My Vampire System Chapter 1922: The Constant White Light

Sil stood there in place looking at where Kipo once was, there was nothing, not even a single remaining body part. Instead, it was more like a quarter of the moon had been ripped off due to his attacks.

Several large chunks could be seen floating in the air from the battle. If Sil was honest, it was probably the strongest and largest attack he had ever produced before in one go, getting all of his clones to work like that.

Due to the mass change, perhaps the current orbit of the moon around Mars would not be like it once was.

Eventually, Vorden had come out from where he was and Borden had come over as well, reverting back to his more human-like state.

“Well, you certainly did a number on him.” Borden said. “I only got to hit him a few times. I didn’t even get to use my full strength.”

“We know you are strong.” Vorden said as he stood next to them. “But with enemies like this, maybe we don’t have time for you to get hurt to show your full strength. Anyway, the threat is dealt with but what exactly was that? Do you have any idea Sil?”

Sil thought about it for a while, the others somewhat knew the truth and if anything, if something was to happen to Sil then it would mean that it would be up to these guys to protect the Blade family.

“I have a feeling that it’s the celestials, as for why they went after me, I’m not really sure, but I foresaw this would happen. He was incredibly strong, I’m just happy that the crisis has been averted.” Sil stated.

The others were wondering what crisis Sil was referring to, but at the same time, due to his calm demeanor and the slight smile on his face, they thought since he was happy they would leave it. There must have been a reason why he was so worried.

Sil began to walk over to the destroyed part of the moon, he didn’t teleport back just yet, because there was something in Sil’s gut telling him that maybe there was a chance that the celestial would just come back and that it wasn’t really dead.

Sure Sil had used up a large number of his MC cells but he still had fight in him, and he himself had hardly been hurt. Thinking back, he started to compare the fight that he had with Kipo against the one he had with Athos.

Although the fight with Athos took both him and Quinn to defeat, in ways Kipo was harder. Athos was large in size, and it was his celestial energy that made it difficult to beat him.

Even with 1000’s of clones of Sil, it wasn’t as if he could take out Athos due to his large scale of attacks. With Kipo, he was a good fighter, and in the end, Sil had just overpowered him with abilities, but if that hadn’t worked, then he would have had to truly fight against him in hand to hand combat.

If that was the case, Sil couldn’t see a way of winning. Unlike that man, Hilston, Sil still wasn’t that great of a hand to hand combat specialist, which was why he preferred using abilities above all else. Even with weapons he was somewhat subpar with skills.

At the same time Sil had grown stronger after that fight with Athos, something inside of him had started to grow, and with that final trident throw, Sil had managed to summon more Qi than he ever had done before.

Maybe that was the turning point that had allowed them to pierce the skin of Kipo, and finish off the fight.

“Shall we get going then?” Borden asked. “I mean, unless you want to enjoy the views of Mars or something.”

As soon as Borden said those words, a reflection of light could be seen on each of their faces, casting a slight shadow on them. Meaning the light source was coming from above. Looking up, they could see a white energy that was swilling from above.

“No, this energy… is it another one!” Sil’s whole face had sunken with shock. He had just dealt with one, using around 90 percent of his MC cell’s. There hadn’t been a lot of time for him to recover from the last fight, so if there was an opponent that would be at the same level then it would certainly be a struggle.

“I don’t think it’s over.” Vorden stated, as he looked in another direction, and a bright white light could be seen in another area as well.

“The energy… I can tell they are both celestial energy.” Sil looked panicked, and he was starting to think if the best option for them both was to teleport them out of the area.<sub></sub>

Soon after, several more white lights started to appear in the sky. And it looked like more were gathering by the moment.

“Are the celestials sending an army after me? I need to warn Quinn about what is happening.” Sil stated.

“Then let’s get out of here!” Vorden shouted.

Sil started to open up a portal for all three of them to go through, the portal was opened in front of them ready to walk through, but then the next second he stopped just before entering the portal and stood there.

“Is something wrong?” Vorden asked.

“I can’t go through this portal, I can’t head back to the Blade ship. This could be what ends them all. At the end of the day, the most likely person that these celestials are after is me. If that is the case, then I will be the one that causes the end of the Blade family, it’s because of me that they will all die.”

It was the first time that Vorden had heard Sil speak in this way, back then in the past he was never overly concerned with anything, but Vorden could tell that it was serious.

“Then we fight them together, you’re weak right now, and I doubt you could take these guys on.” After saying these words, Vorden turned around, and was ready to head back, but a few seconds later, he felt someone grab him from behind. The next second he was pulled backwards, and flung behind him.

His body went through the portal, and he could see on the other side Sil was there, he could see the portal slowly closing. Vorden tried his best to rebalance himself but he was thrown with such strength that he bounced on the metallic floor, and eventually hit the side of the inner metallic ship of the Blade family.

The others rushed towards him as they saw that it looked like Vorden was hurt, but he soon got up despite his injuries and he had anger covering his whole face.

“Damn you Sil, don’t you trust us anymore? Are you really going to take on this task all by yourself!” Vorden shouted at the top of his lungs.

Although he said this, when Vorden thought about it more, he started to realize that perhaps there was a reason for this, and if Sil really decided to do this. There had to be a reason and maybe the Blade family wasn’t up for this.

“Try to contact everyone… contact Logan, get Jake Green here, and try to get in contact with Quinn as well.” Vorden ordered and immediately everyone was on the move.


Back on the moon, the portal had closed and Borden was still there along with Sil.

“Thank you for not throwing me back there, not that I would have let you anyway.” Borden smiled.

“Of course.” Sil replied. “I had an inkling that you would resist so there was no worry, and besides if we are going to do this anyway. I might need you to help me recover.”

Borden began to transform his body once more, and Sil started to focus. At that moment, the bright white light started to shine on the moon, not just in one place but several, as an army of celestials were now coming after them.


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