My Vampire System Chapter 1925: BB, Quinn, And The Celestial World

The other Celestials noticed the Celestial known as BB turn his head right and glance at them. Quinn had met quite a few celestials in his time, but it was the first time seeing this one—one that looked almost inhuman.

Weet was a celestial that looked more like a beast, but sensing the type of energy coming out from his body, without a doubt, he was a Celestial.

“Quinn…” Russ muttered when seeing him, but he couldn’t find the right words to bring out of his mouth. Right now, his life was possibly on the line, and there was an old enemy in front of him. Without a doubt, if the old enemy, Quinn, chose to go and work with the celestial in front of him, it would be the death of him.

‘I learn a bit about these people from Bliss. Quinn is the same as them, right? So there is a good chance that he will turn on me,’ Russ thought.

“Look, I’ll be honest.” Quinn finally spoke. “I’m only here because I was told to come here by another celestial, even though I’m not really the one who would listen to her. And, I think you might know her, her name is Bliss.”

Weet was quite surprised to hear the name that had come out of BB’s mouth.

‘She was the one that called him here? Are the two working together? Now that’s quite a surprise. Perhaps this news needs to be passed on to others. There is clearly more to this than meets the eye,’ Weet thought.

“The reason why you and I are here is the same,” Weet explained, “The universe was the one that told us that we should exist. I will not get in your way, and I wish you do the same.

“Both of our lives would be better off this way, don’t you agree?”

Weet was quite convincing. And honestly, with celestials, Quinn could never tell their strength. It was always hard because even if they had incredibly strong celestial energy, it wouldn’t directly reflect on their fighting capabilities.

At the same time, Russ wasn’t saying a single word, not making a case for himself.

“Sorry, I don’t mean to ignore you,” Quinn said, “But I really need to ask this person a question. Weren’t you meant to be dead? I’m sure I saw you die. Didn’t I kill you?”

Russ just realised that Quinn seemed to have seen him dead, and based on the tone of voice Quinn had used before, he didn’t particularly seem to get along with Bliss. So to inform him that he was working with her in the past wouldn’t exactly go well with him.

Russ smiled and quickly prepared an answer.

“Just like that giant bird said, the reason why we are all here is the same. I’m sure it’s the same for you. Bliss was also the one who asked me to come here.”

Thinking about it, since Quinn had been called, maybe others had done as well, and honestly, it was the only reason why Quinn hadn’t acted straight away. Because she had said, the fate of the world counted on this.

Usually, he would ignore this, but he hadn’t done so because he had heard of the coming future from Sil. Although he didn’t trust Bliss, he trusted Sil. So it was somewhat certain that at some point in the future, the celestials would become his enemy.

“Don’t you hate me?” Quinn asked.

“Me? Yeah, I’m upset about the wedding, but it doesn’t really bother me. I have been living a peaceful life after leaving the Chained. I don’t have a real grudge with you, but only with the Blade family, which you seem to be closely connected with,” Russ clarified his intentions.

Quinn shook his head upon hearing this.

“Okay… I’m sorry again, but I was actually asking the bird, not you. I guess many people don’t like me, so that would be confusing.”

Turning to the bird celestial, Quinn now made it clear.[sub][/sub]

“I wanted to ask you the same question. Don’t you guys hate me? So won’t you eventually attack me as well? If that’s the case, then I might as well get rid of you now.”

Russ couldn’t believe it, he had seen Quinn fight before, and sure the latter was stronger due to the help of his energy, but when fighting against Weet just moments ago, it was a strange strength that he just wasn’t used to.

If the two of them fought, honestly, Russ would have to give Weet the edge, they could only take on this celestial together. The way Quinn was talking to the one in front of him, it was like he was far superior compared to the other.

“You are certainly confident, BB,” Weet replied. “First, if you call me a bird again, then I will have to create a hole through your head. Second, the celestials you fought against before were extremely low-level, not even worth cannon fodder.

“I am not the same, and on top of that, I want to make it clear, if you are to follow the celestial way and not go against the ancient ones and us, then we will have no problem with you. And since you have not got in my way yet, this will be more favourable to you.”

The situation wasn’t looking good for Russ, and he believed he would need to think of a way out of this situation. That was when Quinn started to do something he hadn’t since he got there, he sniffed the air, and a familiar smell could be smelt.

“There’s blood, far away in the distance.” Quinn said, “Is that because of you? Did you hurt the people that were here?”

Weet flapped his wings.

“I’m confused, why would you ask such a useless question? Why does it matter? I know you haven’t been a celestial for long, but you should know by now that the world is just made up of energy. They don’t matter, and we are here to do as we wish.”

Quinn then shook his head.

“You know, you almost had me. I don’t really like this guy behind me, but the thing is, I’m pretty sure that I can control him, in a way. Or at least convince him not to harm others. But you celestials are different…you guys can’t be controlled, and I don’t expect you to be, but I know you have already started to shove your nose into our business.”

Immediately, Weet knew this was a threat. He flapped his wings and went high up into the air. At the same time, Quinn’s eyes started to glow red, and the blood from the nearby town was moving toward him.

It was going to be another fight with a Celestial. He wondered how hard this would be compared to when he fought against Athos. And since they had sent out a celestial to fight them, Quinn imagined it would be tougher, but he was far stronger than the last fight. And he now had great amounts of Celestial energy as well.

“This is not a fight you want to be a part of,” Quinn said as he raised his hand and started to gather his vampire aura. “Since you gave me the chance to go away, I will give you the chance to leave this fight and leave the human race.

“If possible, I would like to send out a message back to you all. Stop meddling in the affairs of the human race, Vampires, or any territory that I can control!”

The laser attack that Weet was doing before was now charging up once again, and that was why Russ had decided to act as well.

“I will need the help of your mind again, I hope the strongest thing in your mind is still that Dragon of yours!” Russ shouted.

At that moment, he raised his hand up, and a large shadow appeared above, and dropping out of it once again, was the legendary dragon that had appeared before.

‘This is the last of my energy, I hope it’s enough.’


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