My Vampire System Chapter 1933: The White Trap

Originally, Andy was going to retrieve his father and bring the chamber back to Mars so that Quinn can wake him up. This way, Quinn wouldn’t have to do much while he was away. However, a number of things had transpired, not allowing him to do that. This was also the reason they were travelling.

But at the moment, Andy was at a loss for words about what had just happened.

“Quinn… Is everything okay?” He asked.

“Yeah, everything is fine. I have just been thinking a lot. Don’t worry.”


Eventually, the two of them arrived at the new location. It was on a large floating asteroid, which—like other spatial bodies of the solar system—was revolving around the sun. This was also how they were able to predict more or less where it would roughly be depending on what time of year it was.

Just like before, the asteroid was barren and void of life. On top of this, rather than a monument built on the outside—which would give away that something was even on the asteroid in the first place—the tomb, for lack of better words, was located underground.

And to get to the underground location, there was a hidden entrance on the surface. Upon reaching the exact location, Andy pushed a relatively large boulder. It looked heavy, and when Quinn attempted pushing it, he realised that the boulder wasn’t just actually a rock. It was just decorated to look like one.

It was made out of such solid heavy metal that even a regular vampire would struggle to move it on its own. However, Andy wasn’t any regular vampire; but one who focused on strength in the first place.

Underneath the large boulder was a staircase leading into darkness with seemingly no end.

“I designed this place just for vampires. Not that all vampires are loyal or anything, but you have to make it harder for anyone who is going to come inside,” Andy explained.

“This place is kinda cool,” Minny replied, as she was content with sitting on top of Quinn’s shoulders.

The walk downstairs wasn’t long, and eventually, they reached the level floo.,Upon walking across it, they reached a large empty room with several pillars on either side. Then, an empty red stone pathway led directly up to the special chamber in the ground.

“I know you won’t fully explain to me what is going on,” Andy said as he walked up to the chamber, reaching about a quarter of the way, “But I can tell that something was going on back then. All of the other vampires’ chambers disappeared as well, so it was important to keep this place a secret. I’m sure I won’t have to tell you to also keep this place a secret, especially when you bring my father back.”

Quinn nodded and showed how serious he was about this matter through his silence. That was when Andy took another step forward and reached the halfway point. The rock tiles below his feet started to shine brightly.

There were swirls and patterns that Andy had never seen before, appearing right there and then. Although it was an unfamiliar scene for Andy, the same couldn’t be said for Quinn.

[o],m “Get out of there!” Quinn suddenly shouted and was ready to run right across towards him. But just as Quinn took a step, the light grew bigger, and a large force of energy slammed into Andy— pushing him back and causing him to crash right into Quinn.[/o]

Before the crash, Quinn had turned, so his back had hit Andy while holding Minny with both hands. He could feel it straight away that she was shivering.

“Don’t worry, Minny, I’m here. I won’t let go of you. I won’t let her hurt you again. I will make sure to make her pay.”

Quinn didn’t fall as he planted his feet on the ground, making Andy feel like he hit a solid wall, falling on his backside and rubbing the back of his head.

“What was that?” Andy asked.

When they raised their heads, they found a woman standing in between the chamber of Fex and the two of them. It wasn’t just any woman though; it was one who wore quite heavy clothing, a large dress of shorts, and held a staff in her hands, which had a crystal embedded on the very top.

Suddenly, Andy felt an immense amount of power behind him. The blood in his body was tingling, and it was hard for him to get off the ground. Even turning his head slightly was difficult as sweat trickled down his face already.

That was when he noticed the look on Quinn’s face. His fangs could easily be seen as he had his mouth opened wide and his eyes glowing red. All of the energy in the room was coming from him.

“BLISS!” Quinn roared, “What the F*CK do you want?”

“Quinn,” Bliss stared right back at him, “Now is not the time to be hostile. I am here to show you my gratitude for saving Russ’s life, but I also have a warning for you. “

“F*ck your warnings!” Quinn shouted as he started to gather a red aura in his hands. “I still have to make you pay for hurting my daughter!”

A large beam of red energy erupted straight out of Quinn’s hands. It went straight towards Bliss, who stomped her staff on the floor. What looked like an invisible wall had spread around her as the large beam of aura had hit it. But this didn’t stop Quinn.

Using his blood control, he twisted the blood aura and spread it out before making it a spin. It now looked similar to a tornado. Soon after, the blood aura was pulled back, and then, swinging his hand, the blood aura began to hit the invisible shield again and again until eventually breaking it.

Soon after that, the tornado of blood coming from Quinn’s hand went straight towards Bliss. To defend herself, she started to spin her staff as quickly as she could. The blood aura crashed into her staff, and for a second, the blood aura was stopped.

Quinn rushed forward and pushed the air with the blood aura extending out of his own arm. It had forced the blood aura to compact it forward, and the staff couldn’t handle the energy anymore. Bliss fell on her back and was hit.

Bliss was ready for another attack to come upon her, but instead, she could see the tornado of blood hovering in place. When taking a closer look at it, inside the tornado itself showed a monster, ready to snap at her at any second.

‘His power… it has increased so much since the last time. He has improved faster than I thought he could,’ Bliss thought. But right now was not the time to be impressed. If she were killed here, then everything she had done would have been for nothing.

“The only reason I haven’t killed you yet is that you still have many questions to answer,” Quinn stated. “But trust me, I have many reasons for why I should hurt you badly right now, only leaving you alive so that you can still answer my questions. You risked my friend’s life, you hurt Minny, and you have been using me without explaining a single thing!”

Bliss gulped; it was different from her usual calm demeanour. Although she was strong, the way she used her powers had all to do with preparation; she needed time to conjure her spells and set things up. This was how she always won her battles against strong opponents.

However, she knew others were watching her when she was outside, and the place they were in right now was somewhat the perfect place to talk to Quinn. Because of how much attention was on her, she could only prepare so much beforehand.

“I know whatever I say, you might not listen to me. But everything I did was important, including moving your sleeping area!” Bliss shouted back, “I know you might not listen to me, but I think you will listen to him.”

Just then, footsteps were heard from behind one of the pillars at the back of the chamber. And when Quinn and the others turned their heads, they saw a man with grey hair stepping out. He looked to be in his mid-fifties, yet had a strong body. He walked forward with both of his hands raised up.

“Quinn, she is right… Please listen to her. And if not her, then at least listen to me, your old friend.”


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