My Vampire System Chapter 1916

When Zinon returned to the main Graylash planet, there was quite a reception from the old men, and the longtime members of the Graylash household. They had seen the videos as well and were deeply concerned for him.

However, with a big smile on his face, he made sure to not let anyone worry about him.

“I still have plenty of life left in me, and don’t worry, I won’t pass until I find out the truth,” Zinon said.

This caused concern on some of the elders’ faces for a few reasons, some of them just simply believed that Owen Graylash had died naturally and he hadn’t been murdered. Only a few knew that Zinon claimed that he was searching for the truth.

Eventually, the whole group headed to the palace, including Lucia. She had wanted to stop by her household, but she wanted to stay with the others for a little while longer, at least before they left.

The group were walking through the palace and were heading to Zinon’s room. Surely reporters wouldn’t be allowed in such an area, but they had done so and Zinon had even given permission for AJ to film.

At the end of the day, his job was a reporter so he needed to give him a carrot once in a while. Otherwise, maybe he would just be tempted to spill the beans. In truth, Zinon felt like one day AJ would spill everything, but in a way, Zinon wanted the world to know about everything.

It was the people in the first place that had caused these numbers of problems, and it was the others above them that wished to control them.

“I know I could have just sent you guys the coordinates, but in truth I wanted to talk to you on the journey here about what happened. I thought there was a chance that it could have a relation to Owen.

“Either way, I also thought it was best I give you the information personally, as these days we don’t know what could happen.” Zinon explained.

The group had reached the courtyard, it was a beautiful garden with plants, and flowing water. At the very top floor it was impressive how they had such a thing inside of the palace. Something had caught Zinon’s eye though.

“Can you guys wait for a second.” Zinon stated as he walked towards the centre of the garden to the large statue that was in the middle.

He looked at his robotic arm and started to move his fingers in and out towards his palm. For a second, sparks started to gather from his shoulder and they began to swirl around the entirety of his bionic arm.

Then looking at the statue, he threw out his fist at a fast speed, bashing into it, causing it to crumble to pieces and fall onto the grass.

“Leader, what have you done!” An old elder shouted from the side as he saw this.

“That was the great Genbu statue, the one that had helped our beloved Owen.”

“No.” Zinon stated. “That damn Turtle now works for someone else, there is no need to have a statue of him here.”

Not saying anything else, Zinon continued toward his room. The others understood, Erin now had Genbu and most likely, she was the one that played a part in killing Owen, at least, that was Zinon’s theory.

The Elders had rushed to the broken pieces of the statue, picking them up off the ground.

“Stop, if anyone dares to put that statue back together, then I will make sure I never see them here again. There is a reason for everything I’m doing.” Zinon continued, and the elders had dropped the pieces of statue there and then.

AJ was smirking at this, because everything had been caught on camera, and he thought in the meantime, while he couldn’t live stream for a while, putting out bits and pieces like this would do them well.

After entering the room, everything was relatively quick, a ship had been prepared for Chris, Peter, and the other three who surprisingly, would be joining them, with the coordinates in hand.

“I wish you guys good luck on your journey, and if there is anything you need help with, stop by or send us a message. I will do my best to help you out, as long as it’s no more dangerous fighting.” Zinon chuckled.

Before turning around, everyone’s eyes were on a certain couple. Lucia had approached Peter to say her goodbyes, her head was down and she was twiddling her thumbs nervously, while Peter just stood there staring at the wall on the other side.

It was hard to tell what his emotions were in all of this, especially by the reaction on his face.

“Peter, stay safe, you know I care about you a lot, right, and about before. If you really don’t feel the same way, you can just forget everything you don’t have to force yourself.” Lucia stated.

She had survived without Peter before, so she was pretty sure she could continue to survive without him now as well. It was just, in the middle of everything, she never thought she would find a person she cared about so much, someone she wanted to look after, and it was the first time for her.

So she was hoping that the feelings would be responded back.

“Lucia.” Peter started off his sentence. “For a long time, there has been only one person on my mind. Someone I care about, I think about all the time, and I wish they were always by my side. I would do anything they asked, and anything they wished.”

Lucia, was starting to blush hearing these words , finally she was hearing what she had wanted, and it was all coming out so fast. Never in her life did she think she would hear Peter speak these words about her.

“I would even risk my life for Quinn.”

Hearing that name, everyone’s faces dropped in that moment, and Lucia felt like she had been stabbed in the heart.

‘All of those words… They were for Quinn. I guess Peter really has only one person on his mind.’ Lucia thought. “I understand, good luck, and I hope we can continue to meet.”

The groups had split up and they were now flying through space once again. While in the ship though, Chris was curious about what he had just heard.

“Why… did you bother to tell Lucia all that, all that stuff about Quinn,” Chris asked.

Both Vanessa, Lucas and AJ were curious as well.

“Because that is how I used to feel, but now there are two people in my mind from time to time,” Peter replied.

“What!” Chris shouted back. “Then why didn’t you say that to her? You made her completely misunderstand you.”

“I was going to, but she had already said goodbye. The conversation ended, no need to continue, and it’s not important.”

Peter was certainly an oddball for them all, but that’s what made him so interesting to follow as well. Any women that decided to stay with him, their life certainly would be a hard one they imagined, or perhaps a very easy one based on his loyalty to Quinn.

The group had eventually entered the new solar system of planets and there were large chunks of asteroids that were floating around some of the planets. They looked somewhat like moons.

Eventually, they had landed on the closest planet, and decided to stretch themselves for a bit.

“So, do you have any idea how you are going to locate this Zero person?” Vanessa asked. “There are so many planets, and some of them are gigantic it could take years to find them without a plan.”

“Energy,” Chris answered. “Zero uses a large amount of Qi when he fights, and I am used to what his Qi feels like. Out here, these planets were said to be dangerous, so if he’s fighting, I can-“

At that moment, staring off into the far distance, a large explosion was heard. They looked into the sky, and like a moon another planet could be seen in the distance not too far from theirs.

A giant cloud, like a nuclear bomb had gone off, could be seen, and from here they eventually felt the wind and at the same time, the wave of energy that hit them.

“That’s Zero… he’s fighting on that planet!” Chris grinded his teeth and began to transform.


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