My Vampire System Chapter 1928

As usual, Logan was going through his normal duties as the leader of Green City and the current representative for the human race. With what had just happened to Pure, it looked like the next general election would be put on hold.

In the first place, there wasn’t even an opposing candidate, not one that could actually stand to run against Logan Green. Although, there were rumours that he was behind the attack and had somehow convinced Chris.

Nevertheless, that still didn’t stop people from swaying over to Logan’s side for a number of reasons, such as setting up programs to show support for those from the ship Rein, as well as also continuing to run the city the same way it had been for the rest of the people.

On top of that, there was the fact that Chris had attacked them. Even if he had joined Logan’s side, people believed that there had to be a reason for that. Then again, there also seemed to be hardcore supporters of Chris among the people from Pure.

These people were those who had been directly saved by him, looked after and trained by him. They refused to believe that Chris had actually betrayed them, and this seemed to ease the tension and climb of Logan Green behind the attacks.

While going through the town’s system as it gathered reports, in his special lab, he quickly noticed something strange. Information was flooding into him, but he could see that Alex was in the middle of doing something.

‘Alex was trying to send a message with the computer system. I wonder what he was trying to do, and why he didn’t send it.’ Logan thought to himself.

Eventually, curiosity had gotten the better of him, prompting him to check the message. While checking the message out, he soon realised who it was meant to be sent to. With his ability, it was easy to access the message’s contents as it was saved as a draft on the system.

‘A message for Quinn… from what’s written here, it looks like the weapon is done. I wonder why the message wasn’t sent out, then? Maybe he thought he hit send, and it didn’t actually send.’ Because of this thought, Logan decided to send the message on his behalf. Soon, the message was sent while Logan returned to do his work.

In the meantime, he was currently checking out the reports of the Celestials, seeing just how many attacks there were, and if there was some sort of pattern to what they were doing.

“How can you sleep all day, everyday? Are you some type of happy dog or something?” A female voice asked.

Surprisingly, Logan wasn’t alone in the room. In fact, there were two other people, people that had been somewhat left behind by Quinn to do their own things.

Hearing these words, Mitchell slowly started to lift his body from the floating bed. Unlike other beds, it would fold up on its own when not in use. In fact, as Mitchell got off the bed, it had done just that as he went over to the woman complaining.

“There isn’t much for us to do around here… what do you want to do, then? Should we try training and spar against each other?” Mitchell asked.

Ceril was annoyed by this comment, but she was more annoyed with the whole situation so far. In the first place, she felt like ever since she had gotten back with Quinn, she had done nothing. Sure, she somewhat understood that due to what she had changed, it was best for her to leave. In fact, she was even thankful to Quinn for saving her life.

However, at the same time, she could not help but feel like life had become very boring.

“I can tell you’re bored, but everyone is doing other things, trying to help people,” Mitchell told her. “Besides, I was serious with my suggestion. Although you’re similar to us, you’re not like us. We can establish that with a simple test.”

“You know, before I joined Quinn and his gang, I was an instructor of sorts to the vampires. I think it would be interesting to see just what you can do. I wonder what your abilities are like and what powers do you have?”

Hearing that, Ceril lifted her hand, staring at her palm. Before, there were two traits the Memorial race had. One of them was the fact that they could control water around them. It was somewhat similar to the water ability that humans had.

The other one was the ability to transform. They had two forms, one when touching water and the other when out of water. However, ever since turning into whatever she was, she hadn’t ever tried to control water after that. She did not even attempt to get in water to see what would happen.

‘I think I’m scared… After all, if I can’t change, then that means I really have no connection with my people. I guess that’s what I’m afraid of.’ Ceril clenched her fists soon after.

“Is there even any point to me controlling my powers?” Ceril asked in a slightly defeated tone as she sat down on the floor.

“That is up for you to decide,” Mitchell answered. “Everyone has their own journey, but yours is truly special. Maybe you don’t know much about Quinn or the humans, but the person who saved you is a true hero.”

“From what I know, he saved your planet, as well as your race. Plus, if I can remember correctly, you are the first of his creations.” Saying these words, Mitchell was staring off into an empty space, as if he was stuck in a trance.

“You see, I believe that you are the first of many creations that Quinn might create in the future. Just like the vampires, there will be many of you. With that said, there will be many of Quinn’s creations.”

“For me, I honestly think him protecting us is something that should just be a side job of his. Instead, I wish for him to fulfill his role as a god.”

“The human race will always have problems, and he shouldn’t always be there to protect them. Anyways, I apologise for the rant. However, that is what I believe. If you really think about it, you are the first, the first being that Quinn has created. Don’t you think you should take the lead and show everyone what you can do?”

Hearing Mitchell talk about Quinn in such a way, only now did she realise just how much this vampire admired him. Sure, it was true that she didn’t know much about Quinn or his history. She also didn’t care to learn about it because she was too busy sulking about what she had become and what she had done.

“Okay, old man. I thought you’re just some person who likes to sleep a lot, but let’s see what you’ve got. Just so you know, us princesses underwent quite a bit of training, so don’t think I’m some type of pushover,” Ceril eventually said with a smile. And, for a split second, her eyes started to glow red.

There was a rise in Ceril’s energy as she said these words, one that was unfamiliar to Mitchell. Naturally, he himself was interested to see what was about to happen.


While the two went off, Logan had finished his daily duties, while he allowed the automated AI system to do its work. Every day, he tried to update the system, but there was something on his mind. If Alex was done with the weapon, then where was he? Had he returned? And had Quinn used his shadow skills to return to the weapon quickly?

With that, Logan had decided to head down to the specially made furnace in his tall tower-like building. A few floors down, Logan entered a certain room, quickly noticing that some of the equipment was still running. After that, he looked around the room, and was unable to see anyone inside. There was no one at all.

Walking around for a bit more, he could see empty vats, knocked over pieces of equipment, and even marks in the ground. It was as if a fight had taken place.

‘Was there a fight in here? Surely, that can’t be.’

Eventually, he noticed two glowing substances off in the distance. Heading towards them, Logan looked over at the moulds and sensed the energy pulsating from them. With that, Logan could tell that these were the new weapons, the weapons made with Celestial blood and Demon tier crystal. It was complete.

“But what happened to Alex? System, show me the CCTV recordings in the room,” Logan ordered. Soon, a screen appeared before him, showing the last moments of Alex Way.


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