My Vampire System Chapter 1909

Since there were many things going on in the celestial space all at once, the attention of the celestials was divided amongst those that were fighting against the God Slayers.

At the same time, some of the celestials just weren’t interested in what was happening. Over the course of time, things like this happened before. They came and went and then there were those that would make a big deal over what was going on.

On top of that they had their normal duties to attend to, planets that they kept careful eyes on. However, there were two celestials that were more interested in the things going on, more so compared to others, and that was Xox and Yongbu.

“I thought just BB was strong but it looks like there are plenty of strong people from Earth, what has happened? Surely we should have known about such a dangerous solar system before it got to this point.” Yongbu asked.

“That’s the thing, the Earthlings have just been put through a lot lately, due to their own mistakes and in order to get themselves out of the situation they were in, they had to evolve to this point, and besides I’m pretty sure that the dedicated follower isn’t one that belongs to Bliss or Immortui, otherwise they would have never fought against Hinto.”

Yongbu turned to his celestial ball friend, since he was slightly confused, although he knew dedicated followers didn’t tend to harm other celestials. However, the way Xox said those words, it was more so like he wouldn’t dare to attack someone like Hinto.

“I can tell you’re confused, but the background of Hinto is more mysterious when compared to any of the other celestials that were sent out on the attack.” Xox explained.

Now Youngbu was intrigued, because when watching the celestial fight he was wondering why there was a chill that he could feel around him, and of course Xox was happy to explain. In fact he was waiting for someone to be interested.

“You see, Hinto is not originally from the same place as us. He is from the red celestial space.”

If Xox could see Yongbu’s eyes, they would have lit up immensely.

“He is that high of a celestial? But if he can travel between spaces then how come I have never heard of him?”

The red celestial space was another name for the celestials that were on another plain, another dimension compared to the rest of the celestials. They had the same planets, there was Earth and other planets, but these beings usually were unable to interact with each other.

The familiar world was one example of another space, called the mystic space. As for the red space, it was known to be an incredibly cruel and brutal place, even between celestials.

“You should know the stories of those from the red space. The creatures that live there are ones that are unmatched when compared to our space.”

“Which is why any celestial that is known to come from that space is also known to be strong just to survive.” Youngbu mumbled and now also understood why he got a strange feeling when looking at Hinto.

It was the difference in energy, the aura around said person, it was something that one wasn’t used to. Technically it was still the same energy but it almost had a different flavour to it.

“I still don’t understand, I know that some celestials can travel between the plains, but that is either due to the celestial themselves, or due to the level of the celestial, but Hinto was not at that level… if he was, I would have heard of him.” Yongbu replied.

“You are correct, but the truth is that Hinto was pulled out of the red space and brought into this one.” Xox stated. “Not many people know about this, but of course you are talking to the number one information gatherer in the celestial space right now.

“Hinto was in a bit of trouble in the red space and he was able to contact one of the ancient ones. In order for them to help pull him out of the red space, he agreed to do their bidding. Now Hinto works under them doing whatever they ask. He has done quite a few tasks like this for them before, but it just has never been publicized in a way like this.”

After hearing all of this, Yongbu started to think more about the red space. He hadn’t really met many celestials from there and for good reason, there just weren’t many that had the ability to travel between spaces.

Even if they did, sometimes they could enter the space but were unable to use the white balls of energy to travel to the places that they needed to go.

In fact, at times Yongbu had heard rumours that if there were celestials that were difficult to deal with, or caused too much trouble, that the ancient ones would get involved and send them to the red space.

At the end of the day, the ancient ones were the ones that were there from the beginning, the overseers of all the spaces. They all knew this, even though Yongbu had never seen one in person.

“Anyway, the point is, even though those idiots are strong from Earth, Hinto will be no easy match for them.”


After the endless attacks from Laxmus and from Zinon had stopped, smoke had appeared around the area. The camera from AJ zoomed in waiting for the result, as the smoke started to fade away… they could still see the figure still standing there completely fine.

Even the clothes on Hinto seemed to be unhurt, and the swords were still held in its hands.

“Do you have any idea how many battles I have been through?” Hinto said as the red crystal in between his eyes started to light up. Both of his swords were now covered in the balck flames.

“Battle after battle after battle in that place, and I won every single one of them. Today, this will be the same, I will win this battle as well, because following them and not having to fight every second of my life is far better than my old life.”

Swinging his sword upright, a large wall of fire had been raised as tall as an apartment building. It had sliced everything in its path including the buildings on the outskirts, setting aflame everything that it touched. They continued to burn, not growing larger or smaller but staying in place.

There were screams and cries as some had been hit by the attack, and those that had been, their life was slowly fading away until it was nothing.

Eventually, Hinto lowered his sword and the flames disappeared and looked like they had gone back into his weapon, and that’s when he noticed that his attack hadn’t hit his target.

“Where did the two annoying ones go?” Hinto asked.

During the fight, Hinto had noticed that after all of his attacks, those two in particular, had some type of super-healing ability that allowed them to continue on fighting.

So he needed to increase the strength in the power he was drawing from himself to finish them. It had been awhile since he had to fight like this, had to fight this hard, which just proved what type of opponents these two were.

Turning his head quickly, he could hear the sound of something, it flashed in his vision, and he turned again trying to keep track of it. Until eventually he could see it coming straight towards him at a great speed.

It pounced, shoving its two claws right into Hinto, pushing him down on the ground and now Hinto could see what it was.

On top of him was what looked like a large grey-furred wolf. Not a werewolf but a full sized wolf. The sheer speed of the attack had caused Hinto to fall back, and before he knew it, he had been stabbed right in his shoulder as well, because on top of the wolf was none other than the dedicated follower Peter.

“Looks like you do bleed, and there is a lot more where that’s coming from.” Peter smirked as he and Chris was doing something they had never done before.


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