn had put on all his dedicated followers, along with other things.

[10,000 Celestial points have been used for each piece of equipment.]

[40,000 Celestial points have been used.]

[112,256/365,894 Celestial energy]


‘I see now… well, I’ll say that, without a doubt, this is definitely an improvement. I guess I did the right thing, after all. Helen, Alex, once again I have to thank the both of you for making this legendary armor set.’ Quinn smiled.


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