My Vampire System Chapter 1926: Three Great Powers

Weet had long started to accumulate his power, and to Russ, it seemed like his new attack would than the ones he used against him earlier. And as the Celestial’s upper body leaned backwards, the wings on his back were lighting up, and even his dark claws were starting to glow a slightly bluish tinge.

Russ, seeing this, was wondering just how strong this attack would be.

At the same time, maybe if he had known about this attack, he would have been able to do something earlier.

‘I thought he had used all of the attacks against me, that nothing would work against the dragon’s impenetrable armour, but I guess he had something else up his sleeve. When fighting against Quinn, I can use his imagination to work on the Dragon…but this…is difficult. This celestial is going to be a very difficult enemy, even with the dragon and Quinn being here.’

While the Dragon was doing its work, Russ hoped it would be strong enough to stop the attack, so he could get a chance to look at something else, like looking deep into Weet’s mind to find if there was something he could take advantage of, or use to defeat the Celestial. Although he didn’t have any more MC cells to summon another being like the dragon, he could still maybe find something for later.

‘What is going on?’ Quinn on the other hand was observing everything, and wasn’t planning to participate just yet. ‘He summoned the Dragon again. But he isn’t even fighting against me? Just what is his power, and that Dragon….I originally thought they might be illusions or something like that, but it’s…clearly different. Is this why Bliss sent me here? Is it not to stop that Celestial bird Weet but to help Russ? Is his power important? What is she playing at?’

While in the middle of thinking this, Quinn continued to observe everything. With keen eyes, he was trying to understand the Celestial’s power, however, he was actually more interested in the Dragon that was in front of him. It was just like before, yet a bit different.

“Quinn, what are you doing?!” Russ shouted, seeing the former stand still. “Now is your chance! While the Dragon is fighting against the thing, you need to use your powers as well, only then will we be able to defeat this guy!”

“It’s best to watch these things because you never know what can happen,” Quinn replied without explaining much. He had learned his lesson from the battle against Athos, and this time he was going with a different strategy.

The large Dragon, which only had one head as it did before its full form, started to fly straight towards the Celestial. In size, the Dragon was around ten times bigger than the Celestial.

The Dragon opened its mouth as a breath of fire brewed in its mouth. The next second it erupted and crashed into the celestial, covering its entire body. The Dragon continued moving forward because it knew it wouldn’t be enough to finish it.

When the flames stopped, it opened its giant mouth, and the inside of its mouth could be seen, ready to gobble up Weet whole. At that moment, the beam of energy came off from the latter’s body. Several points of power and lasers came off in one direction and headed towards the Dragon’s head.

Immediately, the Dragon changed its direction, attempting to avoid this, as it flew higher toward the sky. The lasers coming off from Weet continued to follow the Dragon, but it was far too fast in its movement, and taking a dive, it headed straight for Weet.

Its wings recoiled closer to its body, allowing it to cut through the air and drop quicker, and before Weet even knew it, the Dragon had slammed its body right on top of him. A loud bang resounded, and the attack sent shockwaves from the sky onto the ground, and it pushed the rubble and debris from the battle so far off to the side.

‘That Dragon, I knew it was strong when I saw it, and the fact that Andy and the others could not get past it at that time when it was summoned at the wedding, I thought it would be useful this time as well.’ Russ thought. ‘Just what did Quinn go through to have a beast this strong in his mind?’

While thinking this, Russ also thought about a few others that he could see in Quinn’s mind. However, although he could sense multiple strong energies in Quinn’s mind, he wasn’t so sure what to use, which was why he had played it safe.

Trying to figure out why Quinn had yet to do anything, Russ was looking for other things to summon from the strange Bird beast’s mind. It was clear he was working for someone, and at the same time, if he was strong, then the bird must know others as well.

‘The dragon might not last, and if Quinn does fight against this, then it might be enough time for me to recover from summoning something else or something that can help me get out of this place.’ Russ thought as he closed his eyes and focused.

Looking deep into the mind of the celestial Weet, he searched and searched until he came across something. While using this part of his ability, everything came slightly distorted and wishy-washy, so the figures and the images that Russ saw at the moment were unclear.

However, there were, for some reason, three distinct images. These were more distorted than others in the entire place, and looking at where they were, they were just three gigantic coolers of energy around the same size as a mountain.

They were green, yellow and blue in shade. Something was drawing Russ in towards them, but at the same time was nearly making his own figure disappear, that was until he heard something.<sub></sub>

“Get out.” A voice vibrated through the entire area, and Russ’s body turned into nothing but dust, being blown away. When he opened his eyes, Russ felt his heart beating severely as he found himself on his knees, gasping for air.

Looking up, he was on the grass meadow-like field again, with the fight still ongoing above him.

‘What was that, in that damn bird’s mind? Even in Quinn’s mind, there was never anything like that. That power…is that who this person is working for?’ Russ started to think.

The large slam from the Dragon hadn’t worked, even if it had used its strange wing claw’s to curl up into a ball. And even with that scale of an attack, it seemed like Weet’s defence was impossible to get through.

At the same time, since the concentrated lasers weren’t working against the Dragon, Weet split up his attack, creating a large star over the Dragon. Then, moving all of the lasers towards a centre point, he trapped the Dragon.

Confused, the Dragon attempted to break free, but as the laser hit its skin, it hurt and forced it to find another way out, but it was too late as all of the lasers went through the grand Dragon and concentrated on the centre as a large hole appeared through the Dragon’s body.

“I knew it wouldn’t last long…but at the same time, it put up a better fight than I thought,” Russ complained. “Now, if you fight against that thing, you will realise that you have already ruined our best chance.”

“I wasn’t just sitting idle here,” Quinn replied as he opened his hands up. “I was carefully observing all his movements. The hardest thing about fighting this Celestial is the defence he gets through wings, so we need to just stop him from using that.”

As Quinn lifted his hands in the air and looked in the sky itself, Russ also followed his gaze and could now see something in the sky, the tip of what looked like a giant sword made from blood.

“He made a big mistake after coming here, and that was killing all those people.. it’s just going to make this a bit easier for me.” Quinn swung his hands down, and the two swords moved at a great speed.

After releasing its attack, Weet was somewhat tired and failed to notice the attack from above as well because there was no celestial energy in the blood attack. This was just Quinn’s pure blood energy. The swords slammed down right on top of his wings and dragged him through the air.

They hadn’t pierced the wings, but that wasn’t what was needed. Weet’s body slammed into the ground, and the blood swords continued to rush energy down on top of the wings, pinning him to the ground.

“Without your wings, you aren’t really much.” Quinn stood over Weet with his soul weapon activated and having formed into a celestial Blood scythe. Swinging both his hands, the scythe went right through Weet’s head, chopping it off and turning Weet into nothing but dust instantly.

Rubbing his eyes and getting off the ground, Russ couldn’t believe it. Was it really over? The large threat, that easily…but how?

‘Now, what was that message that I received from before?’ Quinn thought as he had heard a few system prompts before he had begun to attack.


[Don’t kill the celestial.]

‘Oh, well.’


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