My Vampire System Chapter 1910 The World Battle (part 4)

After seeing Chris transform into a large gigantic wolf, Peter was left confused for a few seconds. For one, he was unaware that Chris could even do such a thing. After hearing about the fight between him and Quinn, there was no mention of Chris turning his body into a full wolf.

Of course, Peter did know about his werewolf form, and understood that with that, his Qi, and all the training he had done that was how he had gotten so powerful, and yet, why was he now a wolf?

The thing was, just looking at it, he didn’t look like any ordinary wolf, at least not the ones that Peter had seen. The sheer size of Chris was different, he was as large as a car.

Even though he was covered in fur, the outline of his muscles on his legs and more could still be seen, and the fangs on his two front teeth as well as the claws on his paws, were larger. Almost abnormally large, even for the size that the wolf was.

“Get on!” Chris said, his voice lower than before, almost like a growl. It was also hard for Peter to understand the wolf form of Chris with his two large front teeth sticking out from his mouth.

With the attack coming their way, Chris didn’t ask twice, and instead just ran towards Peter as if he was charging right at him. It was in that moment that Peter understood what this form could do differently than Chris’s regular self and using all his strength he grabbed onto Chris and held on.

Quickly getting on his back and using the strength in his legs, Peter was doing his best to hold on, as Chris zipped around the place, making sure Hinto couldn’t guess their next move.

There was a reason why Chris hadn’t used this form against Quinn, because in his mind it was useless. The current form that Chris was in, it was weaker in terms of strength, and its fighting capability was limited.

Against someone like Quinn who had a versatile use of abilities and could attack from anywhere, there would be no hope. However, what this form did allow for Chris, compared to his normal state, was speed.

He was faster than he usually would be, and although he knew that alone wouldn’t be enough to beat Hinto, in this fight he wasn’t alone. The strength wouldn’t come from him, instead the attacks were to come from Peter instead.

After successfully stabbing Hinto in the shoulder, Peter pulled out the head tail and started to strike towards his head again. Just before it reached, the two trunks on Hinto’s head had curled forward and once again, had grabbed onto Peter’s head tail stopping him in his tracks, at least, almost.

Before this could occur, Chris leapt up in the air, pulling back. And at the right moment, so Hinto couldn’t chase, both Laxmus and Zinon continued to fire lightning strikes as well as blood aura shots toward Hinto.

Whether it was hurting him or wearing him down they didn’t know, but in this situation they were currently in, it was clear they were playing the supporting role in this fight.

If they could just hinder Hinto for a few seconds, while Chris got away, or something, then it would work out in the end.

Once again though, the smoke cleared, and the black flamed swords were seen. For the first time, Hinto had gotten in a fighting stance, with one sword held upward and another below. He was shifting his foot carefully as he moved in the direction from where he assumed that the werewolf was coming.

Chris pounced forward and attacked from the side, and Peter’s head tail went for the side this time. Hinto had moved the sword ever so slightly, but he had missed blocking it by a few seconds and a large cut was made right on Hinto’s shoulder as it slashed him.

The second Chris moved away, he pounced forward again getting into a rhythm, and a strike from Peter’s head tail was used. With Chris’s speed and Peter’s power it was easily cutting through the celestial’s flesh causing his blood to fall on the ground.

Slash after slash was made on the shoulders of the celestial, creating more and more marks, but eventually Chris needed to take a break as he backed away, which gave the others time to attack again.

“Hey, why don’t you aim for his head, kill him and get this over and done with!” Chris shouted.

Qi was channelling mainly through his legs. It was to allow him to move as fast as possible, and honestly everytime Chris went in he was afraid that it was possible, without the second stage of Qi covering him and not being in his other form, that single hit could get him killed.

“Are you an idiot!” Peter replied back. “One… it’s hard to hit him properly with how fast you’re moving, and two… I am trying to hit him in the head, but I think he can see. I think he can still see us.”

The comment was strange, but Peter felt it, when there were times when he went to aim for the head, it was almost as if Hinto would move in a way so the only target Peter had left was his shoulders, otherwise he would just end up hitting the swords anyway.

“Look at this, look how good they’re doing!”

“What do you mean look at this, I can’t see a single thing.” Another replied.

“The camera is just picking up blurs, you would have to slow down the footage to see what was happening.”

And that was what some viewers had done, slowing down the image and creating a still frame of Peter riding on top of the wolf. It certainly was a sight to behold, something they hadn’t seen before, and some were already using the pictures from this as their background on their phones and screens.

There was a huge rush of support for the two of them to take out this being that they had seen as a celestial.

“You damn aliens! You think you can just attack our planets and think we won’t do anything!!”

Now that they had recovered, Chris went in once again.

“I can try slowing down just at the right time, that way you get a better hit onto the head of the celestial. Can you charge up more power, more energy for an attack?”

“No, don’t do that!” Peter shouted back, still having this strange feeling.

Chris decided to listen to Peter and charged full force ahead just like before, and with the head tail, Peter gathered all of the celestial energy he could to the point. He could tell that this was the energy, this was the power that was giving Hinto the most trouble, and he was right.

Scrunching up his head tail, Peter started to twist it and wound it up like a spring on the top of his head. Chris’s claws dug deep into the ground, breaking it, and the stone tiles went flying as he charged forward.

It was then that the red light from Hinto started to shine brighter, spreading to his dreaded eyes, and it looked like his entire body was in flames. He moved his swords once, no longer having them on the side as before, no longer blocking his head and body and instead just by his side.

“SCREW IT, JUST DIE!” Ignoring all his feelings, Peter knew he had to depend on this attack, if they couldn’t kill it now, with everyone giving it everything they had, then what else could he do.

At the right time, the head tail sprung out, and spun, it had even stretched as it strangely grew from Peter’s head outwards. The point was covered in a strange dark black substance as Peter used all the strength he could muster up.

Hinto smiled, taking a step forward and moving both of his swords in an X shape. The two could now be seen having crossed paths. The camera was showing the two of them having traded places but was unable to see what had occurred.

Until, falling from the sky, was Peter’s head tail, hitting the ground, blood everywhere pouring from the end. At the same time, a large deep cross had been made on Peter’s chest, blood was oozing out of him… what little he had in his body anyway.

“PETER!!!!” Lucia screamed from the sidelines.


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