My Vampire System Chapter 1907 The World Battle (Part 1)

Chapter 1907 The World Battle (Part 1)

Unbeknownst to the world, the human race was undergoing a tough battle. The celestial space, the world of the gods, had acted for the first time in thousands of years.

The recent influx of God Slayers that was coming just from a single race for whatever reason worried them, which was why, they had sent celestials that had done this before, had fought against God Slayers and prevailed, and Mundus the messenger for the ancient ones hoped this would be enough, otherwise, it would be a repeat of history from a long time ago.


Out of all the fights that currently were happening, the whole world was aware of one of them, and that was thanks to the reporter known as AJ, the well known reporter who was filming everything and had just filmed the entrance of the Celestial coming crashing down right where the fountain was.

“What was that bright light that just came in, did the camera break for a second?”

“Hey, did you see that lightning barrier that was put up, that was strong, you don’t think that Zinon is there do you?”

“No way… wait it would make sense… maybe AJ got a big scoop finally as well.”

As the viewers continued to watch, and the light started to fade, the camera’s could finally see who had landed.

“I am celestial Hinto and I have come for your head.”

The voice was a powerful one that resounded in the whole area. Those that were eating their meals or playing in the area around them, they had all stopped to stare at the white light of energy and then heard this.

What was worse, was the actual appearance of the person that was in front of them, because without a doubt in their minds, this person wasn’t human, but they didn’t look like any type of beast either, unless it was a humanoid one.

No longer was AJ hiding the fact that he was filming, instead he pulled out his camera and started to pan up and down on the creature, the creature that called itself a celestial.

It had a long, thin, slender body in the shape of a human, but from the bottom, where one would have feet it had types of hooves instead. Going up around its waist it was clothed in a black cloth that seemed to constantly be floating about.

Then there was the body, the most human thing about the creature, with two arms and a normal chest apart from the dark purple skin colour. However, it had horrifying features that made it clear that this was not a human… and in this case, it was its face.

It was narrow and sharp with a pointed chin, as it smiled, black teeth were shown to be as sharp as razors. Two eyes that were narrow slits pointed upward, matching its pointy ears. In the centre there was a red glowing dot right in between its eyes, then coming out from the top of its head were… not horns… but something that seemed to be a part of the body, the same texture as flesh.

They were large, almost like an elephant’s trunk, that went up and curved down towards the shoulders as the thickness of them started to thin out.

No one knows why, but just looking at the thing, in person and on the screen, made them all shudder. It was almost as if they were looking at something from a nightmare.

“My whole body is shaking, is anyone else feeling the same thing.”

“No way, stop capping, are you serious I have goosebumps as well.”

“Me too, are we all just scared?”

“No, I feel nothing looking at that thing, what was it again, a celestial? Probs just some other alien like those damn Dalki!”

AJ’s hands were shaking as he was filming the creature for longer and sweat was running down his face for some reason. However, the camera was filming everything just fine due to the stabilization software it had on it.

However, he had made a decision.

“You two, get everyone out of here and clear the area, we can’t let that monster take advantage of the people in the area. Quickly send the message out, and for anyone who is watching tell them not to come here and get out of the area!” AJ ordered.

Lucas and Vanessa, the two vampires who had been following Peter due to the large Laxmus that followed him, both thought the same thing. Even though they were vampires… there was something about this creature that made their skin crawl.

“Everyone leave the area! It’s dangerous, get out of here, run!” Vanessa started to shout immediately.

Lucas did the same, and all three of them started to run out of the area as well. The people seemed to listen, as they went out of the area. Although the person who had arrived had yet to do anything, everything in their gut was telling them to get out of there.

They had experienced too many bad things to leave it up to chance that this creature was a nice person.

Regardless, there were a few that just locked themselves in the shops that were around the large fountain and square centre, believing they were safe watching what was going to happen next, and it was the same for AJ and the two vampires, as they had entered a building reaching the roof, and was filming from there.

The square was incredibly large in the first place, being around 2 kilometres in length and width. So AJ at least hoped that the fighting wouldn’t spread to where they were.

“Am I really that scary?” Hinto said in a deep and resounding voice that shook everyone who heard it. “Fortunately for all of you, I have only come for one person.”

Lifting up his hand, it pointed toward Chris of all people. Zinon found this strange because they were on the Graylash planet, so he had assumed that they had come for him.

Out of the celestial named Hinto’s hand a dark black sword started to appear. Not just from the one he was holding out, but from both of his hands.

The next moment, Hinto swung the sword and a black line that looked almost like flames was shot through the air, and had immediately hit Chris, sending him flying. The attack had pierced through his chest a centimeter deep and blood was falling from it.

Immediately, Chris started to transform his body as grey fur started to appear all over him and he swung his claws in an x shape to destroy the attack right there and then.

“Oh you managed to stop the attack, and here I thought that I could finish this entire fight in a single strike.” Hinto claimed. “You seem to be stronger than the other God Slayer that I have faced, but let’s see you win against two strikes!”

While lifting its other hand, a pure lighting bolt shot out in a solidified form hitting the celestial right in its arm before it could lift it. It didn’t go through Hinto’s hand, but instead was stuck to it, and soon sparks started to go off one after another shocking the creature uncontrollably.

Those watching online, now knew exactly how it was that was there because this was a soul weapon, it was the current leader of the Graylash family’s soul weapon.

“This thing stings a bit, and it appears it is slowing down my movements.” the celestial said as it swung its hand with the sword. Although to everyone watching the movements didn’t seem slowed at all.

“I don’t exactly like that guy… but I can tell that you are trouble.” Zinon claimed.

“Oh, I wasn’t going to hurt you, but be my guest, you can have your lightning bolt back. The sword was dropped to the ground and with his bare hand Hinto had pulled the lightning bolt out.

It was a surprise because the lightning bolt would surely have restricted the person’s movements and strength by around fifty percent, yet he seemed to be doing everything just fine, and with the lightning bolt held in his hand he threw it out directly towards Zinon, far faster than it was thrown to him.

Before it reached Zinon though, another black encased hand had reached out and grabbed onto the lightning bolt. Red energy was beaming from his entire body, and the sharp long head tail had appeared.

“I don’t like the fact that you’re ignoring me… do you think I’m weak. … B*tch!” Peter shouted as he had transformed fully with his celestial points with both of his arms encased fully in his celestial energy form.

“Hey isn’t that the guy from the Chained wedding!”

“Yeah I think it is, I think your right, he’s here as well, and he’s fighting along with Zinon!”

“Did you just hear what he said, he called that damned monster a B*tch, Kill the ugly B*tch!”

“Oh, this is interesting, a dedicated follower plans to go against me, I guess this really is the land of the arrogant, once I have dealt with you, I will have to have a word with your master.” Hinto claimed.

“The last person who said those words, end up as my little pet, and I have room for another one. So bring it on F*cker!” Peter shouted back as he charged in, with Laxmus right by his side as well.


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