My Vampire System Chapter 1930: A Celestial Mission

Meanwhile, something drastic was about to happen on the moon of mars, and Quinn was nowhere to be seen when this particular battle was occurring. Perhaps it was just bad luck that Quinn was unable to notice the troubles or something that was perfectly calculated and timed by the Celestials not to let it get to his attention. Still, the two men on the moon knew in their hearts that they were stranded, and this could be a battle to the death.

One of them was Sil, and they were about to fight against what looked like a small army of Celestials appearing on the moon.

“Do you have a plan?” Borden, who was also here, muttered as the multiple white portals began to appear in the sky, creating pillars of light which would leave a celestial body when dissipated.

“It’s clear that they aren’t here just to chat with us. Otherwise, they wouldn’t send a whole army like this.” Sil gripped the trident in his hand, and just as a white beam of energy was summoned on the ground, Sil threw his trident with all his strength at a precise moment.

It was a big surprise to the Celestial who had just arrived as he found himself pierced right in the chest through the three sharp tips of the trident. It was a strong hit and made the Celestial bleed heavily, but at the same time, it wasn’t enough to kill this strange red-skinned celestial. The Celestial pulled out the trident, threw it to the ground as if it were a mere twig, and pounded his chest aggressively.

Soon after, many bright lights appeared around the whole place as more celestials began appearing.

Moving his hand, Sil had the trident reappear directly in his hand again. Usually, summoning his clones would be ideal for a situation like this when he had to deal with multiple enemies at once, but he could not because he had just gone through a tough fight. Not that he couldn’t at all, but if he did, his MC cells would fully deplete, leaving him with nothing to defend himself against the incoming Celestial army or if a strong celestial appeared to lead them.

‘Is this it? Is this how the Blade family’s legacy comes to an end?… And I can’t even do anything to prevent it.’ Sil’s eyes moved from one side to the other to assess the situation.

At the same time, the red Celestial god that Sil had just attacked charged forward. He swiftly moved across the land and had his fist ready to punch, covered with sparkling red energy. Sil was still thinking about what to do and what abilities to use to get out of the situation. He was focused on thinking of counterattack so much that he was practically doing nothing.

It was as if Sil had reverted to his old ways when he was a hesitant young child, lost and in need of help from his friends.

‘I thought I had changed…I thought I could help them and get through this for Vorden and Raten. I have carried myself for so many years…so why am I thinking of them? Why am I hesitating now?’ Sil thought.

Just then, a large fist smashed the red-skinned Celestial right across the face, turned in its head, and before its body could be sent away to the side, its arm had been grabbed, lifting the entire body and slamming him into the ground.

Unlike the other Celestial they had faced, Borden knew that these guys weren’t as strong, but still, a couple of punches weren’t going to be enough to turn them into dust, at least not from him.

“Sil, you can leave this to me. Don’t forget I’m here as well!”

Bordens shouted as he rushed towards another Celestial, one with razor-sharp blades sticking out from its body. Unlike Sil, there was no hesitation from Borden. In his transformed body, he leapt towards them and grabbed onto the bladed celestial.

The sharp blades punctured through Borden’s hands, body, skin, and chest. Although not far enough to drag his main organs, it was enough to make him bleed quite a bit.

“I’m so happy that there is someone like you here. You are just what I need to get a boost.” Borden smirked, staring down at the Celestial.

Seeing Borden acting out, Sil still wanted to support them somehow, so he threw out his spear and started using the demon-tier-like weapon’s ability as it multiplied to simultaneously attack the other celestials. At the same time, Sil began to pull other demon-tier weapons out from his portal space.

‘The best way to get out of here is to not use abilities that take a high toll of MC points on me and use the power of demon-tier weapons to attack. If I do this, I should be able to recover with time, though it won’t be done as fast as I would like it to. The recovery might take a long time, I might be fighting for days or even weeks like this, but when my power returns, I will make sure to get rid of every single one of these guys so they can’t hurt or damage any of the Blade family.’

Sil had pulled out a pulsating sword that orbited the area around them, and then in his other hand, he held out a shield. A strong beam attack for one of the Celestials came right towards him, but he was able to lift up the shield to block the attack just in time.<sub></sub>

Even though Borden was dealing with a good number of the celestials and had them distracted, many were still coming at them, and it was certain that this was not the end of the Celestial army.

‘I have to keep fighting. I can’t distract myself for even a moment, I have to focus!’ Sil pushed through and resumed the battle with all his might.


Quinn was on the spaceship, staring at Mundus in the face, who had suddenly appeared in their ship and had something to say. The time around him was frozen as Andy’s fist was still in the air without a change in his expression.

‘A messenger from that damned celestial space? Damn it! I don’t know enough about that place to understand what is happening. What are these celestials trying to do? But I can tell that this person isn’t any small fry, so for once, I should take my time and hear what he has to say.’

“Alright, since you haven’t attacked me outright, what do you want from me? Why now, of all times, have you come to me to talk? Earlier, none of you celestials seemed to be this nice.” Quinn frowned at the latter.

He was still holding onto Minny, who was able to move. But for her safety, he had her enveloped around in his shadow and was ready to put her away in his shadow space at any moment if things took an unexpected turn. He hadn’t made a move yet because of the fear that the one in front of him would think he was trying to make an attack, which in turn would put the others on this ship at risk.

If a fight was to break out, then Quinn didn’t know what would happen here, to the ship and everyone around, but he was sure that the outcome would not be favourable. There was a place and time where Quinn could be reckless, and this was not.

“I am glad to see that you are holding some restraint.” Mundus replied, “Which is essential for our cooperation, and it shows that you are perhaps not as reckless as others might think.

“Look, the Ancient Ones have made a deal with the Celestial that governs the humans and the area of Earth before, so it shouldn’t be so much of a surprise that we are willing to make a negotiation again. Let me assure you that this proposal means that the Ancient Ones see you as possibly a great asset.”

“Which also means they see me as a great threat.” Quinn said matter-of-factly and asked, “So if I don’t comply with whatever you request, what will happen then? Because I should warn you that I don’t take too well to threats.”

Mundus was surprised and, at the same time, not by Quinn’s words because, in the first place, the latter was a new celestial, but they had never had such a case where one had risen so fast and was involved with their problems.

“I think you know the answer to that. You have only seen a fraction of what we are capable of, so let me make this clear, there is not a single thing that the Ancient Ones are afraid of, there are just things that seem bothersome, and we would like to deal with them before they get out of hand.

“Regardless, hear out our offer before you decline. We know that you don’t like us being involved with you and all, but if you truly wish for us to leave you, the human race and vampires alone, then we have one request. If you complete this request, we will not interfere again.”

“Oh?” Quinn squinted his eyes, “What is it?”

Hearing his words, Mundus smiled and said.

“Eliminate the God Slayer Sil Blade.”


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