My Vampire System Chapter 1929: The Messenger Has A Message

While inside, travelling along with Andy and Minny, Quinn was watching several videos that had come out, updating himself on what was going on around the world and how the world had learnt of these Celestials in the first place.

Because of this—just like Andy had said—all the reports of the Hero Quinn’s return and the rumours that were spread by those from the vampire corps had somewhat been dismissed. Fear equals bad news. Disasters have always outshined good news at all times. And in the first place, most people just disregarded the articles upon seeing them, assuming them to be attention-grabbing clickbait headlines.

‘I don’t know whether this is a good thing or not. I was somewhat relieved by the fact that everyone knew about my return, but I guess there were bigger problems. Still, I need to focus more on the current problem, which is Erin.’

‘She is definitely planning something, and if the Red Heart can really be used as Logan told me, then it can cause even bigger troubles down the road. After that, maybe I can try searching for Bliss and ask her why these Celestials are even attacking in the first place. It would be best if we can prevent an attack as much as possible.’

Turning off the videos, Quinn looked ahead and saw that Minny and Andy were currently in the middle of an arm wrestle match. All they could do for now was wait on the ship as they travelled to the location of Fex’s Burial, which according to Andy, had been changed since last time.

He seemed to be somewhat worried after learning that all the other tombs of the vampire originals and the other vampires were stolen. Thinking that the same might happen to his father after the location was revealed, he was being cautious.

Either way, Minny was looking at Andy and could tell that he had great strength as he was doing many things around the ship with ease, and when Minny attempted to do them she struggled somewhat at times.. After all, he was an advanced type of subclass who focused mainly on strength. Minny had learnt that she herself was strong, which was why she had decided to challenge the others to an arm wrestle.

At first, Andy felt like it was cute. For one, he was going to just let her be for a while and then let her win, making it seem realistic. At the same time, it reminded him of when he first met Quinn. They also had an arm wrestling match. And if Quinn hadn’t used his aura and just used his natural strength, then he would have lost.

When the wrestling match first started, Minny had used a sudden burst of strength and had surprisingly moved Andy’s arm slightly to the right, which Andy stopped immediately, but it had taken him by surprise.

“Quinn…did you make this monster?!” Andy turned his head and asked with a smiling face.

“That’s so rude!” Minny shouted as she began to summon more aura inside of her. But it wasn’t just her vampire aura that she was summoning, her body also started to change, as horns came out of her head as she was starting to use celestial energy. “How can you call such a pretty and cute person a monster!”

Andy thought it was ironic because she was literally turning more so into a monster as she said these words. Despite thinking this, Andy was able to hold out with his strength and maintained his position.

‘I heard from the others that Minny is quite skilled and strong, but I’m not really sure why. And even Andy is stronger than most vampires back in the day. It makes me wonder, is it a new generation of vampires of subclasses that just continue to evolve? And what about me? What is my place in all of this at the end?’

Thinking these words, Quinn could see that the arms wrestling match was getting intense between the two, and Minny wasn’t going to give up anytime soon. Holding out his hand, Quinn started to concentrate as he sensed the vampire aura in her and started to diminish her powers, including that of her celestial powers, her transformation started to revert, going back to what it was originally, making the aura start dwindling down as well.

‘I guess since I don’t really fight against vampires as much anymore, so there hasn’t been a chance to see how well this works against other vampires…The war on vampires, the war on the Dalki ended, and now… the one against the Dhampir is left.’

After Quinn had done his little trick, Andy saw it as an opportunity to end the match without hurting the little one’s feelings and placed her hand with great control, stopping it just as it touched the table.

“That’s not fair!” Minny shouted. “Daddy interfered! Why did you do that? I was going to win. Don’t you love me?!” Minny started doing her best to get tears to come out of her eyes. However, nothing was coming out, and it wasn’t working with Quinn.<sub></sub>

“Minny, you know I care about you, I just didn’t want you two destroying our ship, and besides, you should save your energy. You never know what is going to—” Quinn stopped there, his eyes widened. And the next second, he ran across the room, his hand was enhanced in shadow as he reached out.

The shadow was more of a solid form compared to what it was before and had wrapped around Minny as he pulled her closer towards him, bringing her to his chest. Utilising the shadow in this way was somewhat of a first for Quinn in a while.

His shadow control and condensing of the shadow had never been that great, only allowing him to lift a few items but not use this well in battle. However, he was improving his shadow ability a bit by bit when training with it against Sil. There were still a few things Quinn was improving on after his fight against Chris.

As for why he had used it now, it was due to an intruder who was onboard the ship.

Andy noticed the intruder quickly, too and immediately threw a fist full of strength to hit them.

‘If anyone is on board this place in secret, then it can’t be someone friendly!’ Andy thought. As he threw it out at full strength, his fist stopped.

Well, technically, that wouldn’t be accurate to describe the situation.

When Quinn looked at the scene in front of him, it wasn’t that Andy’s fist had stopped. Everything had stopped. His heartbeat, his breathing. It was as if time had stopped around them. But Quinn and Minny—who was touching him—could move just fine.

Quinn took a look at the sudden intruder. The person was black-skinned, tall and lean. He had a rectangular mouth with razor-sharp teeth as it slowly breathed in and out. Then there were his four pairs of eyes on his rectangular-shaped long head.

‘This isn’t a human….and the energy… he’s another Celestial! What are they doing? They keep interfering and coming here and annoying me. Maybe I really should go to Celestial space again!’

However, after calming down, Quinn started assessing the situation. Right now, it was as if they were in a celestial space. That was why Andy was unable to move. But it was different because he could still see everything around them.

Thinking about this, Quinn believed that this one wasn’t any ordinary celestial, and it was best to first understand the whole situation before striking.

“I have been wanting to meet you for quite some time, BB,” The figure politely said as he placed a hand on his chest, “There is no need to be alarmed, I am not here to fight you or cause you any trouble. My name is Mundus, and I am known as the messenger of the celestial world, and I am the one that works directly under the Ancient ones.

“I have come to make a proposal to you and hope that we can strike a deal,” Mundus smiled, showing a long line of razor-sharp teeth.


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