My Vampire System Chapter 1915

Due to recent events, the small group that was responsible for taking out the new being that was known as a celestial, were unable to go around any of the Graylash planets without being recognised.

Peter had somewhat of a solution since he could transform his own looks and change Chris’s appearance as well, but then what would they do with Laxmus. Which was why Zinon had offered for them to come with him for the time being.

They were heading towards the base of the Graylash, which was more so just a large piece of land that was floating through space. They thought they would also get their answer as to where the ship was seen heading in their section.

However, the group weren’t alone as there were a few extra guests.

Currently sitting at a table on the medium-sized vessel, Lucia had her hands on the top of her head.

“Remind me why these three were invited here again?” Lucia asked.

The man sitting next to her had a grin on his face, and a tablet in hand, typing away everything that was happening so far. It wasn’t an ordinary man. In fact, it was the incredible reporter that was known as Aj.

“One of the biggest topics that is going on right now is between you and Zombie boy!” Aj stated. “I won’t film anything you two don’t want to see, I’m just writing the observation I have, and besides, every time I try to talk to him, I’m scared I might get…hit.”

Aj’s eyes darted to the corner of the room where Peter had his arms folded and was paying attention. After eating food and collecting his limbs for him, he was back to the way he was.

During this journey, Aj was so amazed that he continued to ask non-stop questions about Peter, how his body worked, what that surge of energy was. In truth, Peter just ignored the reporter, not saying anything but then there was a certain question asked that rubbed him the wrong way, how did he feel about Lucia, that was the first time he had caught a reaction and words out of Peter, but they had sent a shiver down Aj’s spine.

“If you keep asking questions, I’ll punch you through the wall.”

After those words, Aj stopped and decided to move his questions to Luica, who at first was open to answering some of them, but when it came to stuff with the celestials and more, she kept her mouth shut.

She was smart enough to know what panic this would cause the world.

“Don’t forget that it was because of Aj that you guys were able to get out of there peacefully,” Vanessa added.

As for the other two guests that had hopped onto the ship, as silently as they could, following Aj it was the vampire pair, Vanessa and Lucas. Since they had been a great help to Aj, and had given him the scoop of a lifetime, he had asked the two to come work for him as assistants, and the two of them were more than willing to.

They had always wanted a sense of adventure, but not quite one that would put their own lives on the front line, so this was perfect and they too were interested in this mysterious group.

“Yes,” Lucas added. “Because of Aj reporting that he had seen you guys on the north side, all of those reporters that were waiting for you at the docking station rushed off, and we could sneak onto here with ease. So I think a few questions wouldn’t hurt too much.”

“You guys do have to understand a few things though,” Zinon said, sitting at the metal table, and clashing his hands against the bottom making a clang sound. For Zinon, he hadn’t gotten his arms back, instead he had made do with two bionic ones. They were somewhat common items that people could buy these days, and a procedure that could be done with ease.

At the moment, he just got the standard of the shelf stuff, but his best bet was to go to Green city after and see Logan himself to get the best of the best.

“This matter with the celestials is off limits. I don’t mind you guys talking about your theories and such, but there is a line. From now on, I don’t want any live broadcastings of what happens if you are to follow.

“On top of that, everything has to go through us before it gets out there to the public, and if anything extremely sensitive such as the location of them or you decide to secretly post something regarding the others online. The whole Graylash faction will be mobilised to get rid of you.

“And not even with your wealth could you hire Travellers to stop that.”

Aj gulped. His integrity as a reporter really didn’t want his videos to be censored or edited by others, but what choice did he have, which was why he just decided to nod.

Now that was over, Zinon’s question went over to the others, and he looked at Chris, since he was the easier to talk to out of the two.

“I’ll let you guys borrow a ship, and I’ll give you the coordinates, but after that, what do you two plan on doing? Are you still going to look for Zero?” Zinon asked.

Aj’s ears were burning up, but from the looks of things, this wasn’t something he could report on. Still, right now he was happy that he was just present in the room.

‘Zero, the leader of Pure. I guess it would make sense that Chris is after him, after all why would he attack his own base? Something must’ve happened and now he’s travelling with one of the people that disrupted the Chained wedding. It’s clear that there are many pieces to this, but as to what they were and how everything came together I don’t know.’

“I know you are focused on this task, but that thing attacked you for a reason.” Zinon reiterated. “Don’t you think that they might be out there attacking others as well?”

“I have no doubt,” Chris replied instantly. “But you also have to realise Zinon, that the human race has been put through a lot recently. We have grown in leaps and strides when it comes to strength. These guys thought it would be easy taking us out, but they were wrong.”

Chris had said these words with such conviction and in his mind he had one person, Quinn. After facing him, he was finding it hard to imagine that anyone could beat him, god or not. In his head, he replayed if Hinto and Quinn were to fight who would win.

Although Quinn was less skilled, Chris had learned to not underestimate him because not only did he have a wide range of abilities and was versatile. He also improved the most when it came to it being in the middle of a fight.

“We have to continue,” Peter spoke. “Because it’s to help Quinn. We need to get as much of his plate as possible for him. That man has done enough for the world, so let’s do this and let the damn person rest.”

“Quinn?” Vanessa replied. “Are you guys talking about the great hero Quinn? Is that who you are doing this all for?”

She found it strange that they were trying to help a dead person.

“Even in that fight, he helped me,” Peter stated, which raised more eyebrows.

“I don’t think we have to worry about him,” Chris said. “If any celestial comes for him, they would be the unlucky ones.”

Things were slowly coming into Aj’s mind as he was figuring things out. Out of nowhere, who could have come to such an event and disrupt the whole world? Once again, who were these strong people, world leaders like Zinon, able to help and work under, even to change the views of the Great Chris to betray the Pure Faction?

When thinking about it all, it was so simple, and at that moment, there was a ping on Aj’s system. He opened up his screen, and one of his informants had delivered him some news. At the vampire crops base in Mars, vampires were claiming that Quinn had returned.

“Everyone!” Aj called out at that moment. “I know you said you didn’t want me to film. You don’t want me to tell the whole world of what is happening, at least not yet anyway, which is why I have a proposal.

“After this is all over… when you guys are done doing what you have done. I wish to listen to all your stories, listen to everything you have done, everything you have been through and record it.

“Maybe I can’t make it into a documentary of some sorts, but perhaps a book, a book that can be passed on so the entire world continues to know of all your feats and everything you ever did!”

The others hearing this, they thought the idea of a book sounded pretty interesting.


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