My Vampire System Chapter 1938: The Missing One

Quinn had made up his mind, and truth be told, learning the truth of why Bliss was trying to meddle with his current plan, it had changed nothing for him. Because in the end, it never explained why Erin was doing what she was doing. Why she had changed so much to the point where she had not only killed those closest to her, but was continuing to hurt others closest to her.

‘People have made the mistake too many times already of trying to save Erin, it’s best if we end this one.;

Quinn didn’t really care about the other details, and now with Fex by his side he was ready to travel again.

“Russ, I will be taking you with me for now. I think, based on Bliss’s words, it would be safer for you to stay with me in the first place.” Quinn stated.

Without giving a chance for Russ to reply, he sunk into the shadow chair he was sitting on, and once again was in the Shadow space. There was one thing that Quinn found interesting about Russ’ power.

Because he didn’t quite understand what it was or how it worked, and yet, Russ never once attempted to use it to break out of the shadow space they were in, at least not to the same degree as he used his powers outside.

At first, Quinn was waiting for Russ to use his powers, then when he could see his MC cells drastically going down, Quinn was going to head in there and teach Russ a lesson, making him calm down and stay in the shadow space, but there was no need.,

A very minimal amount of MC points had been taken when Russ tried to escape. Russ had decided to either stay put, or for some reason, was unable to use his powers while in the shadow space.

Walking away, with Fex and Andy now by his side, Quinn was ready to leave the room and got rid of the other shadow chairs. Immediately, the staff that Bliss was holding onto started to light up, and she had soon sped in front of the three with her staff pointed directly at them.

“Quinn, are you really going to go against the human race? If you get rid of Erin and Immortui wins his battle against the celestials then he could get rid of every single life there is!” As Bliss talked, the crystal on her staff lit up.

“Immortui was the one who created the vampires in the first place as you stated. The truth was I planned to keep my promise I made a long time ago to a certain someone. One way or another I was eventually going to meet Immortui anyway. You seem to be so sure of a fight happening, perhaps it’s because you can see the future, but I know, as well as you do, that what you see isn’t always the outcome, otherwise you would never try to meddle in the first place.”

Taking more steps forward, Bliss lit up her staff and fired it towards Quinn. Seeing this, he could tell that the attack wasn’t too strong, but the celestial energy within it was. That’s why he made a small cut on his hand, and in doing so he had formed the celestial blood from his own body into a gauntlet.

After that, Quinn threw out his fist, wrapped in his aura, and smashed the energy, breaking it into small particles on the spot.

“What do you think attacking me is going to do? Are you trying to kill me, do you really think this is going to help out your cause?” Quinn replied. “Even if you have more celestial energy than me. I realised in the fights I had, that celestial energy isn’t everything. Even just then, I only had to use a small amount, along with my own strength.

“If you try to get in my way, I don’t think this will be favorable for you.”

Gripping around the staff hard, Bliss knew he was right, and she eventually held it upright, and stood to the side, along with Sam, allowing the three of them to pass, along with Minny, who had hopped on Quinn’s back again.

“I will do what I think is best like I always have done.” Quinn commented as he walked past Bliss, and then looked toward Sam as well. “Sam, you are a smart person. I know you will continue to work with her, and that’s why I haven’t killed her.

“I know that my actions might cause a strange outcome, but I also know that you are a smart person. You will always do the best you can to sort out the situation, and if you need me, I will be there to help you, just not this time, not for this favor.”

With the shadow link, and Sam having regained his shadow, Quinn could always head back to him, and he was somewhat hoping that Sam would stay with Bliss, just in case he needed to ask more questions in the future.

The information about Immortui was interesting, and if it ever came to the point where they would need to fight, the information that Bliss had would be needed greatly.

‘Immortui, I assume Laxmus was a dedicated follower of yours, and you have great power as well. He is most likely also the one that promised Zero that he would bring the others back according to Chris.

‘It seems like he has been meddling in human affairs a lot as well, trying to plan something with Erin being the key to defeating him. I can tell Immortui is strong but does that mean Erin is really strong enough to defeat someone like that?’

Thinking of this, perhaps if Quinn was to face Erin, she wouldn’t be as easy of an opponent as he originally thought.

After leaving the underground tomb and now back on the surface of the meteorite, Quinn tried to set up his shadow link again. He could sense Sam which was good, but there was a problem, for some reason, he was unable to sense Alex. Someone who had recently come back.

‘Huh, how is that possible, has something happened to him? But he sent me a message saying that the weapons were completed… he was in Green City right… is everything okay?’

Panicked, Quinn had no choice but to take the ship they had come in back to Earth. As they were doing this, Andy had gotten in contact with his base and they had been informed that Green City was completely fine.

If that was the case though, then what of Alex? Why couldn’t he use the shadow link to head back to him anymore.

After dropping off Andy, Fex and Andy had said quick goodbyes to each other. Fex promised that he would meet his son again after he had completed his revenge. In the past, Andy would have thought these were words of a mad man who was obsessed. Looking at a goal that could never be done, but they were so close, that now it was possible.

Andy couldn’t wait to talk to his father like he had done before, before his mother had died.

After that, they had reached Green City, and had entered Green tower just like they had done before. Heading to the top floor, they could see that Logan was there to greet them, but he didn’t have the best of looks on his face.

“Alex… what happened to Alex?” Quinn asked immediately. “I got his message saying that he had completed making the weapon, but now I can’t use my shadow link to get to him. Were you guys attacked?”

Logan shook his head.

“No we weren’t attacked, and I was the one that sent you that message accidently. Quinn, I’m afraid… I don’t really know what happened to him, but it looks like some bad news. All I can do, is show you this video.”

Pressing a button, the video of inside the forging room was seen, and at the same time, Quinn could witness two things, Alex completing the weapon that he had requested, and after that the battle for his life.


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