My Vampire System Chapter 1837: Rise!

Having felt the large currents before and the dark figures in the sea, Sil knew immediately that these were the dangerous large sea beasts that roamed the sea. However, this city was a lot larger than the last place they were at and there were a lot more large shadows going through the sea.

“It has to be that damn blue pearl that’s causing them all to come out here.” Sil thought. “The question is, can he control the sea beasts, or is he doing some sort of suicidal attack?”

Sil could see that Wince was still fighting. She was thrusting her trident and was doing a good job of pushing Yanny back. In truth, the smart thing to do was for Sil to get the blue pearl and destroy it, but he wanted the princess to get her own revenge.

On top of that, it looked like his Dalki friend was at his limit with his own fight. Quinn did say to push him to the end, but at this rate, he would end up dead.

“I guess it’s all up to me.” Sil sighed. “Still, there is a way to solve this in a way that everyone wins in the end. It just means it’s a lot more work for me.”

Changing his abilities, Sil began to clone himself. He started to make more copies of himself until there were around thirty of him in total. The next step was the choice of weapons. The portal that each Sil could open up was linked to the same space so they had access to whatever weapons they wanted.

Although Sil only had around 10 demon tier items inside, he still had plenty of strong weapons for them all to choose from.

The predators who had a boost of strength from the pearl activating their celestial energy were stunned. They felt like they finally had the upper hand and then the strange human had done this.

They were unsure if the strength of each clone was the same as the original, but if the one that was helping the Dalki out was anything to go by, they felt like they were in serious trouble, and no one wanted to attack first.

“Alright everyone, it’s going to be a bumpy ride but do your best to fight at whoever is going to come your way! I won’t slow down for anyone!” The real Sil ordered.

The rest of them nodded, raising their weapons in the air like some type of army. Straight after each of them used the water ability to swim away. They headed to the edge of the city, spreading out and surrounding the place in a large circle.

At the same time, there were a couple that stayed in front of Sil with the demon-tier weapons and one of them had gone over to the sea beast that had helped them out.

The clone Sil soon opened a large portal the size of the giant beast and ordered it to go inside.

“You have done well and have helped us. So I don’t want you to die. Although if you do die, then I promise to make you into a nice weapon.” Sil smiled.

The beast listened and got into the portal which quickly closed up.

The people in the city were wondering what the strange clones were doing. Why were they on the edge of the city and why had they surrounded the place? But the next second, they somewhat understood.

A large water pump burst from the hands of one of the clones and headed straight for the dark, ghostly figure. He hit the beast, but at the same time unleashed his own Back to Force attack, firing a red laser from somewhere, but using his small dagger weapon, he was able to deflect the attack to retaliate against the beast.

At the same time, as the other large beasts were coming closer, the clones were using their strength and might to take them out as well.

“Is that person protecting us from the beasts? But why?” The townsfolk said.

“He is with the princess. She did shout about having some type of warrior on her side.”

“The one that should be protecting us though, is Yanny. Not some stranger from another race. He talks about the pride of the predators but what are they doing?”

It was clear that this act from Sil was starting to turn public opinion. Seeing how strong the princess was now fighting Yanny back, the small nearly invisible hope that they had on the other side was starting to return.

The only thing was, Sil wasn’t doing this to protect them. This was only the start of his plan. Now that the clones had gone away from the real Sil’s side, the predators were confident once again and had charged in.

The real Sil didn’t have to worry as he had left two by his side with strong weapons in front of him. Instead, he needed to focus on something else. Placing both hands on the ground, Sil was ready.

“After doing all of this, I don’t know how much MC points I’m going to have left. So Dalki… Princess, it’s all up to you.” Light started to shine right underneath Sil’s hand and in the next second the ground started to freeze.

It spread out from the area he was on, and crossed the entire floor. The fish people were relatively scared of this. They decided to float up a little so they wouldn’t be touching the sea floor.

The ice continued to spread out more and more, reaching the very edges of the entire city. Even though the public didn’t know how someone was capable of such a thing, they knew that one would have to have an enormous amount of power to cover such a large space, but what was the reason behind it?

“Now here comes the hard part.” Sil wiped his head, as he braced himself and placed both hands on the ground again. Immediately the whole city was raised from where it was. It was moving through the sea at an incredible speed.

No longer was the city attached to the floor of the sea, but instead it was on a giant ice pillar that was getting larger by the second. Due to the force felt on their bodies, many of the Mermerials were on the floor lying flat.

“What is going on!” Yanny shouted.

After the sudden acceleration had stopped, they were now travelling through the sea. The ice pillar was getting larger and larger and the sea creatures that they had avoided had been replaced with new ones.

They were attracted by the strange object coming through the sea, through their territory and were swimming closer keeping an eye on it. Still, this was why the clones were placed on the side of the city to make sure that anything that attempted to attack them would be dealt with. Sending out a few attacks the clones were fighting off tentacles, claws and more that were coming toward them that could be seen.

One of the clones had been grabbed by a tentacle. The clone was not immediately killed but pulled deep into the water where he couldn’t be seen. On top of that, with the pillar of ice still moving, they were getting further and further away from the clone.

“What is this person planning? Why is he doing this!” Yanny shouted, still holding the pearl in one of his hands, trying to summon the sea beast towards them. The entire advantage he had was ruined.

“You don’t have time to worry about that!” Princess shouted as she thrust the trident forward. This time, it had been grabbed by Yanny. With a twist though, Wince was able to create several currents around it that sliced Yanny’s hand causing him to bleed.

“Damn you. Damn you all!” Yanny screamed and for the first time, he could see a clear shadow on the ground. Looking up, he could see that they were now near the surface of the water.


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