My Vampire System Chapter 1912 The world battle (part 6 Final)

Chapter 1912 The world battle (part 6 Final)

The amulet that had been received from Quinn was a blessing to Lucia. It had given her powers and strength to fight in situations where she wouldn’t have been able to fight. It allowed her to use blood aura, even though she herself wasn’t a vampire.

At the same time, the blood clone was able to get her out of multiple different situations. There was a thing as well, the more blood that was split around her and the more time spent using it, the more powerful the amulet would become.

However, other than using the blood aura, she never really knew how to draw out more power. It was almost as if she could feel there was more power in the amulet but had no clue how to get it out of there.

It made her wonder if she was the right person to have it, if perhaps it would have worked better with a vampire, but this was an heirloom from her family, and Quinn said she deserved it.

Yet, for the first time ever, it felt like she was activating the Amulet, but on a whole other level. It started to glow, and energy was being drawn out of not just her, but also the amulet, and it was going to none other than the person she was holding onto.

All of the blood from the battle, all of the power the amulet had contained until now, was flowing into Peter. The marking on Peter, and the marking on the amulet started to light up as energy was being drawn between the two of them.

Blood aura started to form out from Peter, where his limbs would be. They began to harden and form a shape, turning into a solid red colour. They were clearly not part of Peter’s original body but now he could stand, and he had his arms back again.

He stood up from where he was, breaking away from Lucia.

“I don’t know what you did, but you’ve given me the chance to kick that guy’s arse once again.” Peter exclaimed with a wide grin on his face.

“Wolf boy, we’re attacking again, and this really is the last chance we have.” Peter exclaimed.

The viewers watching, seeing Peter stand again, thought it was some type of miracle. They had heard the confession on camera by the female, and they were starting to believe it was the miracle of love.

Meanwhile, Zinon, who was close by, had a thought in his head.

‘We have to do something, we all have to do something, the attacks from everyone has bought us some time, but that won’t be enough!’

Chris was already moving, and had allowed for Peter to jump on once again. Just before they set off toward Hinto, Lucia had a few final words.

“Don’t die.”

Peter didn’t say anything as he went off, back toward where Hinto was, the constant barrage of attacks from everyone were continuing, but Hinto’s whole body was now lighting up in a black flame. As the attacks got close, they just disintegrated before even being able to touch him.

“You idiots, this fire is no ordinary fire. Do you think your attacks, your energy, can even harm me? Hinto claimed.

It was true, the attacks weren’t working at all and it was due to the amount of celestial energy Hinto had. Just because a celestial had large amounts of celestial energy didn’t mean they were a fighter, and strong creatures, beasts, and beings could harm celestials even without the use of celestial energy if they were strong enough.

However, the amount of celestial energy could be used as a type of barrier. It was a reason why some gods, although not fighters, found it hard to even be hurt by mere beings, and it was this case right now.

The only thing was, there was a being that had celestial energy, right here in front of him, and he had just gained a bit of a boost from a particular item. Unbeknownst to him, Peter had more celestial energy than he usually would have.

“Peter, I’m going to try something and it’s all up to you to create an opening but, let’s finish him off here!” Chris stated.

The two were running at full force, and for the first time rather than just standing still, Hinto ran forward. The attacks from the public stopped, everyone watching online held their breath and weren’t blinking to see this final moment.

In front of Hinto’s path, a big beam of red aura was shot out, right in front of Hinto. For some reason he had stopped, even with the flames on his body, as if he was afraid that it was going to hurt him.

At that moment, turning into a lightning bolt, Zinon had zapped himself up and directly behind Hinto.

‘Everything… the timing is for this moment.’

Zinon had the lightning bolt in his hand and stabbed it right into Hinto’s back, but to do that, his hands had to go through the flames. He had covered his hands with lightning but that didn’t seem to matter. Still, he didn’t care as the lightning bolt had successfully pierced the back of his body.

‘Even if this slows him down for a second it will be okay.’

Straight after, Zinon had turned into a lightning bolt going back to where Lucia was. That’s when she could see that the black flames were covering his hands, and they were spreading quickly.

“What is happening?” Lucia asked.

“Chop them off!” Zinon ordeed. “Before it’s too late, chop them off.”

Grabbing a beast weapon from the ground, she squinted as she listened to the order and just as the flames were about to reach his elbow, she swung the sword down, chopping off his arms right by the elbow.

Zinon gathered his lightning powers, trying to spark the ends to sear them off, so he wouldn’t bleed to death, as he saw both his arms burn away into nothing but dust.

‘I hope it was worth it, you two.’

Just then, in the middle of running toward Hinto, Chris started to transform back into his human state. It flung Peter forward slightly and in the middle of transforming back, Chris used all the strength and muscles in his hand to grab Peter and chuck him forward.

It propelled him even further, and before Hinto could lift his blades that were down by his side, Peter had slammed an energized red punch right into Hinto’s face for the first time. It was a solid hit, and blood came right out from Hinto’s mouth as his head was flung back.

Right after Peter had thrown a punch, Chirs then dug both his claws into his body, and lifted him up in the air. Blood was dripping from his wounds onto the ground.

Bending his knees, Peter was preparing for one last attack, all of the energy in his body was accumulating in his fist, his whole arm was shaking, the ground around them was shaking with power, and once again there was a new rise in power that he could feel in him as his hand started to glow red and the aura flowed around the area.


‘I don’t know what you’re doing Peter, but whatever it is, right now, I know you need it a lot more than me.’ Quinn thought.

[Celestial energy has been transferred]

Chris held him there, so there was a target for Peter to hit onto. Blasting off from his legs, all of the energy in his fist was going right towards Hinto’s head. A loud churning sound was heard as the ground sunk in the entire area a good meter deep.

It almost felt as if the piece of land they were on, had sunken below sea level and that’s what had happened, as the water went onto parts of the land for a few seconds, before rising back up to what it was.

Hinto put his swords in an X shape, trying to block the attack, the flames covered his sword, but the second Peter’s fist touched the flames, it did nothing and then both of the blades broke as the fist continued hitting Hinto in the head, destroying it in an instant and turning it into nothing, allowing for his body to fall on the ground.

Peter collapsed and Chirs collapsed, falling to the floor, and Hinto’s body disintegrated into nothing but particles. As Peter laid there on the ground, there was a thought in his head.

‘Quinn… I could feel it, you helped me didn’t you… but are you okay?’ Peter thought.


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