My Vampire System Chapter 1905: The Future Is A Mess

A sick feeling was felt deep within Sil’s stomach as he sat in his ship. He was taking his time returning to where he originally was and continuing on his journey outside of the world.

Afterall, he had seen what was to come, and knew that whatever the cause, these celestials would one day attack earth. However, when using his power so drastically to see into the future, he was unable to see as clearly as he could, seeing moments into the future.

There was too much overload of information so he just saw glimpses, more like that of a dream. Which was why Sil had no clue as to why they would attack.

Regardless Sil just didn’t think this way, rather than ask why they attacked and try to stop them from attacking, Sil wanted to get stronger just to stop the invasion.

‘Should I try and look again? Maybe if I lowered the output of MC cells I would be able to see slightly into the future.’ Sil thought. ‘And learn if I have done enough to stop this.’

Although Sil didn’t know why he felt this way, after meeting with Quinn, he wanted to see the others, see those from the Blade family and those from the Cursed faction. Spend a few years with them and stop travelling the vast universe for years and years, just endlessly fighting with no end in sight. It had its exciting moments, but soured compared to the time he spent with others.

‘Logan said that looking into the future that far ahead is tricky to do, because one could only see one of the outcomes that was possible. Perhaps knowing the outcome was the cause of the outcome.

‘So it was best to not constantly look into the future trying to fix what was happening. Solving problems now often leads to bigger problems in the future. The humans know that well.’

In the end, Sil couldn’t help himself. He didn’t activate all of his MC cells while attempting to use the ability. Worrying that he would see too much like last time.

Then finally it was used, images flashed in his mind, in front of him like they were on superspeed. He was now concentrating hard, trying to find anything, trying to follow what he was seeing. Usually using the ability with his eyes open would allow him to see an outline of what was in front of him, but using the ability to this level with this much MC cells it had somewhat even changed the ability, evolving it, to the point where these images were shown in his head.

Not just that, but he could somewhat choose where he saw these images, the only thing was it was difficult to control, not impossible to control completely in a certain direction.

Yet for some reason, he started to think about home, and when thinking about home it took him to the Blade ship, one of the Bertha’s that had become the Blade home.

Just after a few seconds, Sil opened his eyes, he stopped using his ability and bit on his lip hard drawing blood.

“What was that… nothing changed… no it seems to have gotten worse.” Sil said. “And why… how could the whole of the Blade family just be annihilated like that and by who?”

Immediately, Sil started to punch in some coordinates on his ship and started to return, returning to the Blade’s to see them before he went off.

‘I don’t really know how far off that was into the future, but where was I, where was Quinn to stop all of this. He’s back on Earth now right? Everything should be okay again, right!’

Now Sil had only messed up his own mind and it was just as Logan said. He was unsure that if he stayed with them, that it would somewhat be the cause of the Blade’s demise, or if he left to deal with the problem up front that they would be okay, or perhaps leaving them all to be killed.

However, he couldn’t take any chances. He was heading back to the Blade’s now.

It didn’t take long for Sil to see the large giant ship floating in Earth’s orbit. The Blade ship often stayed between Mars and Earth, as they somewhat acted independently, and from time to time the members of the Blade would act as mercenaries for disputes, battles, and quests that the others needed help with from time to time.

Shiro had just returned to the group, and once again he was back in his body taking charge of everything that was going on. There was a warm welcome for him back in the ship as he talked to all the others and told them what he had learned and everything that was going on so far.

At the same time the group was glad to see that Borden had also returned in one piece. There were no grave injuries on his body, and soon their routine had returned to normal, until.

“Sir, sir!” A young female ran up to Shiro as he was walking around the halls, looking at everyone working diligently hard. On board the ship there wasn’t just the Blade’s but a number of different ability users as well.

They were part of the Blade group, helping with their mercenary tasks and maintenance around the ship and more. After all, the Blade’s also needed them around because apart from a certain someone, without abilities they were useless.

“What is it?” Shiro asked. “Should I be concerned that you’re so panicked?”

“There is a ship heading this way, it’s been giving us a code of 3235 which we don’t recognize.”

Hearing the numbers, the old code that the Blade’s used to use, Shiro’s eyes lit up.

‘It’s your brother, Sil… he returned.’

They had been informed that Quinn and Sil had come back. After helping the group with the Red Vampires, they had returned and were unable to see Quinn or Sil, so they assumed they were just too busy.

‘Maybe he misses us?’ Vorden stated.

‘Misses us? Are you crazy now after all this time!’ Raten shouted. ‘That damn kid, no matter how many years pass he is still the same immature brat.’

Giving permission for the ship to land, they immediately headed to the docking station. It was Shiro, and Borden were the only ones, however Shiro had switched to Vorden, he didn’t think it was right for him to be the first to greet their brother they hadn’t seen in a while.

Although the other Blade’s knew about Sil, as stories about him had been passed on, they weren’t alive during his time and he sounded somewhat like a legend similar to Quinn. So most wouldn’t be able to recognize him.

Getting off the ship, Sil looked to be in a panicked state but upon seeing everyone his hand was placed on his chest and he gave out a big sigh.

“I’m so happy to see that all of you are alright.” Sil said with a smile.

“Same to you… but you have aged a lot since the last time I saw you… you look so…” Vorden didn’t know the right words to say.

“I look like him a lot, I know.” Sil replied, not wanting to remember those times so much.

The three, or four of them had caught up quite a bit as Shiro would change from Vorden to Raten, and Borden would all talk. After all, all of them were brothers and were used to their presence.

When they entered the main hall of the ship, there were many that looked at them wondering just who Shiro was being so friendly with, since it was a face they had never seen before.

While in the middle of their conversation though, the ship felt a great force being slammed on it. It shook the entire thing, causing people to lose their footing and fall down.

“Are we under attack?” Borden wondered, but the single beam had stopped, and strangely when looking in front of them there was someone in the centre of the room they had never seen before.

“This energy… it’s the same as Athos.” Sil recognized as he stared at the person.

“So you are the famous God Slayer, and the one that has caused the most problems for us.” the stranger stated. The stranger looked almost human if it weren’t for the fact it had purple like skin. Other than that though it looked identical to a human.

“I guess that’s why they sent me, Kipo, to deal with you, and while I’m at it. I might as well kill everyone here to make sure there are no more God Slayers from this annoying place.”

For a second hearing those words Sil’s heart beat slightly louder.

“Really… well you’re an idiot.” Vorden replied, walking forward. “Not only have you chosen to go after my brother Sil who could deal with you on his own, but you have done so, in the middle of all of these Blade’s and our Dalki brother here… and we don’t take threats nicely.”


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Would love to see some Arthur scenes animated and the shadow scythes ect..


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