My Vampire System Chapter 1913 An Undead heart

Chapter 1913 An Undead heart

During the entire fight, Aj was doing splendid work, and at the same time, the video feed was being sent to his editing team, who were able to slow down the frames and cut parts of the video into smaller clips. The edited version was now being shared and shown to others around.

At the moment, Aj’s careful camera work continued as he zoomed in on the body of the celestial in the air, and before it even touched the ground, the body looked to have broken down into several particles and had completely disappeared, surprising everyone.

It was a clear sign that the fight was over, the intruder that had attacked was dealt with, and they were no longer in immediate danger.

Slowly, Aj jumped down from the building, and he wasn’t alone as people slowly started to come out of their homes and hiding places one by one.

“Everyone…it looks like the fight is over…the Graylash planet is now safe, and it’s all because of them! Because of these people right here in front of us!” Aj shouted.

The crowd around responded to this. They could tell that the nightmare was over. They had never dealt with something so frightening as this. None of them was ever born during the Dalki war and had only heard about it.

This battle had frightened them to their toes. And the fact that the powers and abilities of the general public had even begun to weaken due to the peaceful period after the Dalki War only made the situation worse. Only those that wished to continue to fight or become Travellers had honed their abilities and powers.

It was the first time in a long period that humans were to draw upon their powers like that. It was a battle for their survival on the Graylash planets, which have been deemed as a safe haven for centuries.

“Man, do you see the state of that square? It’s completely cracked.”

“Yeah, and look at that sword attack from before. Did anyone look at the clip? I think it sliced houses for miles on end in half.”

Due to the massive force that they were fighting against each other with, it was next to impossible for them to really know the level of each of the attacks because they would either miss, collide against each other or be dealt with on their own body.

It was safe to say that both Peter and Chris were exhausted. Peter, who usually had an unlimited amount of stamina, couldn’t move his body as he lay there slowly, just twitching his fingers. As for Chris, he had never felt this sore from over-exerting his body in a very, very long time.

Sure he had suffered from pain when fighting against Quinn, but this was pain from using his werewolf form, among other things, to the very limit. While on the ground, Chris tilted his head towards Peter and looked back at the fight.

‘This person, they said they were celestial. That’s what Quinn was talking about, right?’ Chris thought, thinking back to Quinn’s explanation of where he had been and another world out there. As to why he was being targeted, he didn’t know.

That was because Quinn hadn’t told Chris about him being classified as a Godslayer.

‘In a way…if I assess my performance in this fight, I believe I fought better compared to when I was up against Quinn. In terms of skill, this Hinto was far better.

‘Maybe it’s because all he was using was his swords, but he was a true master. I couldn’t even land a full-strength hit on him, but even when I did, it felt like my attack was only able to get through a little, and a lot of my momentum was dispersing fast.’

Thinking about it more, Chris wondered if Peter was also using the energy. If he was, then what was the difference between the two? Because without a doubt, if he and Peter were to fight, Chris knew that he would be the winner.

In either form, he truly believed that Peter was strong, but compared to the two of them, with both their bodies having incredible regeneration, Chris’s fighting prowess was just more deadly.

In the end, Chris could only imagine it was the strange energy he felt Peter use at the end which could make the real difference, but he had no idea where that had come from.

‘If he had that kind of energy, he should have used it from the beginning.’

‘It happened when he talked with Lucia? Was it her, is it the power of love?’ Chris thought, soon pulling a face. ‘No way, it can’t be something that corny.’

In the end, both Chris and Peter started to regain their energy a bit. They slowly got off the ground and could see that the others were staying far away. Families were hugging each other with tears of Joy.

Laxmus had been flying in the sky so far and eventually landed right in front of Peter.

“Hey, you didn’t do so much for a bad job for your first fight,” Peter said. “It seems you’re quite smart.”

“Yeah, apart from the fact that he nearly destroyed a whole street of houses.” A voice said.

Looking up from the creator that they had made, they could see that Zinon and Lucia were on edge. The two of them started to slide down into the crater to see how the others were doing.

Slowly standing up and squinting their eyes when they opened them up again, they could see Zinon close and something shocked the both of them.

“Your…your arms! Are they going to grow back?” Peter asked.

From the elbow down, the ends had been sealed and were slightly black, so they weren’t bleeding, but it was obvious what had happened.

Zinon shook his head.

“I’m afraid I am not a monster like you two. If my arms were still present, then maybe I could use some Qi, or go to a doctor healer or something, and have them reattached, but they completely disappeared in those black flames.”

These words showed Chris how dangerous the black flames were for him. He had also seen what Zinon did at the end. The latter had risked his life to slow down Hinto. Even if it had only helped delay the latter by a fraction of a second, it was quite possible that was what had saved their lives, allowing for them to win the fight.

“When we are done with what we need to do, if there is ever a time where you need help, then please let me know. We owe you a lot.” Chris said.

The fight had drawn all of them closer as they took down a common enemy. Lucia glanced at Peter. He still had his blood hardened for his limbs.

It was unsure how long this would last, but one thing was for sure, he would need some food. Without it, maybe anytime soon, he would start going on an eating rampage, and that’s what he needed for his limbs to come back as well.

Or at least for them to heal back the way they were, unlike Zinon, Peter’s limbs were still in the square somewhere. As the group turned around, ready to leave the place, they could see several people standing on the outside of the crater.

“There we have it folks, all of the people in here were the ones responsible for defeating the being who called itself a Celestial!” Aj reported. “Even our very own Graylash leader has been severely injured while protecting us. Everyone, we must burn this image of our heroes in our mind.”

Everyone around started to cheer as they shouted words of thanks, cheering at the top of their lungs for the people in front of them. At that moment and time, they didn’t care if they were vampires, humans, part of the Graylash or Pure faction. They just wanted to show their gratitude then and there.

“Peter,” Lucia whispered. “I think you should get out of here. Aren’t you hungry?” Lucia whispered.

It was then that Lucas spotted this, and he was also one of the vampires that had seen the two talking before and the confession of love. A deep smile appeared on his face as he opened up his mouth.

“Kiss! The two of you love each other, and we all know it already! Why are you holding back? Kiss already!” Lucas shouted.

Lucia’s face went bright red, as she didn’t know what to do or say, but that’s when a chant began.

“Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” The chants continued as she closed her eyes but soon felt something on her face, a strange feeling of warmth on her cheek. Opening her eyes, she saw that it was Peter’s blood-hardened hand.

“I don’t know what the hell I’m doing,” Peter said. “But, I’m going to do it anyway because I think I want to.”

Leaning forward, Peter pressed his lips against Lucia’s. And a cheering roar louder than when the battle concluded erupted from the crowd.



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