My Vampire System Chapter 1934: Two Path Quest!

When looking at the person in front of him, the appearance didn’t ring any bells in Quinn’s head as who this could be. However, time had passed and just like with others, the appearances of many had changed. Even Shiro was hard and impossible to recognise compared to before.

Still, there was one thing that Quinn could recognise, and it was the person’s voice. Although changed and bit rougher around the edges, it was a voice that Quinn had spoken to a lot in the past, one of the people closest to him that had helped the celestial vampire out in dire situations, someone that Quinn would never forget.

“Is that you, Sam?” Quinn eventually said, his hands shaking and his power dwindling down, but it was still active.

That name had also caused Andy to raise an eyebrow.

‘Sam… a ‘Sam’ that Quinn knows. Could it really be the leader of the Cursed faction, the one that took the reins after Quinn had left?’

Not many knew about the Cursed faction since they had seemingly been erased from history, but with connections with his father and more, Andy of course knew more than most, and Sam was a figure who had suddenly gone missing when the Cursed faction was being targeted.

An odd smile appeared on Sam’s face, as he walked closer from his position, and towards Bliss. The wrinkles where his mouth ended could be seen, and his movement seemed to be somewhat slow. However, when moving in front of Bliss, he gave a single push of his leg, moving him to her side.

Seeing this, some of the anger returned in Quinn’s face, as he bared his fangs once more.

p[anda] “I’m happy to see you again Sam, but… honestly, the fact that you’re next to her, I’m going to have to have you explain yourself as soon as possible.”[/anda]

Lifting up his hands, Sam wanted to show that they meant no harm, and even more so, he grabbed Bliss’s staff, and threw it away from her, on the ground.

“These God’s don’t really know how to act when asking for a favor.” Sam explained. “But trust me, without that staff she is around 50 percent as impressive as she can be right now, and it’s not like the two of us can beat you in the first place.”

Putting his hands down, the friendly smile on Sam’s face had disappeared as he went on to explain.

“The truth is Quinn… I had been in contact with Bliss, a little, even before your slumber, before your final fight with Graham.” Sam explained.

After Richard Eno… was killed, Bliss stated that she needed someone, someone to work with and more than anything she wanted… or rather needed… the help of a Talen. The only problem was she knew that you wouldn’t work with, or could trust, her.”

“And you can?” Quinn replied. “I’m sure you know what she is, she is a celestial, and they grow to only care about one thing. It’s the only thing they care about. We can always figure things out ourselves, there is no need to get help from the outside.”

Sam’s head tilted down as he looked at the floor.

“Is that really the case Quinn? I know it isn’t your fault, but you weren’t there after you left. I tried my best to keep the Cursed faction together, to help achieve a peace between vampires and humans… but it just felt impossible.

“The Cursed faction had even become enemies in the eyes of the humans that we had worked so hard to save, and that we had become part of. I had no choice but to believe in Bliss and help her, and she had proven herself many times in the past that in her own way she really was out there to help us.”

Even with Sam’s words Quinn didn’t like it. The celestials were coming to them now, threatening them even, and seeing how they treated lives in the celestial space, Quinn never wanted to work with them or become like them.

“You might not trust me, but you can trust my condition.” Bliss spoke. “My condition is to save as many lives as possible. So you should very well know that I will try my hardest, at any step of the way, to do that.”

Lifting her hand there and then, Bliss had summoned something causing it to appear in her hand. It was a large clear crystal, larger than Bliss’ own hand, and in it there was a strange shadow that was swirling and moving around.

Throwing it in the air, it moved towards where Quinn was. Sensing that there was no harm or ill intention behind the crystal, he grabbed it to look at what it was, and it looked awfully familiar.

“Place the crystal on your daughter’s body, and break it, if you do that she will get her shadow powers back.” Bliss explained.

At first Quinn thought it was a trick, but there were a couple of things… the shadow power was his domain, and it was unlikely Bliss could control it freely, and the power had already been taken away from Minny so what more could it do.

“I can see you’re hesitating.” Sam stated, holding a similar crystal in his hand, which had the shadow as well. Sam clenched his fist, and the shadow started to escape. As it did, it wrapped around him, eventually entering through the holes in his face. Through his ears, the gaps in his eyeballs, mouth and nostrils.

After a few seconds the shadow had escaped, and that’s when Sam started to use the shadow again covering his hand.

Seeing this, Quinn went to use the shadow link skill, and that’s when he could finally connect with Sam again.

“My powers were stored away, because we didn’t want you to come and see me Quinn. The way, to get things back to normal, to solve our problems, this process was what needed to be done. As I said before Bliss has been right on multiple occasions.

“She knew that the tombs of the vampire settlement would be taken and there was no way for us to stop it. It was why she had moved the two of you, you and Peter, to a different location. The apartment building was all paid for by myself, or at least whatever was left of the Cursed factions holdings.”

For a long time Quinn had guessed that it was all Bliss’s doings, and he was correct. He just wasn’t aware of the fact that it was her along with another behind the scenes.

“How… how have you stayed alive for so long?” This question was directed at Sam. “And why did you send me to this planet, away from everyone.”

“Bliss is a master when it comes to magical things. Magic in itself is something that is special to the world, because it allows one to use universal energy in different ways, as long as you understand how to manipulate it.

“Bliss is able to use magic circles and their rules to make the energy do various things. The easiest way is to think of it like a computer language program. How people can use that to create different applications and software, the same can be done with magic using universal energy. It just takes time to do such things and sometimes there are certain tools that are needed.

“She had created a space for me to stay in, for the time being. I haven’t ventured much out of that space, which is why I have aged slowly. However, it also means I haven’t seen, and only heard about, much of what has been happening, until you came back of course.”

“As for why I sent you away… I explained that already.” Bliss answered. “You were gathering too much attention, and even now that you have gotten their attention, it’s to the point where now there is nothing we can do, and now we have to work together… come together to stop this.

“Which is why, I wanted to give you a quest… Protect Erin Heley.” Bliss asked.

[A new quest has been received]

[This quest has two paths, and depending on the path taken the reward will differ]

[Quest option 1: Kill Erin Heyley]

[Quest option 2: Protect Erin Heyley]


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