My Vampire System Chapter 1921 Too Powerful

Vorden had been watching everything from the side, but even he didn’t know when Sil had done the switch with his true self. Even he was worried when he saw the life of Sil disappear in front of his eyes, to feeling relief after seeing the cloud of smoke.

However, turning his head, all of sudden, there seemed to be around a 1000 or so Sil’s, coming from another direction. Seemingly appearing out of nowhere.

“Sil… you have gained this much power? Are all these clones as powerful as the ones that have been fighting so far?” Vorden asked himself.

Each time, Sil was reaching new heights in his eyes, battling these so called gods, now he could see how a human was able to go toe to toe with them.

‘Don’t be jealous.’ Raten stated in his mind. ‘That guy was always different from us, and don’t forget, I always kicked his arse when it came to hand to hand combat.’

Vorden smiled at this comment, remembering the memory from over a 1000 years ago.

“Are you telling me, that if you were to go into combat with him now, that you too would also be confident of winning.”

Raten’s silence said the answer, there was no chance, perhaps not even against one version of Sil, never mind this many.

“You were able to take on my lightning powers right? You’re resistant to attacks, physical attacks, and all of that?” Sil replied. “Well, let’s see how resistant you really are.”

One tenth of the Sil’s had begun to gather their power, and in doing so they had formed lightning around their arms in the form of tornadoes. Their eyes lit up blue as they were using all of the MC cell’s in their body.

At the same time, the line behind them, had begun to form water particles in the air, small raindrops of water were gathering around them. In another direction, the Sil’s that had demon tier weapons, another one held onto the weapon, and immediately the demon tier weapon had formed a copy, making a clone of the weapon itself .

After that, another clone of the Sil touched the weapon and it started to glow. One Sil was using all of his powers that allowed him to clone beast weapons. Due to the high number of MC cells and the level, it allowed for the clone of the weapon to be pretty close in power to the original.

Still, that didn’t matter, because there were other Sil’s in the group, that had an enhancement power. Somewhat similar to what Sera could do, but not at the same level. Sil was improving the power of the weapons that he held in his hand.

Among all the 1000s of Sil’s that were presented, each of them were enhancing their powers, the water and lightning were to go together to create a devastating attack. Flames could be seen in the distance ready to melt the power of earth and create molten lava rock.

While the ten clones were fighting, Sil was busy making all of his clones the strongest possible. There was one down side to his soul weapon and that was the time it took to switch out his abilities.

However, the plus side was that each clone that Sil would create would have the abilities of Sil when it was made. Meaning he could create a whole bunch of Super Sil’s, all with the power of that which was in the book. Not just lightning, fire, but even more, and powers that complimented each other well.

“If you can survive this… then maybe the world was doomed in the first place.” Sil said, as the attack rushed from the thousands of Sil’s.

Some of them ran in with their super speed sacrificing themselves, but with a weapon in their hand. Lightning, fire and all sorts of powers were coming straight towards Kipo.

As he stood there, even he looked startled at everything coming towards him. The black like tribal tattoos on his body started to move again, and for the first time, rather than just taking the hit, it appeared as if he was attacking back.

Streams of powers were coming towards him, in all sorts of forms, shapes, and even looking somewhat like mythical beasts. Opening his hands wide, Kipo swung them making a big clap, destroying a lot of the powers that were in front of him, but it was useless.

There were just too many attacks. Five Sil’s with demon tier swords in their hands had struck him down. Other Sil’s with demon tier whips had thrown them out, encircling Kipo. As he used his strength to try to pull and break free, ice from all sorts of different directions had held him in place.

It was impossible for Kipo to move, or do anything else any more. That’s when the rush of attacks had hit him. A large explosion of powers was being used and was destroying the ground. It looked to have caused nearly everything that was on one half of the moon to be destroyed as green life and more was coming to an end.

The powers continued and Kipo could no longer be seen from the outside, and it was true for Sil as well. With the trident returning in his hand, but not only his hand. A hundred others who had enhanced weapons. Sil threw it out as hard as he could.

Water gathered around it giving it a boost, as it spun and propelled itself forward, there were triple tridents next to it, but not because it was using the ability to clone itself, that was just how many Sil’s had thrown the enhanced tridents out.

They all moved to one spot, and had hit Kipo right in the stomach. It stopped against his skin, as all of the attacks hit his body form all over. Then eventually, the tip of the trident could be seen piercing the skin.

“Second wave!” Sil shouted.

That was only the beginning of Sil’s attack, as the back half of the Sil’s had thrown out their attacks. Sil knew how resilient the skin of Kipo was, and he needed an opening, and was waiting for an opening.

The only thing was that Sil was losing energy fast. It was clear that this would be his last spell, and he knew it. If this attack didn’t work then what else could he do, which was why he had carefully planned it the best he could.

As a break in the skin could be seen, several powers began to creep in and now move towards the inside of Kipo. A strange sensation that he had never felt before had come over him, the feeling of pain. Of real pain as his insides were being burnt, poisoned, ripped apart. Every imaginable thing possible had entered Kipo body now and was attempting to make the worst damage possible.

“Let me do something too!” Borden asked.

Hearing this, Sil had recalled one of the tridents and it was now back in his hand. After that he handed it to Borden, allowing him to throw it with all his might. It went fast, hard, and strong, but that’s when the trident had gone completely through the attacks, it had gone over to the other side and eventually fell, piercing the ground.

The two of them looked at each other strangely.

Sil could feel his energy fading, and so could the others, so they chose to pull back their attack. The energy started to fade, and the light and giant crater could be seen in its place. However, there was no Kipo. There was nothing.

“When… when did he die?” Sil asked.

“I have no idea, couldn’t you see anything?” Borden asked.

“No… I was just attacking with all my power. With everything I had. Well, I guess, he’s not a problem anymore.” Sil smiled, thinking that he had averted the crisis of the Blade family. That they were now all safe.

What this event did do though, was set off a chain of reactions, because if there was one celestial that they never expected to lose a fight, it was Kipo.


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