My Vampire System Chapter 1935: Blood Brother Connected

The system had been somewhat lax with Quinn in recent times, and there was good reason for it to be. There wasn’t much other than the celestial points and the celestial ranks for him to track now. However, there was one thing that didn’t quite change and that was the random quests that he would get from time to time.

Quests that seemed larger compared to what they were before almost as if it knew these were going to be major events, or major turning points. However, this type of quest was something that he had never seen before.

He had penalties for failing quests and sometimes optional quests, but this, it seemed more like a choice. One that Quinn had to make.

‘I guess it’s just putting my options out clearly to me.’ Quinn thought. ‘I’m not sure if Bliss knows about my meeting with Mundus, but I would assume it’s unlikely. Which means, she probably doesn’t know about the deal that was proposed either.

‘As long as I get rid of Erin… then that means, all of the celestials will leave this place alone. Which is exactly what I want.’

The current pause in Quinn talking and giving an answer was concerning for Bliss to say the least. Although she knew that Erin had complicated stuff and had done some things here and there, so there was an expected hesitation, but she thought that he would be jumping for joy to protect her, after all, the two were friends, one of the original group that Quinn had traveled with.

Right now in Quinn’s head there were many different things running through it, because his hatred for Erin had slowly been growing. When he had learned about what happened to Fex, and his wife. What she could have possibly done to Owen, and also what she had done to Leo. These things were just the tip of the iceberg.

Especially after talking to Layla, at what the most likely outcome would be, Quinn had somewhat found a peace within himself at what could possibly happen, and when the celestial had suggested his deal, he had been thinking about it more and more. Which was why he had been stumped by the sudden question.

“Why… Why do you need Erin alive? Why is she so important for the human race that you need to protect her?” Quinn asked. “And just to let you know, I also have the other person with me that you last asked me to protect and I’m still not so sure what to do with him either.”

Both Sam and Bliss looked at each other for a second, to which Sam had given a little nod.

“It is a hard one to explain the whole truth, but to put it simply, Erin… she is the one with the most potential to grow stronger. A figure that will grow stronger than you. She is the one that is needed to potentially end a great catastrophe that could end the whole universe as we know it.”

Andy couldn’t believe his ears at the moment, but made sure to stay close to Quinn, as he was taking everything in. Just what was going to be heard in the tomb of his father, that the outside world had no idea about.

“You can tell us, we have a lot of time, and if I don’t like your answer then I’m afraid I’m just going to have to stick to my original plan, even if Sam is standing by your side.” Quinn answered. “Sam… you have done a lot for me, and you are one of the people who I would risk my life for, but you have to understand that there are many others as well.”

Sam nodded.

“I understand, and I think it’s best if I do the explaining, that way Bliss won’t avoid the details that she wishes you not to hear, because I know you best Quinn and I believe you will always make the right decision.”

Sam walked towards Quinn, he didn’t want to seem too distant, with everything that was going on, but as he got closer, Quinn raised his hand.

“Wait… I think it’s very important that whatever we discuss, and what to do with Erin, needs to be heard by another, another one in this room. I need to hear what he wants in all of this.”

Andy knew straight away who Quinn was talking about, because it was his father, the one person in the world that was still alive who possibly had the strongest grudge against Erin.

“Thats fine.” Bliss answered. “I didn’t come here to stop you from waking up your friend. I just wanted to speak to you in a safe place away from the eyes of those above.” The celestials are too busy watching planets and things surrounding the close areas near it. They can’t see everything that is going on.”

Quinn dashed forward straight to the tomb on the other side, and with him, he had brought Andy as well carrying him in both arms. It was a bit embarrassing for Andy, who was quickly let down onto the ground.

It was incredibly fast as well. Making Bliss uneasy because she knew that this person really did have the power to eliminate her at any point and time. She wasn’t safe in this area.<sub></sub>

“I wasn’t asking, but just telling you what I planned to do.” Quinn elongated one of his finger nails, and sliced the palm of Andy’s hand without telling him. Doing this, the blood dripped down, dropping off from his fingertips, landing on the top of the chamber.

The blood swirled around, eventually entering the chamber from the ground, and started the mechanism as it moved and made sounds lifting itself from the floor.

“Question.” Quinn said, looking at Bliss, while the chamber was still opening. “If I was to make an old and weak vampire into a dedicated follower, passing on celestial energy, would it elongate their life?”

Bliss now understood what Quinn wanted to do.

“It won’t be able to return the person to the way they were before, or return the energy they had, but the celestial energy would remain stable in their body. As long as you stay alive, and he doesn’t use up all of the celestial energy that you have given him in one go, then he will remain alive.”

“That’s perfect.” Quinn smiled.

The door could be seen swirling open, and moving himself Quinn stood in front of it. When it opened up fully, Fex’s eyes opened, faintly glowing red, looking frail and old like he was before. An old dried up man.

“Quinn… I… am happy to see you.” Fex slowly stepped out of the pod, to which he took Quinn’s arm to hold onto so he wouldn’t fall over.

It was a sad sight for Quinn to see, but he bore the pain in his heart, as he held onto his friend tightly, and he could see that Sam was greatly pained by this fact as well. Sam looked at his own hands, although old they were nowhere near the level of Fex.

‘I guess, I was incredibly lucky without realizing it… Fex I wish I could have helped you more, and all of the Cursed faction. I am truly, truly sorry for everything I have done.’ Saying this in his head, Sam bowed down toward Fex, but that wasn’t good enough in his heart. Suddenly he fell to his knees, and kneeled his head down.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I was unable to do more for you.” Sam said, with lumps in his throat, making it hard for him to speak.

“Why is everyone in the Cursed faction the same?” Fex smiled. “You are all a bunch of idiots, but I guess that includes me as well. We all tried our best, and that is all we can do.”

Turning his head to Quinn, the smile took as serious turn.

“I see my son is alive, and there is a face I don’t quite recognize, but the fact that you have woken me up. I assume you have some good news for me, regarding Erin.”

Quinn was waiting for this question, and the fact that he had brought up Erin so soon, meant he still had the same feelings as the last time they had spoken.

“I have news, but I still don’t know the whole truth myself. I woke you up, so we could work together on this, just like the past. My blood brother, I will allow you to witness the end, no matter what.”

Without saying anything else, Quinn placed his hand on Fex’s head, and it was time for him to give his celestial energy over, then they would find out why Erin was so important in all of this, from Bliss herself.


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