My Vampire System Chapter 1924: A New Weapon (part 2)

The blood that Quinn had given him was clearly alive. It had sprung up from the container and rose into small strands and threads, pointing right toward Alex.

“This is new,” Alex tilted his head to the side, “In all my years of forging and working with strange materials, something like this has never happened before. Then again, I have never worked with this type of blood before, either.”

An ominous feeling was coming over Alex, and there was a good reason for it. Because the next moment, the strands of blood dashed towards him. They stretched out, thinning themselves and knowing whose blood it was, Alex had a reasonable fear that it could be deadly.

His wings started to flutter rapidly as he flew up and began to avoid the strands. Moving left, right, spinning and darting in and out. However, the blood strands would follow him around the room from one corner to another as if they were endlessly long.

‘Good thing I love these wings. I practiced with them any chance I got, but still, I don’t know how long I can hold on. I’ve been hammering the mold with no rest for two days straight, and now I wouldn’t be surprised if I passed out at any moment from exhaustion.’

As he continued to fly around the room, Alex was faster than the blood strands that were chasing after him, but he was trying to figure out a way to stop them and to find out what this blood was trying to do.

Already exhausted from all this and distracted by his thoughts, Alex had slowed down a bit, and instantly one of the strands had reached Alex, grabbing him right by the ankle. However, rather than pricking his skin, it had wrapped around the foot.

Alex could feel something tugging at him as he attempted to fly away with all his power, but when he did, it pulled him down. Within seconds, more strands of the celestial blood wrapped around his limbs and torso, pulling him down with even greater force.

The force was so great he couldn’t even get out of their hold and was dragged across the floor. It continued to pull him towards the strange vat container filled with different liquids.

“Is this blood thing trying to eat me or something?!” Alex panicked, genuinely concerned as he got pulled closer and closer.

“I can’t even beat this strengthened blood. How weak am I? And just how strong is Quinn’s blood? Look, let me go. I’m trying to put you in a nice weapon. A weapon that you can be a part of, you will enjoy your life there, I promise!”

It wouldn’t be long before he got swallowed into the vat of liquids, and Alex was not curious to know what would happen if that happened. Opening his mouth wide, he released a part of his special aura at the ground in front of him.

It was somewhat of a blood aura breath attack, but of course properties of the blood aura were different compared to that of a Blood Fairy. Releasing the attack, looking down, Alex believed that he had to try anything to get out of the situation he was in.

Opening up his mouth again, he released another blood breath, but this time targeted his own leg, right around the thigh where one of the red threads had tied around him. He had looked at his arm for a second, but he couldn’t hit them. If he did, then he wouldn’t be able to finish the weapon in time for Quinn when he needed it most because his arm would be injured.

However, all this was for a nought because although the blood breath had successfully hit the glowing red thread, it had done nothing to harm it. However, the glow had somewhat weakened, and the strings were starting to lose up as if the string’s energy was absorbed by the attack.

‘My blood, it still has somewhat of the same effect as it does against vampire blood usually.’

With this in Alex’s mind, he didn’t hesitate to focus on his other leg and did the same there. When the blood dripped down his thigh, around to his ankles, the strings loosened up there as well.

When he kicked up his legs, blood spattered everywhere and loosened around his arms as well due to the pull. Now, with all his strength, he was able to fly free, breaking away from the blood strings. With a turn of the head though, he could see that they were still behind him.

‘Will you give me a break!’ Alex was frustrated. He continued to fly, fly and fly away until he was near the exit of the room. Turning his head back once again, he could see that the threads were no longer chasing after him.

They had reached three-quarters of the room but were unable to reach further than that. The blood strands had also become aware of this fact and began to crawl back towards the vat of liquid, and everything in the room seemed normal again.

Finally, his wings could rest for a bit, and as Alex fell to the floor, he shut his eyes for some well-deserved rest. When he opened his eyes and got up, he didn’t know how much time had passed since there was no clock in the room at his own request.

Looking at the time would only make him paranoid and would only distract him even more. However, his legs had now healed, but he could still remember what had happened just before he passed out.

‘So the blood can’t reach me from this far, but I still need to work with the liquid somehow.’

There was no solution, for now, so he got up and walked towards the nearby corner to work on the Blue Fang set while also thinking about how to deal with the blood strands.

However, because of the distraction and the fact that he didn’t want to experience the sudden adrenaline rush once again due to the blood strands, he was taking longer than he usually would have.

Eventually, when he was done, he let out a long sigh.

“I guess I should at least work on that strange metal first. Once I have that, and the molds sorted out, I can then mix the two liquids and create the weapon. I guess I will just have to fly there, avoid everything, and move the blood along with the demon tier liquid right into the molds and get out of there.”

Bracing himself and fluttering his wings as if he was raving up a car, Alex was ready for any moment now. Running first, Alex then leapt off the ground, and using his wings, he zapped straight towards the vat of liquids.

When he got close, the liquid started to move again, and the blood was alive once more. However, Alex had just grabbed the vat of liquid and lifted it up, moving towards where the other metal was swirling away in the mold.

His hands were burning as the surface of the vat was kept quite hot, but he held on, gritting his teeth and bearing the pain. He wanted to let go, as he felt over, but the thought of Quinn needing him, of the whole world learning his name after the creation of this weapon, had come into his head.

‘This weapon…it gets me excited every time I think of it!’ With this thought, Alex sped up and poured the liquid into the mold. It dripped on, mixing with the other metal. He quickly moved the vat, pouring the remainder of the liquid into the other mold and then, when all was set and done, he dropped the large container onto the floor.

His hands were in pain, and he landed on the floor as his shadow cast over the molds.

‘Perfect, and now it’s time for the cooling, and hopefully, you will have settled a bit, you crazy blood!’ Alex thought as he pressed a button, and from above, a giant clamp slammed onto the two molds. At first, Alex was against the modern way of forging weapons with the help of technology, but now he could see how much it could help him.

When the giant clamp lifted up, the weapons were in front of him. He smiled from ear to ear, looking at them.

“This is it… they’re beautiful. Now, time to send Quinn a message saying that they are done.” Alex smiled as he turned around and started using the computer system to send the message. But while he was typing away, he suddenly felt something on his leg, and the next moment, Alex was dragged away.


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