My Vampire System Chapter 1927

The strength that Quinn showed was beyond what Russ could remember. After all, it hadn’t been that long since the Chained wedding. Of course, one could improve and obtain new weapons and the like as time passed, but somehow, the one in front of him, the one known as the Hero Quinn, had improved leaps and bounds. It was as if he was looking at a completely different person.

As Weet turned into nothing but dust particles, Quinn could not help but ponder over a few things. For one, he hadn’t used the Energy Drain skill on the dead Celestial and yet, after defeating him, a large influx of Celestial points had been added via the system.

[A Celestial has been defeated]

[80,432 Celestial points have been obtained]

[365,894 Total Celestial points]

[162,256/365,894 Celestial energy]

‘The amount of Celestial points isn’t the same as before,’ Quinn thought. ‘I wonder why that is. There’s no doubt Weet had great strength and had to be a Celestial that lived a long life like Athos. Maybe it’s because of the way I killed them? Hmm… I guess I could have used Blood Forest to perch him in different places and absorb the blood. That seemed to work as well.’

While thinking about this as he stood in place, Quinn could feel something log on. Opening up his system, he quickly realised that he could see Peter’s Celestial points. Not only could he see how many Celestial points one had, but how much was being used up as well. With that, the number attributed to Peter was currently going down.

There was no notification, and Quinn had long learnt how to use his powers without the use of the system, so he hardly opened it, which was why it was the first time he had noticed the lowering of Celestial points.

‘Is this an upgrade to the system? Back when it was Level 1, fighting as I gave the others Celestial points, I don’t remember ever seeing this.’

Either way, Quinn now knew that Peter was in a fight, or at least, that was the most likely case. Nevertheless, based on the amount of Celestial points he was using up, he was nearing his end.

‘Peter’s body is strong. It always has been strong, and he’s been right behind me all this time. Could it be? Is Peter also one of the ones being targeted by the Celestials? Then again, why would a Celestial even be here in the first place?’

‘No, if not Peter, then it might be Chris as well. In any case, I need to help them. Peter, I hope I’m not wrong and your body can take this. Either way, win your fight!’

[80,000 Celestial points have been transferred]

‘I can always take them back once this is done.’

With that done, all Quinn could do was wait and see if Peter would no longer be seen in his system. After all, he was certain that he would get a notification if Peter did die in battle. So, for now, he was hoping that there wouldn’t be any new messages.

Looking around the place, he noticed that a certain someone, who was there not too long ago, was no longer present. From the looks of it, they seemed to have escaped.

‘That slippery eel had gotten away from me last time, and he seems to know Bliss, I can’t let him go this time.’

Sniffing the air, it wasn’t hard for Quinn to find out what direction Russ had gone in. Soon after, he immediately started to run in that direction. As he did so, he could not help but think, how did Russ manage to fool him before? How did he cover his scent?

After running through the fields for a while, Quinn was now directly in front of Russ, throwing out a fist that stopped just an inch away from his face.

“I don’t think I need to tell you that I can get rid of you at any point and time. I’m guessing you don’t have the same amount of energy you had the last time we fought.” Quinn stated.

Seeing the fist and the amount of control Quinn had over all of his powers, Russ knew it was absolutely useless for him to do anything.

“Okay, you got me. I won’t try to escape.” Russ said, lifting his hands. “Since you haven’t killed me outright, then I can assume you have some questions from me. However, if you plan to kill me after all your questions have been answered… then I’ll just have to mix in a few lies in my answers.”

“I can get rid of the Qi surrounding your head.” Quinn replied. “And use that to just force the correct answers out of you. I’m very different from the other vampires you’ve dealt with.”

“Okay, okay. Ask away.” Russ inwardly sighed, knowing fully well that Quinn was most likely telling the truth.

With that, a series of questions were asked, such as what he knew about the one that attacked him and what had happened beforehand. However, Russ didn’t know much, which prompted Quinn to move onto the next set of questions which revolved around Bliss.

“Why would she ask me to save you?” Quinn asked.

“I honestly don’t know.” Russ shrugged his shoulders. “I only worked with her because I owed her a large favour. She was the one that introduced me to my powers, after all. Well, a way to fully explore them properly. Because of that, I thought that if I continued to follow her, I could get everything I wanted.”

“However, after my meeting with you, I was pretty much left on my own, to be on my own rather. So, I have no idea why she would save me, unless it’s because she still has some sort of use for me. That’s all I know.”

From his heartbeat, it didn’t sound like Russ was lying, so he was inclined to believe that he was telling the truth.

“I’m sorry, but until I can figure out the reason as to why she wanted you saved, you’ll be coming with me.” Quinn lifted his hand. Soon, a shadow appeared behind Russ placing him in the shadow space.

Now, Quinn needed to decide on what to do. He had no trails on Bliss, nor did he really know where Peter was. In the end, the best choice was to continue with his original plan of bringing Fex back and using the celestial points to revive his power so he could see the end of all of this.

Since it was an inhabited land, there were plenty of ships that Quinn could use. He could not help but be sad about what happened to the people, but there wasn’t much he could do since they were all dead. Leaving them as they were was the best thing for now as he headed back for Mars.

In the middle of his journey back, he had received a message from Alex, stating that his weapon was done. Quinn assumed that at any point and time now, he could travel back to Alex and would definitely do so after he had resolved this matter with Fex.

Eventually, Quinn had returned to Mars and had returned to where Andy was. Upon arriving, there was a lot of new information that needed to be revealed to Quinn.

“We can still head to my father’s location, but I just wanted to let you know something,” Andy said with a gulp as he brought up a projector screen in the air, showing him the countless news reports that were going off.

“At first, I was worried that information about you would get out there, that the world would know about the Great Quinn returning. After all, there were few rumours that had spread among the staff.”

“However, the world seems to be concerned with another thing right now. Specifically, these Celestials that have arrived on Earth.”

The video clip was of Peter, Owen and the others fighting against the Celestial. As Quinn already expected somewhat that something was going on, it was hard to tell how many more would come.

“They’re strong. Peter is still alive and they won their fights. I know the others can do the same,” Quinn stated. “In any case, it’s time to wake up Fex, get my new weapon, and find Erin and Zero, ending our troubles in this place once and for all.”


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