My Vampire System Chapter 1932: The Decision To Stay

Although Sil’s MC points were slowly building back up through the endless fighting, it was only possible due to Borden being with him. With his body getting damaged and hurt, he was unleashing power that Sil had only seen that the top of the Dalki could perform.

However, he also knew that the stronger Borden was getting, the closer he was to his death, like a flame using up all the power in its fuel.

‘I’ve been trying to just use the Demon tier weapons, but some of these gods have strange powers that are unpredictable. It looks like we are going to have to come up with a new plan. Maybe, if I just gain enough MC cells, I can transport me and Borden out of the area,’ Sil thought. ‘But then… where will all of these celestials go, they already know about the Blade ship. Will they target that instead?’

This was the question that was constantly on Sil’s mind, and now he wished he had never looked into the future, just like Logan suggested, it was causing more problems for him than solving them.

“ARGHH!” Sil shouted as he erupted with energy, swirling around him. It didn’t look like any type of ability, as it glowed a faint yellow around an inch off from his body. This was… visible Qi. A power that Sil hadn’t been able to use to its full potential for so long.

‘There is another person… who could fight, with not just his abilities, or weapons, but with his own body as well. That’s what made him so strong, but I didn’t want to… I didn’t want to become the same monster as him.’

A celestial which stretched out its long brown arms, went towards Sil, and at that moment, Sil had dropped the sword out of his hand, and instead he gripped right onto the wrist of the celestial. The energy moved to his hand, getting slightly larger like a flame, and the next moment, with a flick of his wrist, Sil had broken the celestial’s arm.

“I won’t let you, I won’t let any of you get back on that Blade ship!” Sil shouted and the energy around him was reacting as well. Once again, Sil had managed to improve himself beyond where he had been. The first to have a soul weapon among the Blade family, and now he was also covering one of his other large weaknesses, another power to use even when he didn’t have MC cell’s.

Sil had gained a new strength and was getting closer to the one he hated.

‘I… should think like Quinn. Although our powers are similar and his blood runs through my veins, I can’t help that, but the two of us are different. With my strength I will help the Blade family and allow it to continue to grow. Unlike him, who only cared for himself!’

Another fist came towards him full of spikes, and twisting his body, Sil managed to avoid it, while thrusting out the two open palms of his hands. A large Qi strike had hit the celestial, blasting him away in an instant.

In the past, Sil had never been the best when it came to hand to hand combat, but over the course of a 1000 years, even without using his fighting abilities much, he had learned a few things about fighting, in the few circumstances where he needed to use his fists.

He wasn’t on the same level as Quinn, but then again he didn’t need to be.

Sensing that an object was flying towards him, Sil quickly turned and the visible Qi had moved around his boldly flowing like water and then when reaching his fist, it had erupted into a flame-like power.

Just when he was about to throw out his fist, he noticed that it was Borden flying through the air, his fist had turned into an open palm and caught him. The ground was being crushed underneath their feet as the sheer power could be felt.

Now holding onto Borden, Sil could feel his warm blood on his hands, seeping through the wounds on his back even now.

“Borden, you… you’re so hurt.” Sil stated.

“Yeah, although individually a lot of these guys aren’t so strong, together they can pack quite a punch, but don’t worry, it’s not over yet.” Borden said, lifting himself up with a smile on his face.

Sil didn’t know how far Borden could push himself, but he imagined that he had to be on the edge.

‘Should I just teleport us away… I can’t protect Borden in this state, and I’ll be honest, without him… just using my weapons, and even with my recent power of Qi, it might not be enough.’

There was a tough decision on Sil’s hands, now an actual life other than his own was in his hands, and the truth was, he could save him, so if Borden did die, that guilt would be on his hands.

While thinking this, there were around twenty different celestials that charged in towards the two of them, and a decision had to be made fast, until they all suddenly stopped in their tracks.

“What is this!” One of them complained and stomped the ground so hard that several cracks appeared all over the place.

“So many of us have already gone into the cycle!” Another shouted.<sub></sub>

Sil didn’t act or use this chance to attack them, whatever had occurred, it seemed like the celestials themselves weren’t happy about it, and just like the way they came, they were leaving the same way.

Large beams of energy covered their bodies, and they went up towards the sky. Not just one, but all of them, until the only ones that were left on the moon were Sil and Borden.

Immediately, Borden started to revert back into his human-like self, giving him much needed rest.

“Why… why did they all suddenly leave, they could have killed us both right?” Borden asked. “This makes no sense.”

Hearing these words, Sil thought about it, but it actually wasn’t true. Sil had enough MC points to teleport himself away, he always had enough MC points to do that, and if so, he could even hide and recover, coming back to fight them at full strength again.

In a sense, the celestials never had himself cornered, but those that he cared about, the Blade family and Borden, he was concerned this way.

“Honestly, I have no clue what is going on.” Sil replied. “Why were we attacked in the first place, and why did they suddenly leave like that, but I do know one thing.”

After this event, and seeing the future, Sil had made up one thing in his mind.

“I can’t leave you guys be anymore.” Sil stated. “If I was to leave and something happened to the Blade family, I couldn’t live with myself. Borden, we are going back to the Blade base, and I plan on staying there.”


Inside the Blade base, Vorden had already given orders for the Blade family to move out, and prepare to head towards the Mars planet. Without a doubt, he was going to try and do everything to save Sil.

Just as they were getting ready to set off though, after everyone had made preparations, right in front of him in the main hall, Sil along with Borden had appeared right before his eyes.

“You two… are” Vorden shook his head, because he was unsure if what he was about to say really was the case. What if the enemy was coming here right now?

“We are fine for now.” Sil smiled. “And I have decided I will be staying here.”

Sil wasn’t too sure if the crisis was over, or the future he foresaw now had changed because of him, either way he was going to be here to stop whatever was going to come his way.

Outside, off in the distance, a gigantic ship with the words Marpo Cruise was heading into the Earth’s solar system.

“How long do we have till we reach the Blade family base?” The man asked.

“I think it will take about a week.” Pike answered.

“Good, in a week’s time, the entire world will have changed.”



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