My Vampire System Chapter 1937: Immortui

[o],m At first Bliss seemed hesitant to speak, even though she said she was happy to explain herself, she had bitten her own lip several times as she struggled to get the words out, making them all think what exactly was the big deal.[/o]

“It’s hard to find a place to start.” Bliss finally said. “There is so much history in the celestial world, so much time that has passed, that it is impossible for you all to comprehend. So I will have to try and make it so that nearly all of you can understand as much as possible.”

Bliss went on to tell the others about the celestials themselves, and where she started was with the ones that were known as the Ancient Ones. It was unknown to the celestials themselves whether or not the Ancient Ones were some of the first ever celestials.

It was suspected that they were, and many assumed this was the case, but it was unknown either way. However, without a doubt the Ancient Ones were the ones that wielded the most power of the celestials themselves and there was a reason for this.

The Ancient Ones had been given their name because they had managed to control the universal energy to a higher degree compared to any other celestial, not just celestial energy, but the universal energy that decided and made up everything in the first place.

The Ancient Ones were able to use this energy to create things that others couldn’t, making their own rules and creations that just wasn’t possible compared to others. They didn’t need celestial energy because they could always just use the universal energy around them.

In a way, what the Ancient Ones could do was somewhat similar to how Bliss used her magic, only on a far grander scale, and allowing them to do far grander things. An example of this was the celestial space that all of the celestials used, this as well as the system the celestials had, was created by the Ancient Ones. It wasn’t something that celestials would just have.

Regardless, just because they were able to control this energy, it didn’t mean they could do as they wish, nor could they control the universe at will, only parts of it when they wanted to. Which was why celestials, god slayers, and more were beyond their control when it came to things like this.

Still, they were able to do a number of things, which would make them unmatched by nearly any celestial, especially if the three of them were together.

Hearing all of this, something had clicked in Quinn’s head.

‘That messenger from before, didn’t he say he was here on behalf of the Ancient Ones? I guess now it makes sense for them to even be able to make a deal like that, and if they are as dominant as Bliss thinks they are, then it also means they really do have the power to stop the celestials from coming to Earth.’

Thinking about how large and vast the celestial space was, Quinn could only imagine their power and realised how it kind of made sense now. Although he had increased his celestial level, there were still restrictions in the celestial space that didn’t quite make sense to him.

If this was something that was controlled by the Ancient Ones, rather than the universal ways and power, maybe he would never get access to use the celestial system and space in the ways the others could.

“Now, the reason why I have told you about the Ancient One’s is because their relationship with Immortui is quite an important one.” Bliss continued to explain.

“As you may already know, me and Richard Eno in the past had worked together, and Richard had managed to open a portal to another world, or more correctly another plane. Almost like another universe that fits or overlaps with ours, and there are many like this.”

“Just like on this plane, there are the respective celestials controlling each of the areas. Some celestials are able to move between each plane or there are even certain people with powers that can move between each plane. But an important note is that the Ancient Ones are also able to move who they wish between certain planes.

“One of the celestials that live in another plane is Immortui. In the past when Richard had opened up the portal in order to obtain more power, Immortui had planted seeds of power all around earth. That was how the vampires were created.

“However, Immortui is a far more powerful being, so much so that the Ancient Ones themselves were afraid of his powers. Immortui isn’t just able to create vampires, but he is literally able to turn living creatures into demons.

“Multiple different creatures beyond one’s imagination, and a vampire is just one of them. In some way, Immortui’s power is seen even in the vampires as they too can create different types of creatures but nowhere near on the scale of Immortui himself.

“The creatures that Immortui has created have been so strong that they even have had the power and ability to go up against other celestials themselves, and he himself knew this. Which is why, in the past at one point and time, he had decided to go up against the celestials and the Ancient Ones.”

“Why though?” Andy suddenly asked, getting a grasp of a few things and interested in the story. “Sorry, but from what you explained to all of us, celestials or gods, have conditions that need to be completed, and that’s the only thing that gains them a sense of feeling, which is why all of them try hard to complete it.

“So then, why the need to try and rule the celestials, what would that do? I can’t believe it, it is beyond the point where one just would want to rule. It seems a bit silly for those that are in such a high position.”

Bliss started to nod.

“You are correct, it was nothing like wanting to rule the celestial space or anything like that, but it was precisely because Immortui wanted to complete his condition. Because his condition is death, the loss of lives.

“Immortui’s condition is to get rid of as many lives as possible. Whether that be beasts, humans, and all sorts of creatures. It’s a powerful condition as there are those that are dying everyday, and it is also why his power is beyond nearly all of the celestials and maybe even equal to the Ancient Ones.

“The problem was Immortui was obsessed with his condition, but you see, life is something that many of the other celestials need to complete their conditions. With Immortui feeling restricted and wishing to do as he wished, a fight broke out.

“It took the strength of the three Ancient Ones combined, and even then they were unable to defeat Immortui, but they did seal him away in the other plane with no way for him to get out.”

Andy wiped his head, hearing these words, because Immortui the creator of the vampires and other things sounded too menacing for any of them to deal with.

“The only problem is, he now has a way of returning, due to the red heart.” Quinn said, remembering Logan’s words.

“Precisely, my fear is two fold. If Immortui returns, he will plan to use the humans to create greater demons to wage a fight against the Ancient Ones again. The truth is, I doubt the Ancient Ones even know Immortui is planning this.

“They have left him in charge of the humans, because it is one of the most concentrated amounts of lives in the universe that there is. So they were hoping that his condition and hunger would be somewhat satisfied. At the same time, there is me as well, in order to create that perfect balance as much as possible.

“In fact, the Ancient Ones so much don’t want to cause a conflict with Immortui, they have left earth alone for the longest of times. Which is even now why they are so reluctant to get heavily involved.

“The problem I have is, if a war were to start I know the celestials wouldn’t hesitate to get rid of all of the humans. They are preemptive. They know that if there might be a way for Immortui to escape he would have to use the people, and lives are needed in the first place to fully use the extent of his powers.

“Which is why I have been gathering the god slayers, to save the human race, and if worse comes to worse, we might even have to pick a side. Whether to join Immortui, or the celestials. Either way, at one point or another we would have to deal with them both.

“Quinn, although I am confident in your strength, time is running out. For Erin, the dhampir, her strength grows considerably depending on who she is facing, and on top of that. Her powers won’t only work on vampires, but all demons that Immortui is able to summon, including himself.

“In a way, Erin is the shortcut to our answer if we ever need to face Immortui. So do you understand why we need to save Erin? Even if she is taking a few lives here and there.”

Bliss was waiting for an answer, she tried to explain things as best as she could, hoping that she was convincing enough.

Quinn turned and looked towards Fex, wondering what he thought in all of this. His hands were clenched.

“I’m sorry Quinn. I just can’t look at the grand scheme of things… I still wish Erin was dead.”

That’s when Quinn let out a sigh.

“Don’t worry… I agree. As I said before, what is important to me, isn’t what happens to the human race and such. They have lived a 1000 years without me, and maybe will live another 3000 before this is to happen, but it’s what happens to those I care about now.

“I will stop Pure from summoning Immortui, and I will also try my best to convince the celestials to stay away from earth. However, as for Erin… I have to stop her… before she kills anyone else I care about.”

Quinn stood up from his seat, and the shadow started to disappear from the others.

“Come on Fex, it’s time to pick up my weapon, and go see her.”


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