My Vampire System Chapter 1923: A New Weapon (part 1)

A heavy task had been given to the blood fairy Alex Way, and he was given a room by Logan to work on the task. Compared to the past, it wasn’t that common to have forgers these days since technology had primarily taken over that role.

That was why forgers were in higher demand compared to before. Of course, the room was open compared to the other forgeries he worked in, but it was laid out exactly as it was many years ago before he had gone into slumber.

The furnace, the different tools in the room, the working worktops and more, everything was there for him to do the best job in his life. There were two tasks for him, to repair the Blue fang set and also to create a demon-tier blood weapon using the Celestial blood that had been given to him by Quinn.

The armor had been set out and laid on a table, while at the same time, the crystals were laid out by their side. The blood was stored in a large tube-like container that was electronically designed by Logan Green.

“This is going to be a hard task, and if Quinn wants it as soon as possible, then I’m going to have to pull an all-nighter,” Alex said to himself.

Before he started, he craned his body to one side, a few clicks could be heard, followed by several crack sounds. There was a great relief as he went on and did the same on the other side, trying to click every bone in his body.

After that, Alex ripped his shirt off his upper body, throwing the pieces of cloth that were on him to the ground. Allowing his blood-red wings to be free. The room was already hot, making his sweat drip down on his body, slowly streaming over his rock-hard abs, which were carved like in the Greek statues and just as hard.

Getting to work, Alex picked up a hammer. It felt good in his hand, just the right shape and fit. He stroked it a few times, remembering the good old times.

“Ah, it’s good to be back, Betsy, my trusty hammer.”

The sound of clanging began to occasionally be heard from the room. Starting off, Alex got to work on the armor. Although he was able to alternate between the two weapons as there was a framing and heating process that would take hours.

Before he had turned into a blood fairy, he remembered all the aches that his body would get from working, but now it was nothing to him. The armor work was going well, and while it was being heated in a specially made mold, he was going to work on the weapon.

‘Everything is so much easier compared to before. Things really have changed compared to the past.’ Alex smiled at the thought.

The use of technology allowed him to be less fiddly and also reduced the chances of making mistakes as well. With his fine touches, he was sure that he would create the best equipment there was and that the armor would have better effects than it did before because if it didn’t, then he would consider himself a failure as a forger.

Now, as he started working on the weapon, he began first with the crystals, which were given by Quinn. They needed to be melted, and not to forget, there was also what Jake Green had managed to obtain as well. Inspecting them and seeing what their traits were, was a skill of a forger, and he would have to find which type of crystals were the best to use in combination with each other.

“Quinn’s current set of skills, at least as far as I know them, focus more on defence than before. He has the shadow, so he doesn’t really need something defensive, at the same time, the armor set will still focus on speed. Maybe something to complement that would be good as well.”

Alex then picked three of the demon tier crystals and placed them in three separate tubes. A metal casing came down as the advanced technological mechanisms went to work in terms of melting the crystal into pure energy.

After that, there was a new metal that was solid gold in colour, and had streaks of gold cracks somewhat like veins running through it. It looked like a piece of marble but not the one that was available on earth.

It was a material that Alex had never worked with before but was meant to be harder than Galthrium. It was a rare material that Logan had claimed would work well. It had only been used on small parts of spaceships before and had worked out well. But never before had it been used on a weapon before.

Because of this, Alex had decided to work on a small part of the metal at first. He had already done this while waiting for Quinn to get the parts that were needed. So he had a good sense of it, and he, too, agreed with Logan that this would not only make a good weapon but the best weapon in the world.

“Okay, so now, it’s time to make the molding for the weapon as well. Based on the demon tier crystal I picked, there shouldn’t be too much problem based on whatever mold they are made into. I know some crystals work better based on the mold that is being used.”<sub></sub>

Thinking hard, a few weapons that Quinn could use came to his head. Of course, there were the classic Gauntlets that could be used. However, there was Quinn’s soul weapon and also his normal armor that he used.

“I want this to be a weapon, one that can actually be used….this is harder than I thought.”

After thinking for a while, eventually, the perfect weapon came to Alex’s head. Immediately, he started to use his hammer to hit a piece of metal to create the outside molding.

With excitement and power in his eyes, after each strike, his rings vibrated a red pulse of power. This allowed for the mold to be created perfectly in place that had been crafted rather than being machine-made. Something that Alex had a feeling for and set his mind to forge it.

After working on this for two days straight and making sure there were no imperfections, he finally completed the mold. As he had been too focused on one aspect, he had forgotten about the armor.

‘I would usually finish off the armor first before continuing on the weapon, but every time I think of the weapon, and Quinn using this thing, I just get so excited.’ Alex thought, and his wings started to flutter so much that he was lifted around two inches off the ground.

Using the melting materials from the demon tier crystals, there was a need to mix them perfectly so that they would complement each other. And depending on what attribute and type of active skill, this needed to be done in a certain way.

Alex had a lot of experience doing this, to the point where he could somewhat guess the type of active skill that would be released from the weapon. Over the years, he had perfected his technique beyond that of average forgers.

Still, with the weapon he had in mind, he got to work mixing all the different demon tiers crystals, but there was one more step to all of this, and that was Quinn’s blood. Going to the strange large cylinder, Alex twisted it and put the code given to him by Logan.

While in the container, the blood was shining bright, it glowed and lit up the entire place, even making Alex’s face look red.

“I’ve never seen blood so bright like this before. Is Quinn even human anymore? I guess he really isn’t. Well, now let’s just try and see if this works.” Alex said.

The demon tier liquid was mixing in a strange device. This part would usually have to be manually done while also adding the blood in a small amount at a time. The machine was doing the mixing part, which meant that now Alex could focus on pouring the blood.

Bit by bit, the blood started to mix in, and strangely the blood seemed to be overpowering the demon-tier crystal that was inside.

“This is crazy! How can the blood have more energy than the demon tier crystal? This doesn’t make any sense!”

Using the remaining liquid and energy of the demon tier crystal he had, Alex went back and started to add more of the raw materials. Through this process, he handed more blood and eventually even needed to use another demon tier crystal to balance off the whole thing. He was being very careful throughout the process, and his years of experience gave him an edge and confidence to do everything perfectly, but that’s when he suddenly noticed something strange as the blood began to bubble and rise.

It began to flow out from the large container like it was alive. The blood looked like small snakes, and they all started to point towards Alex.

“Why does this feel like I’m in trouble?” Alex said as the glowing blood, mixed with the demon tier energy and celestial blood energy, went straight towards him.


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