My Vampire System Chapter 1838: The Surface.

At first, Sil was going at a steady pace with the ice pillar moving the entire city. This was because moving it faster would require more MC points. Although Sil was a monster when compared to anyone else in terms of MC points back on Earth, this whole event had taken quite a lot out of him.

Moving an entire city, constantly freezing the water was no easy task, and on top of that he had his clones out fighting against deadly beasts at the same time. So moving the city slowly was so he would have just enough MC points to still deal with everything if they got out of hand.

If Wince had failed in defeating Yanny, if the Dalki was unable to take out the predators, and if Quinn was nowhere to be seen, then he would have to deal with everything.

Although the last statement seemed unlikely, from what Sil had heard it was quite common for Quinn to go unseen and suddenly disappear. But he didn’t want to take any chances, until he had witnessed Dogthus grabbing his neck.

He had hit his limit and was gasping for air badly. It was at that moment, pushing his MC cells and powers to the max, Sil made the ice pillar move as quickly as possible and charged it through the sea.

The sea became clearer and easier to see now that the light from the sun could be seen. In the next second, the entire city crashed through the surface. It was a hard hit for the city as some of the grand structures had cracked and fallen in the process.

At the same time, all of the Mermerials were wobbly on their feet for a few seconds. Some had even been chucked airborne and landed back down due to the speed they had risen at.

The city was solid though, it didn’t wobble on the surface of the water because there was a giant pillar of ice underneath it. However, after getting to the surface, Sil’s job wasn’t done. With his hands still stuck onto the floor, he used even more power to stretch out the surface of the ice, making it larger than the area of the city by a good kilometre or so. At the same time, he was making sure to freeze an amount of water that would be considerably thick and not break if an attack or two hit it.

Finally, after all that, Sil was exhausted and fell on his back. It looked like on the journey here, most of his clones had perished. The good thing was they each knew if they were about to die and would open up the portal shoving their weapons back in before dying.

As for why Sil had done his little ice platform at the end, it was due to him not wanting to rely on the pillar. He wanted to create his own island so if the beasts attacked the pillar from underneath, it wouldn’t be a problem.

“The rest is down to you guys now.” Sil smiled.

While lying down on his back, Sil noticed something strange. It was the colour of the sky. It was still quite bright but it looked almost as if the sky had turned somewhat orange and filled with dust as well.

“What is going on?”

The next second, in the distance, a large explosion had occurred beyond the sky. It looked like it was almost in space even.

“Ah screw it, let me just rest a bit… and then I’ll help the others out.” Sil said.

He wasn’t the only one that noticed the strange colour in the sky and the explosions. The people looked up wondering what they were, but one person knew straight away.

“The fleets are being destroyed, our forces. What is happening right now? Is this all your doing?” Yanny pointed at Wince.

“I’m not sure. It might be, but you have bigger things to worry about!” Princess waved her trident and water started to gather around it. She then swiped it across the floor and a large wave hit Yanny taking him off his feet.

Leaping from her position, she slammed the point of the trident at Yanny. Lifting up his hand, he tried stopping it. But the point went right through, piercing his skin.

“Are you trying to get rid of the Mermerial race by bringing these outsiders in? If you get rid of everyone then how will we defend ourselves?” Yanny asked.

“From what?” Princess replied, twisting the trident. Water jets shot out of the trident, hitting Yanny in the body. The force took his hand out of the end of the trident and sent him across the room.

“Protect us from these imaginary threats? You’re the biggest threat to our race!” Wince screamed.

—— —— ——

At the same time, there was another person that was happy that they were finally out of the water. Dogthus was on one knee gasping in the air.

“This air… I have never felt so dependent on anything before.” Dogthus said to himself, as he slowly stood up from the ground. Blood was still dripping all over his body from the wounds he had before.

Seeing this, one of the predators, the Hammer-head who was close by, had decided to act thinking he was on his last legs.

The fishman now had legs instead of a fin, but he still had great running speed. The speed was not as fast as he was in the water though. He swung his head first and the dalki reached out his hand, grabbing him.

“Your attack is stronger. I can feel this energy in you.” The Dalki said, as he coughed out blood. The strange power had gone through his body, but he didn’t care because he knew it was only going to make him stronger. Now out of the water, he could use all the pent up damage.

Using his laser eyes, it hit the Hammer-head directly. The laser burned the skin of the body slowly as there was some resistance until eventually there was no head left. Letting go, the predator fell to the floor.

“Finally, the five spike Dalki is acting like a five spike.” Sil said, still watching everything from his position. There were interesting fights all over and the clones that were still alive had come back to help him in his fight against the predators. It didn’t take long for the clones to finish off the annoying predators once they were out of the water.

“Everything is going well now we’re out of the water. Maybe I won’t have to get involved after all. Still, there is this God that I have to worry about as well.”

“Maybe, if I get the blue pearl or speak to Yanny, then we can talk to this God. I think Quinn would like that as well.”

A portion of Sil’s MC points had recovered. It was a small amount, but he was wondering how much he would need to fight a celestial on his own because Quinn was nowhere to be seen.

As he said that, a large shadow was cast over Sil’s head. As he looked up, something fell from the sky. It wasn’t just an object, it was one of the big ships in the fleet.

“Look out, take cover!” The people shouted, as they all hid in their houses. Fortunately, the large ship looked like it was heading right for the square where all of the others were fighting.

“Stop making my job harder!” Sil placed his hands on the ground making sure the ice was reinforced.

The large ship crashed right in the square, chucking pieces and bits everywhere. For a second there were some cracks in the ice, but as quickly as they appeared, Sil was fixing them.

After the initial crash, there was silence as everyone wondered what had just occurred. They could only see the spaceship.

“Hey look, there’s someone there!” A person pointed.

Looking at the person standing on top of the ship. with his hair blowing in the wind, Sil smiled.

“Took you long enough”


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