My Vampire System Chapter 1919 Untouchable

When starting a fight against someone of a certain caliber, there was always something that had to go through Sil’s mind, and it was what set of abilities he was to use. At first there were always standard abilities that he would use to fight against his opponents, safe bets such as the lightning power that the Graylash family used.

Of course, one of the strongest things he could do was make clones of himself and fight that way, but that took up a lot of MC cells, which was why he had to test the water. Thinking this, Sil had formed lightning around both of his arms, it sparked and condensed, forming two light blue tornados on his hands, but eventually that had condensed down even further into pure blue solid lightning bolts.

It looked somewhat similar to when Zinon used his soul weapon, only these were pulsating with power, and a shine could be seen over the entire area, lighting up nearly everything around them.

“Oh, no wonder the others were quite scared of you.” Kipo said. “I can tell that you have a lot of power, and this is just the first attack, but you should be careful to go all out, especially against someone like me.”

Kipo started to walk forward; it was the first time he had moved since being teleported to the area, but he didn’t run nor had he sprung any type of attack.

“Just give me the word Sil. I’ll do my best to follow your lead.” Borden stated, meanwhile Vorden had already run quite the distance away and was currently hiding behind one of the large rocks on the planet, not that he thought it would do much.

Throwing both lightning bolts, a loud bang was heard, thunder had been created just like a real lightning strike, and faster than most eyes could see, both of the bolts had been flung straight across, hitting Kipo directly.

However, after the loud bangs, and the flash of light there didn’t seem to be anything else. Kipo continued to walk forward, not a scorch mark on his body, and not having slowed down a single bit.

“What happened, did the attack miss?” Borden asked.

“No, it hit perfectly, don’t act yet Borden, not until we know what is up with this guy, let’s just stay back and let me attack from a distance.” Sil ordered

Sil was sure his attack had hit, but for some reason it had done nothing. It had touched the celestial’s body and had done nothing. While still using his lightning powers, Sil had created giant lightning whips and hammered them down over his head.

Lifting his arms up, Kipo had grabbed onto them, and was now holding them in place, in his hands like they were nothing. Changing tactics, Sil had created a portal, and teleported himself right above where Kipo was.

A fist of flames had been created aiming straight for Kipo’s head, but of course, Sil wasn’t just going to use a small amount of flames. An entire mountain of fire had erupted behind his arms, propelling his fist forward like a rocket.

At the same time, the edge of his knuckles had been condensed with flames to the point where they were no longer red and it was almost a white bright shining color. As the fist slammed into Kipo, the ground erupted around chucking up stones, and the nearby green area was burning to pieces, riling up just due to the intense heat.

Once again though, Kipo had raised his arm up, and had blocked the punch. He was just as fast as Sil, but that wasn’t the problem, it was the fact that the flames were doing nothing, the celestial didn’t look to have any strain on his face as he blocked the attack, or take on the intense heat that would have been able to melt nearly anything.

‘Is it his skin? Is it just a tough hide that is resistant to heat? But the lightning didn’t work either, maybe it’s an ability instead.’ Sil thought.

Since the attack wasn’t working, Sil had quickly teleported away before the celestial could do anything. Lightning hadn’t worked and neither had fire, two of the big four powers of the past, surely out of the large arsenal of powers he had, something would work against the celestial.

A tornado of sharp, deadly cuts was thrown out toward him, but he continued to walk forward. The deadliest acid had formed into a snake that gobbled up his entire body, and yet still, there wasn’t a mark on Kipo’s body.

Drowning Kipo in water by having his head stuck in it for a few minutes as he went around, and still there was no reaction forma he celestial instead, as it just continued to walk toward him. Sil had continued to go through a number of different abilities, using all his strength as he conjured the strongest attacks he could think of, and yet, not a single one had worked, and still Sil couldn’t discover what powers the person had in front of him.

‘Nothing is working, how can this be, even when fighting against Athos, these attacks would work.’ Sil thought. ‘I have to keep trying. I have to figure out what this person can do, otherwise it’s going to be the end of the Blade family.’

Vorden, who was watching everything by the side, was impressed, impressed at how strong Sil had gotten. The whole area the two were in, it had completely been destroyed and crumbled to the ground and such powerful attacks had been made Vorden was sure that the moon had been pushed out of its original position.

Sil was more powerful than ever, he had fought multiple times and knew how to use his powers well, better than anyone but maybe Sil still had a lot to learn when it came to things such as figuring out his enemies. Maybe during his time fighting on his own, he just had gone against many that he didn’t need to use his head so much.

The problem was, what was the answer to this fight? Because even Vorden didn’t know.

‘Even when I use my future sight ability, all I can see is this damned celestial continue to walk forward at every single one of my attacks.’ Sil thought, and it was starting to cause him a lot of concern.

“That’s it, I’ve had enough, I can’t just stand here and wait all day!” Borden shouted, as he charged in for the first time. Large amounts of the land had cracks beneath his feet as Borden drew all his strength into one hit.

A punch had been thrown toward Kipo’s head and it had been dodged, but the impact of the punch had destroyed nearly a kilometer of trees behind what was left of the trees after the continuation of Sil’s attack.

However, Borden had used his tail to whack the feet of Kipo unexpectedly causing him to trip, and while falling to the floor, Borden grabbed both of his hands and hammered down Kipo into the ground.

A grunt was heard as he crashed deeper into the moon breaking off more chunks that went so far that they started to float off into space. However, Borden’s hand had been grabbed, and soon his whole body was lifted as he was the one that was slammed back into the ground as well, and a kick had followed as he was stomped over and over again.

“Stop that!!” Sil shouted as he charged over as fast as he could using his speed, then gathering his Qi, and using a strength ability, Sil had hit Kipo right in the gut, sending him off into the distance and into the sky.

He was sure that Kipo wasn’t dead, and he would be back any second now. Getting off the ground, Borden wiped away the green blood from his mouth.

“That guy can definitely punch well,” Borden said.

“Yeah, but thanks to you I think I’ve figured out a way to beat this guy. This celestial, he must be resistant to elemental attacks. His skin, it just absorbs everything but when you hit him, it was the first time he had reacted.

“If that’s the case, then it’s time to go straight to the next plan,” Sil stated, as he started to arm himself, and each one of them pulled out their items, including Sil, with his trusty and special Trident.

“If it’s a physical fight, then I’m not lacking in that department either.” Sil smiled.


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