My Vampire System Chapter 1914 The Spread Of Death

The news reports were spread around the world of AJ’s footage discussing multiple things, and the headlines seemed to be changing every fifteen minutes as the topics moved from one to the other.

Will the Graylash leader Zinon retire?

Who are the heroes that fought against the mystery beast?

Who is Zombie boy?

Who is Zombie boy’s mystery lover?

There was a lot of praise from those online about what Peter had done, and even more so, the clip of the two kissing, towards the end, was one of the most viewed videos, but perhaps it was because of what the person who had been deemed ‘Zombie boy’ had said or done after the kiss that made it become a hit.

After giving the kiss, Peter pulled away and held Lucia by the side of her arms.

“Peter… Lucia said in a soft voice as she looked into his eyes. “Do you feel the same way?”

Peter stayed there in silence, not saying a word and eventually let go, and jumped out of the area. Where to, who knew, but his reaction had caused multiple questions to be asked. Whether or not the Zombie boy was just shy, or maybe he had no feelings whatsoever.

Either way, it was something that people were interested in following, and it was one of the most requested follow ups for AJ and his team.

However, the most important topic that was to come out of the filming was this… Is humanity in danger once more?

The topic was about the threat that had attacked them, it was something they had never seen before and the being had called themselves a celestial. The opinions of what these were varied from one group to another. An alien race, a humanoid beast, an experiment from one of the groups… but they were all far off the mark, and if they really knew, it would be almost impossible for humans to comprehend and it would cause deep fear in them.

The stir had even caused popular news channels to create a hosting section. In a studio, there was a sofa at the back, where the host sat in his suit, and there were three more people dressed in regular everyday clothing who had come in.

One of them was a teacher, another worked for the Green party, and one of them was a member of Pure as well.

“Today, we invite our guests to talk about the new beings called the celestials. We have decided to get those coming from different groups to talk about how they feel about what we should do next on the matter?” the host asked, looking toward the teacher.

“I think the best thing to do is to find out what their goal is. If we can avoid a fight, it will always be best. Maybe we had done something to anger them in the first place.” The teacher replied.

“Although I do agree with my fellow guest, I also think what is important is that all groups come together to fight this force if necessary.” The man from the Green party replied. “Look at the clip that you saw. Zinon, the man who they are calling zombie boy and the others, including everyone in the city, had come together to beat the enemy.

“I think that it’s important, if the attack continues, that we should put all our forces together.”

The host was nodding along as he heard these words, but there was a scoff from his other side.

“Of course, you would say something like that.” The man from Pure replied. “Don’t you think the timing is a little too convenient? Pure had just had an attack, our base destroyed by one of our own, Chris.

“Yet there he is. On the video fighting against this new enemy!? If you ask me, all of this seems like a set-up. An imaginary enemy that was made just to distract you from finding out the truth. That damned Chris and all of them should be hanged for hurting the people!”

The discussion that was being broadcasted about the event had become heated, and it begged the question, was anywhere at this point and time being attacked by the celestials? If so, they would need to come up with a plan soon.


Unbeknownst to the rest of the world though, at the time the news hadn’t just been spread to them, but it had been spread to the rest of the celestials as well. There were stations set up that allowed those to watch the current fights going on between celestials and God Slayers.

However, still if one was to get out of that space, they would be back to the real celestial space where time was far slower. This was why the news of what had happened to Hinto, had already been heard by everyone so far.

“This place is getting stranger and stranger by the day,” Yongbu said. “After you said all those things about him, I thought Hinto had no chance to lose.”

“I thought the same thing!” Xox replied. “Who knew that there would be those on earth that were close to the level of a God Slayer, and on top of that for a dedicated follower as strong as that to help out in the fight!”

“Which brings me to the question, why wasnt that one classified as a God Slayer. I would say it was because of him that the match was won. If it was only the God Slayer against Hinto I think it was clear who the winner would be.” Yongbu replied.

“Exactly!” the ball of energy had risen with excitement. “The question you asked though, there is an answer for it. God Slayers are those that are strong enough to be classed as one with their own strength.

“A dedicated follower can be classed as at the God Slayer level. Although, we wouldn’t typically call them one. However, if they are only that strong due to the energy that they have borrowed from a celestial, then it doesn’t really count.

“Because in the end, kill the celestial, and all the dedicated followers perish after. What is strange is how such a person who isn’t classified as a God Slayer could hold so much celestial energy like that.”

The fight was aggravating for Xox, and what was worrying not just him but all of the celestials even more was that two of the fighters that had been taken out. Depending on how all the other situations went, there was a chance that the whole of the celestial space would feel very different once again.

It was clear that the celestials didn’t like it, this pressure that was in the air, and they just wanted things to return back to normal, which was why all of them were somewhat routing for the celestials to get rid of the annoying God Slayers.

“I wonder what Mundus thinks of this?” Yongbu asked.

“A small hiccup.” A voice from behind replied, when turning around they could see Mundus standing right behind them, which caused their energy forms to shrivel in size as they were both frightened.

Right there and then, they wanted to run off, but if they did, they knew it would be disrespectful, and they perhaps would be put in the reincarnation cycle next. However, even though they had no heart in this space, they were racing when looking at Mundus.

Although the two hadn’t told each other, both of them feared that Mundus perhaps had found out about their involvement with the celestial in question that was causing part of this mess.

“I will explain to you, and I hope you can pass this on if anyone asks,” Mundas stated. “The ancient ones are always thinking ahead. If Hinto failed it just means they have something planned for after that.

“There was a reason why these people were selected. I believe the strongest fighting celestials weren’t chosen so we could gauge how big the problem is. As for Hinto himself, I believe it’s so Immortui can get more involved.

“You know the ancient ones and him have a history and maybe sending Hinto was a way for them to communicate, and now with him gone. Maybe Immortui will make bigger strides to get rid of this problem.” Mundus stated and continued to walk past.


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