My Vampire System Chapter 1931: Celestial Mission (part 2)

Hearing these words from Mundus’s mouth, Quinn was starting to get an idea of what the celestials possibly wanted. Just like with the vampires, who got rid of the dangerous sub-classes, or the Werewolves of the old and Blood Fairies, these gods were doing the same.

They wished to rid the world of the god slayers and make it so no one could trouble them in the future.

‘It’s quite funny. The celestials always talked about how they were selected by the universe to have been given this role, and how everything is a balance, but if that was really the case, then they should just accept the god slayers existing as they were as well.

‘The fact that strong god slayers were appearing must have meant that the universe wanted to get rid of some arrogant celestials.’ Quinn thought,

When thinking about the request, Quinn was thinking that it was two fold, as to why they were asking him to do this. For one, it was Sil himself, Sil was incredibly strong, and with his powers, he would be able to stop most.

Then there was Quinn’s trust in all of this, by now he was sure that they had figured out that it was him and Sil that had defeated Athos together. If the celestial vampire was to do this, then it would prove to them where his loyalty lied.

“The fact that you asked that question, means you have no clue about me, why I fight, why I have even been fighting in the first place,” Quinn replied, instantly. Having next to no hesitation. “Of course, I care about humans and vampires, but maybe not to the degree you think.

“The truth is, I have and always will only care about a few select people that happen to be either vampires or humans. Most of the people that I did interact with have already died, and as time goes on maybe even more.

“Which is why, for those that are still alive, it is important that I protect them, and one of those that you asked me to kill, to take out, well it’s one of the few people that I want to keep alive.”

Mundus closed four of his eyes, leaving the bottom pair of them open as he shook his head.

“You didn’t even think about the request, this will cause huge problems for you, and it is possible that the celestials will send a full force of their power after you.”

Quinn had caught onto certain words that had been used by Mundus. Why didn’t they just send out a whole army of celestials to earth in the first place to get rid of the problem? Even when attacking Russ, if they had sent two celestials, then he would have been dealt with before Quinn had even arrived.

Using the words could, was a careful choice of words.

‘What could the celestials be afraid of, or better yet, what could these ancient ones be scared of.’

Right now, Quinn wanted to meet up with Bliss and would make sure she answered all of his questions before blasting her into the reincarnation cycle.

“So what now?” Quinn asked. “I won’t fulfil your request made by the ancient ones. Are you going to send an army to come after us, or are you going to try and kill me right now?”

The shadow created by Quinn’s body was on the ground, made by the light source from above. It was slowly getting larger, and creeping towards the shadow of Mundus as he said these words.

“Your answer was a predicted one, which is why an attack has already started,” Mundus said as he clicked his fingers and a portal opened up. When it did, it showed Sil, fighting along with Borden against countless celestials.

The fight scene was similar to that of what Quinn had done the last time he had entered the celestial space. While watching the strange magic portal, he noticed that Sil and Borden were doing quite well.

They weren’t struggling, and they were pacing themselves as well. It was clear that these celestials that were sent, weren’t as strong as the ones against Russ. Still, it worried Quinn that they had already started attacking.

“Are you trying to blackmail me? If so this was pretty stupid of you.” Quinn stated. “You ask me to kill someone and then show me a video of you trying to kill him yourselves. If I agree to your proposal, then the attack won’t stop.”<sub></sub>

“No,” Mindus replied straight away. “There are plenty of hostages that we could use against you, Quinn. The small vampire in your arms, this man who has tried to hit me, and the list goes on and on as we learn more about your history and past.

“As you said, you are someone who is very caring for other people. What our main goal in all of this is for you to work with us and not against us. If you can’t fight against Sil or kill him, then so be it.

“However, we still would like you to complete another task. There is another God slayer that is worrying us…one that goes by the name of Erin Heley.”

An image of a musclar toned, straight faced blonde woman had spread in Quinn’s mind. It was quite obvious that the Celestials would be keeping an eye on her as well.

“We have learnt that the two of you knew each other for some time, so we know…to kill her, it would be a difficult task for you, but it is a step towards cooperating with each other. By doing this, it would prove that you care more for the cause of the celestials than your own.”

Based on their research they knew a lot, and at the same time, hardly knew anything. They were right, Quinn was going to try and not kill Erin, but if there was no choice to, if she had gone too far off the deep end like Quinn predicted, after hearing the tale of what had happened with her and Leo, then he was going to kill her anyway.

‘This…gets the celestials off everyone’s back. If I solve the problem with Zero, and Erin as well. Then finally…all of this will be done with. Maybe, this is one of the best deals to make after all?’

It took longer for Quinn to answer this time, but eventually he did.

“Okay, I accept your request,” Quinn answered.

[New quest received]

[Kill the Dhampir leader (Erin Heyley)]

‘Oh the system made this into a quest as well, that will be interesting once the reward is done, but I wonder. If somehow I do manage to get through to Erin, they will still be after her, but we can solve those problems when they come to it, and if they come to it.’

Mundus had a large smile on his face, revealing all sets of his teeth. It spread incredibly wide, with the side of his mouth, nearly touching his eyes.

“This is excellent news. We will call off the celestial strikes on Sil. In the meantime, Quinn, remember, that nearly all of the celestials are watching you, wondering what you will do next.” Mundus’s body started to turn into nothing but small black particles.

It looked like the wind was drafting these small dust particles off itself in the wind, even though there was no wind which was strange.

Then, Andy’s fist had moved suddenly as he threw it out, but had hit nothing solid, and had just made the ship shake and vibrate a little.

“What…what happened there was definitely an intruder on board, they had appeared out of nowhere!” Andy panicked and looked around, only to see Quinn holding onto a frightened and shaking Minny.

“We shouldn’t have to worry about it for now,” Quinn answered. “If anything, I think now is a better time than any for your father to have by my side. Someone I can speak to again, and who should be able to see the world that he had helped to create.”


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