My Vampire System Chapter 1917: Marpo Cruise Vs The Celestial World

In a solar system far, far away from Earth, on a planet that was once inhabitable, the celestial known as Tumoon had been sent there. The task that was set up by Mundas, the celestials believed that it to be an easy job.

Although not all of them had fought against God Slayers before, they had created a reputation for themselves as one of the most fight-centric gods with great strength and power. Unlike some that would just worry about their Celestial points or let things flow naturally, these Celestials were different.

They tended to rule the planets with an iron fist. Forcing the people to complete whatever their condition was. This style would often cause uprisings, those that grew in strength would try to overtake their oppressors, but the gods were still powerful and strong enough to deal with them.

It meant that the celestials always found their strength beyond those around them and would even begin to become complacent on new tasks and against new enemies. For Tumoon, since he had never fought against a God Slayer before, Mundas had sent him against a relatively easier opponent.

“The Godslayer that you have been sent after has done little to disrupt our plans. In fact, they have hardly acted at all, but they have left the area of Immortui’s control. But this all does not mean we can just let them go. We need to teach these Earthlings a lesson and make sure they know their place.”

According to Mundas, this was going to be a relatively easy task, and when arriving in the strange office-like building with glass surrounding everywhere with the human in front of him, Tummon thought the same as well.

So why, after everything that he had done, after all of the battles he had fought, why was he the one lying on the ground, with his entire body detached from his head. Slowly, his body began to disintegrate into the blowing air, turning into particles too small for the eye to see.

“This place…is too dangerous,” Tumoon muttered before a large black foot stomped on his head, bursting it into dust and finishing the celestial off.

“That was strange.” Pine, the Dalki said.

The room they were in was completely destroyed, all the glass panels around them were shattered, and there were several large holes through the building. Despite the material it had been made of, the building was actually meant to be resistant to attacks like these.

“Yes, you’re right. He was harder and easier than I thought. The energy around him was interesting as well, I would have loved to have studied that.” The red-eyed man said. “It was a being that didn’t seem to be a human beast or even an alien, as if it was from some completely different place. It’s a shame that Pine has turned his body into nothing but dust. Otherwise, I would have loved to have studied it.”

“I didn’t turn him to dust,” Pine replied. “I thought you would want to do something like that, which is why I chose not to hurt him as much. If there is anyone you should be having a go at, it’s the new H.”

Everyone had turned their heads to a dark corner of the room, where huffing and panting could be heard. From the outline, the figure looked larger than an average Dalki, but it was the eyes that screamed signs of madness in them. Filled with anger and hatred, they stared back at them.

“You are far stronger than I thought.” The human claimed. “This will do well, this will do very well.”


Inside the celestial space, there was a word that another celestial had perished. There were rumours flying around that it felt like the God Slayers were becoming too big of a threat and that anyone who was being sent out was sent to their death because even Tumoon, who supposedly had the easiest task at hand, was defeated and turned to dust.

Mundas sat down on what looked like a chair that was made of the same type of energy as everyone else. It was attached to the floor and glowing. He seemed to be in deep thought as he reassessed the current situation while tapping his fingertips on the arm of the chair.

“Those who witnessed Tummon’s fight, report to me what you saw. I also want to get in contact with the Celestials in the area and ask if they sensed any strange energy readings or if any strange happenings have been going on for a while around them.”

After everyone who had witnessed the fight gathered in front of him and began to talk about it, Mundus had a grasp on what happened during the fight, but he still didn’t quite understand. That was until he talked to those that worked in the nearby or the same solar system that the planet was in.

Soon, he learned the history of these people, the history of those that owned the Marpo Cruise line. Then on top of that, one of the celestials who was close by also revealed that he had sensed the energy reading of the fight while it happened. This had given him all the information he needed to know exactly what went wrong.

“The force behind Marpo Cruise seems to be extremely powerful, on the level where they could affect the whole universe wherever they went. What I find weird is that They have accumulated this much power and are just running a cruise line. That makes no sense.<sub></sub>

“Wealth, money, resources, once these things are obtained, if one is not satisfied, they would never gather this much power. The only reason why someone would gather an army like this is to conquer. One thing is clear though, they have at least three people within their ranks who stand at the Godslayer level when it comes to strength.

“Maybe they have more, but we wouldn’t know unless we run an investigation. For now, letting others know about this would just make them anxious. We need to focus on the current problem at hand and keep an eye on what these people are exactly trying to do.

“Perhaps, the two will take out each other, or one will take out the other, making them weak. Then we can get rid of all our problems in one.” Mundas said as he stood up, and the chair underneath him vanished.

He wasn’t going to report to the Ancient Ones that he had failed his task, not until the task actually failed. And there were still plenty of ways he could resolve the problems and get the upper hand.


Back on the planet where Tumoon had perished, everyone was getting over what had just happened. Both the human and the red-eyed man were walking down the hallway as they returned to the docking area where all the giant cruise ships were.

“Will this incident hamper our plans?” the red-eyed man asked. “It could be someone who we have angered. Perhaps they will be sending more.”

“Let them send more, I think H on his own could have dealt with two of them, and Pine is equally as strong.” The human replied. “On top of that, we have a whole army which we haven’t revealed yet.”

“We proceed with the plan. The Marpo Cruise will be suspended for business, and we are to proceed with our attack.”

The red-eyed man had a large smile on his face when he heard this. Finally, after all this time, they would be going back to where it all started for them. However, there were too many enemies, too many to choose from.

“I will proceed with the opening of the chambers. I will be there with him so there will not be a problem. This will increase our strength two-folds, even more than before. Without fail, it will be impossible for us to lose.”

“In the past, I would have said to be careful with those words, you could jinx us by saying something like this, but I agree.” The man replied. “Which is why with our return, I will make a statement. Our first target will be the elimination of the Blade family.”


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