My Vampire System Chapter 1906

Bliss’s hand was shaking as she held onto the staff. There was a moment when watching Russ’s battle that she thought he would be eliminated and if that was the case then, it would mean one less God Slayer to fight back against what was to come.

‘You finally made it.’ Bliss thought. However her worries hadn’t ended there, as there was a fear, a fear that Quinn would, instead of teaming up with Russ, team up with the celestial, after all, Russ wasn’t the most saintly person. The two of them had history and some of the celestials could be quite quick with their decisions.

‘I can’t watch this, not right now.’ Bliss said to herself as she waved her staff and the space she had created to watch the ongoing fight had disappeared.

Since time in the celestial space was completely different compared to that on Earth. She wouldn’t miss any of the fight, but would come back to watch it when she was ready.

Instead, she thought she would try and get information on the other celestials that were sent to attack, and see if they had found the Godslayers that they had been looking for.

? The thing was in Earth’s time they had literally years to scout all of the white energy to try and find the God Slayers of Earth, and only a few minutes would have passed.

‘I’m not going to go looking around myself, that would take too much time, but there is one person that should know a few things, that busy body.’

Waving her staff, the celestial system had appeared and a message was sent out to a specific celestial. After a few minutes there was a large floating ball of energy that was coming right towards her.

‘Why… why am I the one that keeps getting dragged around, i’m just a sweet innocent ball!’ Xox thought to himself, but he didn’t want to get on Bliss’s or Immortui’s bad side, so it was best that he listened to their order.

“Please can we keep this short?” Xox asked in a pained voice. “Your really not the best person to be speaking to at the moment. Or at least you could not form your energy into that staff that you always have around you. It makes you quite recognizable around here to the others.”

Realizing what Xox said was true, Bliss got rid of her staff-shaped energy and the energy returned back into her body.

“I wanted to ask… the celestials that Mundus has sent. Have they all left the space, have they all found the God Slayers that they were looking for?” Bliss asked.

Hearing the question Xox was quite excited because, just like Bliss had expected, he had been gathering information from all over.

“Nearly all of them apart from one.” Xox replied. “Tumoon is still waiting. According to the reports that have been gathered from those that have been around the earth area, the God Slayer that they were keeping their eye on has left Earth’s solar system and is beyond, which is why it’s proving to be quite difficult.

“On top of that, they are debating whether to send Tumoon to fight against the Godlsayer that recently won its battle. Honestly, no one expected Zeko to lose.”

Bliss had managed to catch that fight first hand. It was popular amongst many celestials since it was the first battle that was to take place. However, the way Zeko lost after fighting for several days was a large shock to all.

Honestly, Bliss thought that if Zeko had gone against anyone else, he probably would have won, it was just that he happened to have run into Ray, but that had given a chance to the rest of the God Slayers to come out on top.

“Tell me what has happened so far from your words.

Listening to Xox speak, Bliss had been updated, and she was surprised at the timing of it all. Although there were only so many from Earth that had the power or title classified as a God Slayer, there were plenty on earth that had great power and came close to it.

If it was God Slayer just against the fighting celestials then they would probably lose, but they had those people by their side.

“Hey it looks like Tumoon is getting ready to leave.” One of the celestials shouted.

Quickly running over to where the direction was, Bliss looked at the white ball of energy that Tumoon was ready to enter, and it was strange she had never seen or heard of this planet before, which was why she was surprised to hear that there was a human on it of all places.

On a planet that was filled mostly with green, large trees, plants, and more, which also had large giant factories on it was the centre of attention, just then, a gigantic ship that had Marpo Cruise on it was drifting towards the planet, to dock and have a few repairs be done on it.

On the outside platform there were Dalki waving the ship in with their hands, and a few other races from all over, who were ready with their tools to do a few repairs here and there.

Watching everything going on, was a particular person who was in a large glass building, the owner of the entire Marpo Cruise.

“After the repair is done, tell all the other cruises out there to come back.” The man ordered the person who was by his side, his eyes a tint of red as they both looked out of the glass to the area ahead of them.

“Does this mean, you will finally make your move after all this time?” the red eyed man replied back.

“Everything is ready, we have made preparations on top of preparations. Honestly I don’t think there is a single thing that can stop us.

“The Blade family, Green City, Pure, The Vampire Corps, the Red Vampires, the Graylash family and the Cursed faction including Quinn. Even if they were all to team up together and try to stop this, it would be impossible.”

The man by his side chuckled.

“If people had heard you say those words, some would think you were mad, but that’s just because they don’t understand the power we have been able to accumulate during this whole time. As cautious of a person I am, I know what you are saying is true.

“Pine!” The red eyed man called out.

Heavy footsteps were heard coming from the back of the room, and that was when a Dalki with a strange upward mountain-like head came into view.

“Send out the order for everyone to get ready, and tell them soon we’ll be returning back home. Also, make sure that he is awake. We will need him as well.”

“Of course.” The Dalki smiled and began to take a few steps forward but as he did, a strange surge of energy could be felt. The colour of the sky had slightly changed and when looking up through the glass ceiling, they could see that in the sky there was a beam of white energy.

“What is that?” The man asked.

“I thought that this might happen, it is perhaps something that I should have warned you about.” The red eyed man stated. “It appears that our strength has caught the attention of them.”


“The attention of the gods.”

Finishing his sentence the white energy beamed down hitting and smashing right through the glass, breaking it to pieces,each of them looked away, but soon the energy started to disappear and in its place was a large bald headed man who looked human, apart from the fact that there were six eyes on his head that were glowing blue.

The god looked around the room for a few seconds.

“You are not the ones I am looking for, but he is in this building.” Tumoon stated.

“So this is a god, well it will be a good test for us then to see if we are ready or not.” The man smiled. “Bring H here, just to be sure to get rid of this guy.”


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