My Vampire System Chapter 1908 The world battle (part 2)

Charging in Peter still had the lighting bolt in his hand, and for some reason once again Zinon was surprised that his usual soul weapon effects weren’t working at all as Peter was moving at full speed.

This was all due to the special effects of a Wight, they weren’t affected by things such as this. It was a special trait of the undead.

Not really knowing what was in his hand, Peter slammed the lightning bolt into Hinto, who raised his sword calmly. Streaks of lightning came out from the lightning bolt hitting the ground around them leaving scorch marks in the process.

“You have great strength, this is a surprise coming from someone who’s not on the list.” Hinto stated.

“Do you always talk when you’re fighting!” Peter moved his head tail, aming to stab right into Hinto’s face. However, he moved his head from side to side, up and down, avoiding every single one of the stabs, and eventually the strange trunk-like things he had on his head moved as they wrapped around the head tail, grabbing onto it.

Peter tried to move it, mustering up his strength but it seemed impossible to get the other to let go, but that didn’t matter. Because Laxmus was already on the other side, opening up its mouth gathering a deadly red beam of energy.

Something that, for some reason, Laxmus could still do as an undead lesser Wight, was use his red aura powers.

Seeing this, Hinto, went to throw Peter using his head trunk off to the side, causing him to crash into the floor, breaking it apart. It was a strong throw that caused his body to continue to bounce.

The red breath beam attack had been launched and was heading straight for Hinto.

“Let’s not waste my own energy on this.” Hinto claimed, and rather than use his swords to match the attack, he moved to the side instead.

The red beam attack had completely missed him and instead was going straight toward the buildings that were placed behind.

“The people!” Zinon thought.

Turning his body into a lightning strike, he shot himself into the sky, and then soon landed right in front of the red beam attack. Swinging both his hands, lightning started to gather around them as if he was creating a tornado of lightning.

Then at the right time he shot it out, at the red beam hitting it and breaking the attack in bits causing it to dissipate but it was far stronger than Zinon imagined and although the bulk of the attack had been stopped, there were parts of it that continued and still were still going towards the buildings.

It was then that there were two figures, two vampires who shot out their own blood aura, using blood slashes to hit the remnants of the attack stopping them before they hit the building.

Landing on the ground was Vanessa and Lucas.

“You need to focus on the fight, we… the people, we will protect ourselves. Zinon, just focus on taking that guy down!” Vanessa shouted.

Zinon was surprised because he was still wearing his mask, but he thought it was useless now as he threw the mask to the floor.

‘They’re right, we need to take out this person together!’

Just then, while Zinon was in the middle of blocking the attack though, Chris had recovered from the initial attack, his scar across his chest had healed, and with both his hands he slammed them down on top of Hinto.

Hinto had lifted both of his swords, but was unable to stop the attack, his knees buckling as the ground cracked throughout the streets beneath him.

Chris’s strength was unmatched, and it was even more than the fighting celestial thought.

“This is our chance!” Zinon claimed, as he sped across the floor, speeding up his legs running across, and throwing out a fist of lightning he hit Hinto right in the chest, a great shock, zapping him and sending him across the ground.

Digging his sword into the floor, he soon stopped himself from sliding. But standing behind him, Peter was ready.

“That hurt!” Peter shouted as his hands started to glow, and he whacked Hinto right in the face sending him across back to the other side.

However, Peter noticed something, and it was that his arm had a deep slash on it.

‘He must have got me in the middle of that attack.’

Still, the slash was healing, as it always did, with Peter. Perhaps it was due to his own celestial energy inside him that the wounds weren’t having as much trouble healing as he thought they would.

Laxmus started to use his wings to float and fly in the air, and while doing so, several red beams of energy were shot at Hinto. Since they were from above there was less risk of the attacks straying off course and going into the crowd.

Using the two swords, the celestial continued to hit the beams of energy, as it swung its sword, black energy flowed out from the celestial and was able to completely destroy the red aura that was created from Laxmus.

A lightning streak had come from the side, but slamming the black sword in the ground, black flames rose blocking the attack, and soon Hinto could see that Chris was heading his way towards him once again, with his arms and body covered in fur.

His two claws slashed and were thrown out, but they had just clashed against the swords. As soon as Chris’s attacks were blocked though, he began to swipe, again and again, relentlessly he threw his hands one after another.

Loud clashes were coming out, vibrations were sent through the air breaking windows in the distance and parts of weak housing structures to fall. The clashes continued and Chris was getting faster with his attacks but still none of them were going through.

‘I’m not weaker in terms of strength, but he must be faster than me, otherwise how is he stopping everything!’

It was then that Chris felt one of his hands hit nothing but air, it hadn’t clashed against the sword like it usually would have and a deep cut was made across his chest.

“You think I care about something like this!” Chris shouted as he continued to swing his arms despite the cut, throwing them out again, making the whole area vibrate as the sword was clashing against his claws.

Since the attacks were hitting nothing else but each other it was hard to tell how much power was behind the attacks but, Chirs’s fists were capable of destroying mountains.

However, just like before there were times where Chirs felt like his hands were slipping off or slipping to the side, and that’s because Hinto was incredibly skilled with the sword.

In fact, it wasn’t that Hinto was equal in strength compared to Chris, he was wrong about that part, it was that at the right time the energy could be deflected away just enough to it felt like the attack was being blocked.

Once in a while, Hinto could completely guess where the attack was coming from and avoid it, allowing him to perform another strike and cut Chris. Now he had several cuts on him within a time of a few seconds as well.

‘I can’t keep doing the same thing, my body has good healing… but eventually I will wear out and lose just like I did against Quinn!’ Chris thought as his strike missed again and rather than going for a slash, it looked like Hinto was going for a stab instead right towards Chris’s chest.

“Did you forget about me!” Peter shouted as his head tail, and his two fists slammed into the sword at the same time, hitting it away, and immediately, Peter went for a punch and attacked towards the celestial again.

A slash from the sword went upward, and Hinto thought he was safe, because Peter would try to avoid the sword slash, but instead he continued throwing out his fists and as the sword went through his arm, slicing it completely off, and dropping it to the floor.

It was only Peter’s hand though, and before the sword could slash towards his body again, this time Chris was there holding onto the sword with his clawed hand.

Then with the stump of his injured hand which was practically only a stump. Peter threw it out again hitting Hinto right in the face, leaving a blood mark across it and sending him across the floor again.

“Even if I just have my F*cking head, I’ll still beat you!” Peter shouted as he picked up his hand off the floor, and placed it on the wound, healing it up.

Chris’s arm was healing as well, and before Hinto could even strike again, both Laxmus and Zinon fired out lighting and blood aura at his position attempting to finish him off, and attack him while he’s hurt.

“That guy… he didn’t care even that his hand got blasted off!”

“He’s like a Zombie or something, I think he just re-attached his hand. I just can’t help but root for him.”

People watching the fight had their hopes on the group, who seemed to be doing well, but they had to admit, one person was clearly taking on four greats, so they knew the power of this celestial well.

” He will be coming out of that… but I have a plan.” Chris said. “Me and you are going to have to work together a bit, and I’m going to need you to trust me okay.”

Peter didn’t care, he would do anything just to win this fight, and that’s when he noticed Chris’s form started changing, from his Werewolf self into something else, and it wasn’t his human body.


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