My Vampire System Chapter 1911 The World Battle (part 5)

Chapter 1911 The World Battle (part 5)

The camera had zoomed in on the weird head tail like object, and the viewers were in complete shock. To them It looked like they were winning the fight, the Wolf duo team had the upper edge, even the cuts on the celestial’s arm were still present.

Which made them wonder, how had the tables had turned just like that, and when they couldn’t even see what had occurred. Blood soaked the end of the head tail, and soon it started to disappear into nothing but dust, as the black flames had consumed it, burning it until it was completely gone.

“What is going on!”

“Are they going to be okay? They can still fight, right? I mean his hand was cut off before and they could still fight!”

The viewers were worried and on top of that, they had heard someone scream on the camera.


Turning quickly, they could see that there was a female in white robes, the traditional outfit of the Graylash family, she had a spear in her hand and tears were falling from her face.

So far she had stayed out of the fight, because if Zinon and others couldn’t really help, then what use would she be, but it was taking every fiber in her body to not run out there and be right by Peter’s side right now.

‘I have to stay here, I can’t… I can’t run out there. If I do, then I will just become a target and put Peter in more danger, but please Peter, don’t die!” Lucia thought as she closed her eyes, squinting and falling to her knees due to how helpless she felt.

Chirs could feel some of the blood falling onto his back. There strangely didn’t seem to be a lot, but that’s when they were reminded that Peter was an undead in the first place. Blood in his body didn’t really matter.

“Peter, are you okay… can you still fight?” Chris asked.

There was no visible wound on top of Peter’s head, that was because it had already somewhat seared and healed up. In the first place, the head tail was just an extension of Peter’s powers when activating his celestial form, and he was still full of power.

His body was still lit up, in a red aura, and his arms were encased in black and beaming with energy as well.

“Don’t worry, he didn’t aim for the head.” Peter mumbled, as he grinded his teeth… annoyed at what had happened so far.

The truth was, Chris was surprised that he hadn’t been hit in the attack at all. For some reason Hinto had only aimed for Peter.

‘Does he see him more as a threat than me? But I thought that he was after me?’ Chris thought.

“What are you doing, let’s go in again!” Peter said, slamming his fists together.

“But your tail thing, it isn’t growing back!” Chris asked.

“Does that matter, you think I only know how to fight with that. If he cuts off my head tail, I’ll use my arms, if he cuts off those, I’ll use my legs, and if he cuts off all my limbs, I’ll just have to use my head, even if my eyeballs are the only thing left… I’ll kill this guy!” Peter shouted.

Chris started to run around the place, there was still support coming from Laxmus and Zinon, seeing the tense and rough situation, but now it looked like those attacks weren’t hitting either. As fast as Zinon lighting attacks were, Hinto would lift his sword at the right time completely blocking the attack as his flames just engulfed whatever there was of the lightning and it was the same with the red aura as well.

Right now, the only attack that had gone through was Peter’s; it was the only attack that had hurt him so far. Chris knew this as well, which was why he wasn’t against Peter’s idea, there was nothing else that had worked.

‘I have to play my part as well, without the reach of the head tail and the flexibility, I will just have to go faster!’ Chris thought as he was going to muster every bit of strength.

“Chris… whatever happens just keep moving, it will be our only chance, just keep moving towards him in and out, and attack no matter what happens, there will be a chance!” Peter claimed.

The claws of Chris dug in deeper into the ground, the truth was this form took a lot of energy and he was tired, but he had to fight it, he needed to dig deep, otherwise everyone here would be dead, including him.

‘I’m not tired, I still have plenty of energy, I’m the strongest there is!’ Chris thought to himself as he boosted forward, straight towards Hinto.

It was faster than he had gone before, this rise in strength Chris could feel it, once again during a tough battle he was improving, his Qi was growing and he was using a combination of everything that was in his body.

Peter’s fist started to glow in a yellow light, as Chris dodged slightly to the side and went to swipe with his paw, but Hinto had lifted his sword deflecting the claw, and at the same time, towards Peter’s fist, he went past and cut a line directly down the side.

The sword went deep and Peter’s arm had been sliced sideways.

“Remember what I said!” Peter shouted.

As soon as Chris found footing, he went forward again, charging in from a different side, trying to help; he used his claws but they would constantly get blocked by a blade.

This time though, Peter had managed to get a hit, punching Hinto on his right shoulder, but as soon as he touched the skin, there was no weight behind the punch… he could tell that there was no impact.

Once again, Hinto had diffused the energy of the attack, moving to the side, and slicing the sword down, Peter’s other arm was out of order.

Chris, not really knowing what was going on, continued with Peter’s command and went in again, at a lightning fast speed, and had success himself as he had hit Hinto’s legs from underneath causing his body to spin in the air.

Peter then leapt, and kicked back into the ground, the whole area caved in and the buildings closest started to fall as their foundations were broken.

While dropping down, with his hands not working like they used to before, he only had the choice of using another leg. As he got close, a sword could be seen and it had completely been sliced off.

Peter landed on one leg, and fell to the floor, both his arms were gone, the muscles at least in the other one making it impossible for him to pick himself off of the ground or at least hard to.

The viewers that were watching this, had stopped typing, as they placed their hands on their mouths, or covered their eyes. The horrid condition that Peter was currently in was unbearable to watch, but most of all, it was the fact that he wasn’t crawling away, and instead was using every working muscle in his body to move towards Hinto.

Hinto, with the sword in his hand, lifted it, ready to finish Peter off.

“NO!!!” Lucia screamed and could’t take it anymore. If Peter was to die, then she knew that they were all going to die in this place. She grabbed her spear and started to thrust it forward shooting out red sparks of lightning.

Zinon did the same, and surprisingly they weren’t the only ones. All of those that had been watching the fight, started to come out from their homes. They began to use all of their powers, their abilities, anything they could… and fired it towards where Peter and Hinto were, anything to stop them from killing the brave man that had stuck up for them.

“I’m sorry Peter, but I can’t follow your order anymore!” Chris said as he used his teeth to pick up Peter off the ground and head away.

Now Hinto was just shaking his head, as all of these attacks were coming towards him.

“If you all didn’t get involved, then you all wouldn’t have to die.”

Chris had appeared by the others’ side, including Lucia, and she quickly had grabbed his body from his mouth. She looked at Peter, tears flowing out.

“Peter… you have done so much, you have done enough already… please let’s just enjoy our final moments together,” Lucia said. “Please I… I want to tell you something… I’m not sure if you feel the same way, but I have to tell you… I love you!”

Several loud bangs were heard as the abilities had hit Hinto in the centre. There were hundreds of people, and with the help of Zinon and Laxmus the attacks were no small feat.

“Love…” Peter smiled. “That’s a word I don’t really understand, but what I do know is, you’ve given up too easily… I won’t give up.”

As Peter said those words, the amulet, the demon tier amulet that had the celestial marking around Lucia’s neck, started to glow.


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