My Vampire System Chapter 1920 White Skin

p Despite all of the MC cells that Sil had, even with them combined with his strongest abilities, nothing seemed to be able to harm the thick white skin of the celestial. It was the first time for Sil, even when he was fighting against other celestials, that his skills couldn’t do something.

However, despite this, perhaps he was being too cautious in the fight, because it took Borden to act, before Sil began to realize that he was nowhere near done. He hadn’t even touched the tip of the iceberg in comparison to what he could do.

The first thing Sil did was clone himself, twelve different times to be exact. As he did, each one of them opened up a portal and pulled out demon tier level weapons. Swords, spears, shields, and of course Sil himself was also using his favorite demon tier weapon, the trusty trident.

‘If I can’t hurt him with abilities and such, I can always just use weapons and my natural strength.’ Sil thought.

At that moment, Kipo could be seen falling back down from the sky. Borden, no longer standing by the side, had decided to jump up in the air to meet him halfway. Borden threw out a large fist of his, and Kipo had done the same.

When they both collided, there was a clear winner in power as Borden had been sent back down crashing into the moon and skidding across the land, breaking up all of the ground. The next moment, Kipo was in front of Borden, reaching out and attempting to grab him by the neck.

With blood oozing out of Borden, internally he was growing stronger and whacked the celestial’s arm out of the way, punching him in the stomach twice. They were large powerful blows, mountain shattering punches that were being dealt to Kipo.

Taking the hits well though, Kipo planted his feet, and grabbed onto Borden’s shoulders. With his finger tips, he dug them into his hard scales, piercing through them and causing them to begin oozing blood, and began pushing him down.

HIs legs suddenly broke through part of the ground, and only half of Borden’s body could be seen.

“You stay here nice and still, while I break you.” Kipo stated, letting go, and spreading both of his hands as if he was ready to perform a massive clap, right there and then, moving his two hands together they came right towards Borden’s head.

Using all his strength, Borden was pulling himself out of the ground. It was working, but of course it might be a little too late.

As the hands came close, out from the side, a large hammer struck down at one, hitting Kipo on the forearm and putting it down, while at the same time on the other side, a spear had been whacked from above doing the same.

Both of Kipo’s arms had been hit, and not only that, there was Sil himself who was ready with his trident. Thrusting it forward with his strength and gathering the power of the water around it that swirled around, he shoved it forward, hitting Kipo’s skin.

As the time it touched, it was unable to pierce the surface of Kipo’s hard skin, but the strength of the attack still hit him away, sending him a good ten meters across the ground before he stopped.

“What is this, clones? But… they are all as strong as you.” Swinging his arm around before moving forward, Kipo had hit one of the clones in the head, one of those that was behind him and prepared to strike him with a demon tier sword.

As it hit the Sil clone, it stumbled for a bit, and during that stumble, Kipo picked up the Sil clone and slammed him into the ground. The black markings on Kipo started to swirl and move on his body as if they were alive.

At that moment, all of the clone Sil’s had gone in for an attack, aiming to try and knock Kipo off the Sil he was about to deal with. Using all their strength and power, some using the power of speed, others using the power of strength, they thrusted and swung their weapons towards him and all of them had landed.

Yet, not a single weapon, even with the power of it being a demon tier, and the power of Sil’s abilities, none were able to pierce the skin, or knock Kipo from this place. He continued to slam his foot down and it had gone right through the Sil clone, turning it into a cloud of smoke.

Although the Sil’s that were created were just as strong, ability wise as the real Sil, the endurance was not the same, A strong hit was able to defeat a clone and this was what Sil was somewhat afraid of.

His MC cells, at the level they were, allowed him to create 1000s of clones, and with the abilities he had, usually there wasn’t a single person in the world that could stand up to that. The thing was, if none of his abilities were to work against the celestial in front of him, what was he meant to do?

Another one of the Sil’s had thrust a spear forward. Once again Kipo had done nothing, no leaning, no trying to avoid the strike whatsoever, and allowed for the spear to hit his chest. The spear had used its active skill opening up like a claw, and now five points had attempted to pierce the celestial but that hadn’t worked at all.

It was then that Kipo went ahead and grabbed onto the spear. Relentless attacks from the others were being used on him from behind but they were doing nothing.

‘What is this, before when Sil had thrusted the spear, it was able to do something but why isn’t it working now?’ Vorden thought. ‘Is the celestial’s resistance actually getting stronger, as the fight is going on, if that is really the case then… is it possible to win this fight?’

With such strength, Kipo had pulled the demon tier spear out from Sil’s hand, and quickly turned it around so it was now in his. Thrusting it forward, all five points had pierced the Sil’s body making it turn into smoke now.

“I can tell that you are incredibly strong, if you were to go up against any of the other celestials that had been sent out, you would have won against them relatively easily. I believe only one might have given you trouble, nevertheless you are one of the strongest God Slayers out there.”

With the spear again, Kipo went to attack another Sil, but a super sped up Sil had dived in with the demon tier shield stopping the attack. As soon as it did, the shield looked to have a mouth on it and began to consume the spear on the spot, breaking it down.

Letting go, and jumping back, Kipo was slightly worried that something might happen next and this gave Sil the perfect chance to attack.

Gathering all of his power, Sil had thrown out the trident and while it was in the air it began to multiply, if there was one thing about Kipo, he didn’t seem to have any attacks of his own, There was no special beam, powers or any of the sort, just the hard resistant exterior and his super body self.

After throwing the spear though, Sil had gone one more and with his super speed, he ran towards the multiple tridents and grabbed onto the end of one, pushing it forward as it went right towards Kipo’s head.

It slammed into his head, making a thunderous sound and the power of the weapon had even shook the waves and water that was on the moon, but it had still failed to pierce Kipo.

Splitting his hands again, it looked like Kipo was ready to do the same move as he had attempted against Borden, he brought both his hands together but it seems like even if he had performed a clap, it would fall short of where Sil was.

When both of Kipo’s hands clapped together, a thunderous bang was heard, and a loud rush of power had exploded the one standing in front of him. Sil was no more, and instead a cloud of smoke had appeared.

‘That wasn’t the real one?’ Kipo thought

“You’re wrong.” a voice said off to the side. “I could beat any celestial that came after me, and that includes you.”

Turning around, Kipo could see an army, an army of Sil’s that numbered in the 1000’s and judging by the smile on Sil’s face, for some reason he was confident he could win this fight.


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