My Vampire System Chapter 1836

: Changing the System.

In the city that stayed above the water, it was even quieter than before. Quinn and Nog had been here for a while now and had seen countless people hurrying to leave the island, and eventually, the whole island had become a ghost town.

The only ones that were left were relatively old finding it difficult to travel or seemed too senile to know that something big was going on in the first place, which was why the two of them had decided to relax by the beach for a bit.

Quinn was lying down, just enjoying his peace and quiet for a while. There was no training involved, no strange mystic celestial stuff, or vampire problems to deal with. At the same time, Nog was by his side doing the same.

“Aren’t you a bit worried? Those guys were strong enough to attack the Cruise ship.” Nog asked. “I mean, I know you’re strong as well, but aren’t you a little too relaxed?”

Looking into the sky, Quinn could still see the large fleets and ships flying in the distance, in his head, he was trying to determine something.

“I think I can do it,” Quinn mumbled.

“Sorry?” Nog replied, not hearing fully what he had said.

“I’m not worried because Sil is there. Sil will be able to handle whatever comes his way, and if he needs help, I’m sure he can send some sort of signal for me.” Quinn replied relaxingly.

It was then that Nog stood up, and unlike Quinn, he had relaxed plenty of times before, and he was worried about the captain. Yes, the captain was strong, but to go up against a whole army, just with four people, sounded a little ridiculous.

“Well, if you need me, then you can just send me a signal as well,” Nog replied, walking towards a pier that was set out on the beach.

There was no hydro station at this section, and instead, it looked like a small little boat activity had been set out. People could rent out boats. They would then use them to explore the vast sea and surface.

Heading to the area, it didn’t look like the staff had also left the island, so Nog decided to hop in. The boat was round, and it wasn’t really a boat but looked more like a pod spaceship. However, it couldn’t fly.

When he pressed on the accelerator, like on a car, the boat started to move, and there was also a steering wheel to direct it. The little vehicle was faster than Nog had thought as it skidded across the water like a Jet Ski.

“Whoa, now this is more like it!” Nog said with a huge grin on his face as the vehicle bumped up and down on the waves. For a second, Quinn had peeked at Nog but then leaned back to relax.

“Just be careful that some giant sea monster doesn’t come and kill you,” Quinn muttered.

He wouldn’t really be surprised if the sea monster suddenly popped out, but then, he was also hoping that Nog could deal with it on his own.

While exploring the sea, Nog was making a note of where he went and could see that the pod had a return home function. He assumed this was the shop, which meant he could explore as far out as he liked, and that’s what he did.

He soon came across a few more islands, but there looked to be no life on them at all. Still, it was nice for Nog to experience sea travel rather than space travel. After exploring for a while, he soon spotted something out in the sea.

“What is that?” Nog slowed down the vehicle and went closer and closer to it. Opening up the glass roof of the pod, Nog took a closer look at the floating object.

“It’s a person! A fish woman!” Nog shouted, expecting someone to come and help, but quickly realised that he was the only one out in the middle of the sea. So, in the end, after tossing and turning, Nog decided to jump into the water.

Pulling the body was a lot harder than he thought, but using his strength, he managed to place her on the outside of the boat and then getting himself up, he then pulled her up. Now back inside the vehicle, Nog was able to get a good look at her, and he couldn’t believe it.

—— —— ——

“Quinn! Quinn, come here quick!” Nog was shouting as he parked up his boat and was holding a female in his hands.

At first, Quinn thought that maybe there really was a sea monster to deal with, but as long as he wasn’t in the water, he wouldn’t have a problem with sea creatures if he ran into them.

Nog quickly ran across the sand and placed the body right down in front of Quinn.

“What do we do? I just found her floating in the sea like this.” Nog said, panicked.

“This is… Ceril, right? The Princess’ sister?” Quinn replied. “Why was she in the middle of the ocean?”

“I don’t know, but she’s not breathing, and since she floated to the top, doesn’t that mean she’s… dead?”

Looking at her closely and pressing his hand on her body, Quinn couldn’t feel a breath, and there was no heartbeat, but he could sense one thing, and that was life energy.

“Maybe… I can do something.” Quinn mumbled as he put both hands on her forehead.

After sensing her Qi, Quinn started to move it toward her heart. He then controlled it, so it would start to pump itself. It didn’t take long for the heart to resume beating, but that wasn’t enough, Inside her, there was strange energy.

“What is this around her head?” Quinn thought as he started to move his own Qi into her body, but not too much since he knew he was now a celestial; even his Qi could react with people in different ways, just hopefully, in this situation, it was positive.

Either way, the worst that could happen to her was death; if he did nothing, she would die anyway. Eventually, though Quinn had found another Qi source in the brain, it was as if it was another living creature in the shape of something similar to a worm.

“Let’s get rid of you first.” Quinn directed all the Qi straight to the parasite, and with his strong power, he destroyed it in an instant. However, even after destroying the abnormal Qi, it did next to nothing.

“Is she going to be okay?” Nog asked.

“For now, I’m keeping her energy alive, but something is stopping her other organs from working. It’s as if her whole body is paralysed. She needs to heal.” Quinn replied.

In this situation, he felt that giving her heavenly energy would not do much, but perhaps he could do something else. In the past, if he faced a similar situation, he could always do something.

Making a small cut on his hand, Quinn placed it over her mouth.

“Let’s find out if a fish vampire is a thing,” Quinn wondered, letting his blood drip into her mouth while activating the blood ritual. It had been a long time since Quinn had done such a thing, and he had thought he might never have to do it again, but here he was doing it on another planet.

Unlike the time before, when one would shake and move in pain from the transformation, there was no reaction, but that was most likely due to the state that she was in.

“If this does work… will she still be addicted to blood? I guess that will be the case, and it may change the whole race ecosystem.”

“I will need to deal with that later. Maybe after this is over, I will have to bring her with me.” Quinn thought.

[Blood ritual has been completed]

[You have successfully, for the first time, created a new Subclass]


“A new subclass?” Quinn wasn’t expecting this, and it was then that he could see and hear that her organs were starting to come back to working condition. He had somehow managed to save her, but it would be a while until she recovered.

Standing up, Quinn looked above.

“The fact that she was in that condition and is up here might mean you’re right. Something is going on. Why don’t we try and get them to come up here?” Quinn stated.

The blood that started to come out from the cut made on his hand had the red vampire aura with it. It started to change form and turned into a large spear made of blood, celestial energy and blood aura; on top of that, as always, Quinn would add his powers of Qi.

“What are you planning on…” Before Nog could finish his sentence, Quinn ran, instantly crossing the beach within a mere second and threw the blood spear. It left his hand and went into the sky.

Before Nog could understand what was happening, the large giant spaceship above exploded, colouring the sky in a slight orange and yellow colour.

“I knew I could hit it!” Whispered Quinn.


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