My Vampire System Chapter 1918 Sil The Great

The Blade ship was large and over the course of a 1000 years, there were now 1000 of those that had the Blade ability as it was passed down to their family members and more. On top of that, the Blade community had become more than just those from the Blades, it had more so become a faction.

Honestly, during the 1000 years, just like in the past due to their strong ability, the Blades were feared and felt like they were unmatched in terms of power. They hadn’t directly got involved with the ongoing dispute between the Pure faction and the Green’s but that was mainly because Logan had told them not to, due to the nature of the humans during that time.

Which was why, even though it was the first time the Blades had ever had an intruder be able to come aboard their ship, no one was scared and was ready to take them on. However, possibly the strongest Blade in existence was frightened.

“Step back!” Sil shouted immediately to everyone as he recognized the energy in front of him, the energy of a celestial.

The one that had claimed to be called Kipo, was the celestial that had been tasked with taking on Sil. The one known as Kipo had a human-like body, there was currently no clothes or armour on himself and only his smooth skin could be seen.

It was solid white in colour, with a few black patterns over his arms and legs making them somewhat look like tribal tattoos that had been placed on his skin. His eyes were also a solid black which made them stand out due to the contrast against his skin.

It was hard to tell from just looking at the figure if they were strong or not, and although Sil could sense celestial energy from this one, how much it was hard to say.

“Sil, are you really worried?” Borden asked, surprised by his actions. “I mean, you haven’t been with us for a while, but with all of us we can take this one on.”

“We should listen to Sil.” Vorden said, as there was an uneasy feeling he could sense from the person in front of him. “If Sil is worried, he must know something, so everyone should be cautious.”

Sil had every right to be worried. Although he had beaten celestials before, after the last one, he had come to the conclusion that not all of them were weak. Taking out Athos took him and Quinn together.

Right now, Quinn wasn’t here, and it was the first time that a celestial had come to him. If they knew about him, knew who he was, and what he did, he couldn’t imagine anyone they would send would be weak.

‘I can’t get the image that I saw out of my head. Logan was right, it was a bad idea to look into the future, but what if this is the future I saw. Maybe I would have never come back, and everyone here would be dead… I can’t risk it… I can’t risk these guys getting hurt.’

Placing his hand on the ground, a large portal had been made, and soon the celestial, Sil, Vorden, along with those that were in his mind, and finally Borden had sunk through. The next second they saw themselves rising and had appeared somewhere completely new.

There were trees, large meadows of grass but at the same time patches of what just looked like a dull land of rock. When looking up as well, there wasn’t much of a sky, and you could see space pretty clearly.

“Where are we?” Vorden asked.

“Somewhere it doesn’t matter if we go all out.” Sil replied as he had opened his book changing his abilities and getting ready for combat.

Currently, they were on one of Mars’ moons. It had a total span of 3000 miles, making it far smaller than a planet. The good thing was, the moon had been used as a practice run for terraforming which was why there were plants and insects but no other life, no one lived here which was perfect.

“Alright, well I guess it’s just going to have to be us three that take on this guy huh.” Broden said with a smile, as he had transformed his body into more of a Dalki, as the scales appeared more vividly on his face.

“Actually, I don’t think I’m going to be able to fight in this one.” Vorden said. “It might be best if I stay out of it. I don’t have any useful abilities at the moment, none strong enough to take out this guy, and besides I know I would just get in your way.”

Truth was, it was an accident on Sil’s behalf bringing Vorden, but if it was just one person it should be enough for him to protect.

“Are you done?” Kipo asked. “I was kind enough for you to let you change our fighting area. If this is more comfortable for you, then it means it is more comfortable for me as well.”

For some reason this celestial seemed to have manners, but that was just making Sil worry even more, as it meant it had great confidence.

“My only task was to take you out. So let’s begin shall we.”


Of course, there was a couple that were following the fight closely, as they had been following all of the fights.

“The celestials keep losing, do you think it will be the same with this fight?” Yongbu asked. “I mean, this is the God Slayer that has been giving everyone the most trouble, the most worry, and perhaps the one that even started all of this mess to begin with.”

Although Yongbu didn’t say anything, he had also met this one in person, and he seemed to have a lot of tricks up his sleeve. All of his dedicated followers had perished, and fairly easily, as well.

“You should know Kipo.” Xox replied. “Although before we talked about Hinto being one of the most dangerous celestials, he certainly isn’t the strongest. There are many well known fighting celestials in this space that have a name, and Kipo is one of the strongest ones.”

Even Yongbu had heard of Kipo’s name, and that was impressive for the celestial space with how many celestials there were, but he still had focused too much on his own planets to know why he was so menacing.

“You have to remember what you just said. Of course Mundus knows that this God Slayer is dangerous. After seeing him fight against Athos, no one would send a weakling after him and Kipo is not a weakling by any means.” Xox explained. “Many might not know this because it has been so long, but there are two things that everyone should know about Kipo. One is that he wasn’t a born celestial.

“Similar to Athos, he wasn’t a born celestial but had become one. This in itself means that he had been through a lot. As for his tale of how he became one, I do not know, but as for the second fact, although this might not be impressive to many, Kipo has never had to go through the reincarnation cycle.

“He has lived for a very, very long time, never having to experience death once. Usually, celestials are foolish and get carried away due to their powers to be reborn. Some even choose to go into it.

“However, you have to understand that Kipo was there during the white war.”

Hearing this, Yongbu finally understood, what he meant, why it was impressive that Kipo had never reincarnated. The white war was the only war to ever have occurred in the celestial space in the past.

“Without a doubt, out of all of those that had been sent to hunt the God Slayers, Kipo is one of the strongest among them, and might very well be one of the strongest fighting celestials as well. Unlike the others.”


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