My Vampire System Chapter 1936: Shadow Seat

Quinn had pressed his hand on Fex’s forehead, and the energy transfer continued. Celestial energy was floating around the area and was entering Fex rapidly. The influx of energy was so overwhelming for Fex that he was forced onto his knees due to the pressure.

Andy dived forward toward the two as he saw this but quickly stopped, reminding himself that this was Quinn in the end, not some stranger, and based on the things and words the latter had said so far, he would never attempt to do something to his father.

‘At least…I hope he knows what he is doing.’ Andy stood nervously by the side.

The energy transfer continued, and even Quinn was quite surprised by how much celestial energy had left his body.

‘Why is this? Is it because his body was void of vampire energy already? Is that why his body can take this much Celestial energy? Since he is in a weakened state, I thought he would only be able to take so much, but right now, I can tell that his body is absorbing it all like a sponge.’

Picking up the pace and seeing how well it worked, Quinn increased the rate at which he transferred the celestial energy. Due to this, an energy wave was cast from the two of them, and a pulsing sensation was sent out, hitting the others.

“Just how much celestial energy are you planning to give him?” Even Bliss was surprised by the amount of celestial energy and couldn’t help but ask.

Quinn glanced towards Bliss’s direction. Originally he just wanted to give Fex enough, so he could live to see his revenge played out, to be part of the decision and play a role in what would happen to Erin, but now that the situation was like this.

“I want to give him enough…enough for him to go on the offensive if needed,” Quinn replied.

This answer worried Bliss in more ways than one, in particular, because if Quinn was talking about Fex fighting, it would only be against one person.

Eventually, the energy waves stopped in the room, and Quinn lifted his hand off Fex’s head as he heard the familiar system prompt.


[A dedicated follower has been added]

[10,000 Celestial points have been transferred]

‘I know he could have taken more, but let’s just see how this will do for now.’

Other than to Peter, and those on the Amra planet, this was the most celestial energy he had given.

[152,256/365,894 Cleistal energy]

‘I still have plenty of celestial points for myself to use and also for the weapon that Alex has created. But, in the end, with the way I fight, my own skills matter more when going up against the celestials. And that’s if I still will be going up against them.’

Slowly, Fex started to lift his head, and as he did, his eyelids trembled, and the colour of his skin turned lively. As he opened his eyes, there was a solid red pupil like a vampire, and a white outline vibrating greatly could also be seen. He was also using Celestial energy,

Unlike before, Fex no longer felt that his body was weak. He still looked somewhat of the same old man he was, but he felt powerful and could easily move around as well. Now his appearance was somewhat similar to Bryce, the old vampire, but also one with plenty of fight left in him.

“Quinn…you did this? Were you the one that did this? I feel strong again. I feel like I could live for another 1000 years!” Fex was shocked, to say the least.

“Calm down, brother.” Quinn smiled. “Sure, you can fight, and I am interested in what you can do, but don’t use all that energy up in one go. Otherwise, there is a good chance that you would end up in the same situation that you were in before.”

Although this was the case, Quinn also thought he could give Fex more celestial energy later, just like he had done with Peter whenever the latter needed it.

“Now that you are awake, there is something important that we need to discuss,” Quinn added.

Knowing how serious the matter was, Quinn placed his hand on the ground, which was covered in shadows. It stretched out to where each person in the room was. The shadow started to rise from the ground, swirling and becoming somewhat of a hard substance until they formed a chair for all of them in a round conference-like set-up.

The shadows around the chair were constantly moving, and it seemed like the others were reluctant to sit on them, but Fex had strong trust in Quinn and immediately sat down.

“Wow, I guess you have learnt quite a few tricks while I have been asleep. I look forward to seeing more of what you can do, brother.” Fex smiled and looked up and down at the chair next to him because the shadow chair next to him belonged to Quinn, of all people.

It was far larger compared to the rest, as the back armchairs rose higher than the others looking more like a Thorne. At the same time, Minny was sitting on his lap with a big smile on her face. She was just happy to be there with everyone, even though she wasn’t really paying attention to what the others were saying.

“Please, everyone, sit in the seats. I won’t do any harm as long as the answers are satisfactory.” Quinn said.

Bliss was nervous about sitting down. When she looked at the shadow, she knew what it was.

‘This…is the god slayer ability that originally belonged to Krad. I can tell that Quinn has been using it more and developing it. I wonder how far it has progressed. He didn’t really use it too much with his fight against the celestial when protecting Russ.’

In the end, Bliss felt like she had no choice but to sit down, and the others followed. When they sat down, the shadow seats felt a bit light, it wasn’t hard on the bottom, and it didn’t hurt as they expected.

Suddenly, Quinn raised his hand, and another chair appeared in the room, but not only was it a chair, but another person also appeared. With long straight blonde hair down his waist, there was Russ.

“I think since he is somehow involved in this, he also deserves to know about what is going on,” Quinn asked.

Russ twisted and turned. But before he could lift his hands, the shadows from the arms of the chairs wrapped around his arms, keeping him there in place.

“You!…and You!” Russ said, looking at both Quinn and turning his head to Bliss.

“Just be happy that you’re alive, and we will all get the answers we have been waiting for. So please, explain and give a satisfactory answer of why we should even think about saving Erin.” Quinn said.

Bliss gave out a big sigh.

“Look… it’s a really complicated situation, but right now, for humans to survive what is possibly coming, Earth will need as many strong figures as possible. I have been trying my best to keep all of the god slayers alive, and in this case, each individual is as important as the next.

“You should know that the Celestials have already begun to attack the god slayers, and there is a good chance that they will get involved in humans, vampires and all the lives here.”

Although this was true, Quinn wondered if the Celestials would keep their word if he was to eliminate Erin.

“I don’t understand much,” Fex said. “But, your point is that Erin is one of these god slayers, and we need them to fight against another group of people, but in my eyes, Erin is someone who is hurting and killing these strong figures in the first place.

“If anything, she is deserving of death for multiple reasons and those that I definitely can’t forgive. So if only she were to die, then what is the big deal?”

“I agree as well,” Quinn said. “Fex’s anger has a legitimate reason, and Erin has hurt others, as well as killed Leo. I’m afraid this is something even I can’t forgive.

Hearing these words, Bliss let out a deep sigh.

“To understand why we need Erin, we need to learn about Immortui and his position in the celestial world. What vampires really are, and who Immortui is.”


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